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  1. Zontir

    It would be great if an important update for the uploaders already came. An update of the software since the one that is currently not working and does not give the same options as the website.

  2. caro


    whatever the new changes be, please after this big update coming, listen to your users because the feedback after a big update is always necessary.

    i hope this update make zippyshare a better site. these days this hope is becoming sort of utopia stuff. =)

    best wishes!

  3. Lusso Clemens

    The service s excellent as already is… so please don’t mess it PLEASE, except for augment the maximum file size in uploads xd Thank you!

  4. Richard

    I’m one of your registered users:

    A. It’s a real shame that in making minor changes/updates to the site about a month ago, your engineers/coders disabled OR otherwise removed the “ADD TO MY FILES” cloning ability to the site. This used to save me a lot of time and was very convenient with some of the files I shared; since the ability to clone is common among the better file hosts, not sure why this was done. If there’s some concern about your users, you could have added a “Do not allow my files to be cloned” or similar language as an option for users.

    B. Your Zen Desk support doesn’t recognize my log information. I was able to create a ticket there but I now cannot view or see if it has a response. I’m not able to log on there. This is some thing that should be addressed although a minor concern, there’s no problem with my credentials as I am logged into the site now and am able to post, edit, etc., material to my account.

    1. admin Post author

      a. We prepare for a Zippyshare layout change, therefore all the unused/unpopular functionalities will be discontinued.
      b. The website database and support script database are not connected with each other due to security reasons.

      1. Richard

        Thanks for finally responding. The Zendesk issue is more a problem in follow-up. If we cannot follow-up on a support issue, you might as well save your money and remove Zen Desk support.

        As far as issue #1 (or “A”), the layout has not been changed or altered as of yet, now almost two months down the line. The only thing (especially if you go to 2013-2014-2015 tutorial videos on You Tube and compare Zippyshare) that you seem to have changed is the advertising layout. As far as practical layout effects for users (uploaders), removing the ability to use a Zippyshare URL to CLONE or MIRROR a file cannot possibly be an “unpopular” option. I’m familiar with five other heavy traffic users/websires: we all use Zippyshare near daily, all with non-video, non-music files, who share the same kind of material as I do, some of them sharing the same exact files.

        If Zippyshare is going to remain with the option to mirror removed, you should then add faster uploads when the same item (e.g. hash) is added to your servers. It would ultimate benefit your own bandwidth issues as well as those of your users.

        Thank you.

  5. me

    I love zippyshare. Hope this means increased file size limit.

    HOWEVER, if that comes at the cost of ANYTHING else like speed or unlimited storage, then I’m fine with what we have :D.

    It would be nice to be able specify folders in the url when uploading, so everything doesn’t just get thrown into the root of the “drive”.

    Anyway, thanks for keeping your very fast servers running for us! It’s a wonderful service you provide!

        1. admin Post author

          It turned out that increasing the file size limit is a bit more complicated than a few clicks in the admin panel. We have to refactor a few thing it the sourcecode along the way. Expect more concrete new5 00n Sunday. 😉

          1. me

            Thanks for you reply :)

            Quick question: do you guys ever block IP address for uploading too much or anything like that? I’v been using zippyshare quite regularly and all of a sudden my access is revoked. Any `curl` call to zippyshare.com times out. I don’t get it. Thanks in advance for your reply!

          2. admin Post author

            Recently we had problem with some guy which tried to bruteforce on our users accounts with use of 300+ IPs, so we introduced script which was supposed to solve that problem. It may had happened that some IP has been blocked incorrectly.

          3. me

            Thanks again for the response. Is there any way to get in touch with you guys about why my IP is blocked? I am a registered user, been happily uploading for a while, and the other day my access was cut off in the middle of an upload. I really hope you can help me restore access.

  6. inkassso

    If you open the HTML code there is a comment below the image element:

    It’s actually visible already from the News on a download site…

    1. inkassso

      Ok, did not expect the comment to flush the comment…
      What is that? What can this mean? :-) The changes are coming, probably already in January 2018


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