Maintenance / Technical entry

Hey folks,

This is maintenance/technical entry, we will update it when something goes wrong.

Edit 21.12.2013:
Sorry for a little slowdowns on 41/42 and 43/44, we had to swap a few HDDs and run the raid rebuilding. ETR: 48h

Edit 7.06.2014:
31/32 was down for the last 24h due to problems with raid array. We had to swap a few HDDs (4 to be exact). Sorry for the inconvenience guys.

Edit 16.06.2014:
Another hardware clusterfuck. 55/56 is offline for the last 48h due to problem with file system. We currently migrating all the data onto backup server. No ETR at this point.

Edit 20.06.2014 12:00 CET:
www55/www56 is up and running. No data loss. Sorry for the inconvenience guys.

Edit 15.08.2014 0:00 CET:
55/56 is once again offline. This time we had to replace 2 HDDs – RAID is rebuilding. Server should be up and ready during the weekend.

Planned works:
Migrate 69/70 and 42/43 on backup servers due to poor I/O performance.

Edit 5.12.2014 20:00 CET:
We had some problems with our frontend cluster (you may experienced problems with upload, access to user accounts and public profiles, emails delivery)

Problem started around:
23:00 CET 3.12.2014 to 12:00 CET 4.12.2014
0:00 to 1:00 CET 5.12.2014.

We closely monitor whole situation. Sorry for the inconvenience folks. :-/

147 responses to "Maintenance / Technical entry"

  1. sagar shah

    you guys are great but there is one issue..
    when i download something the speed becomes very slow and there is no resume capability..
    that’s why can you resolve this problem..
    please i request you..

  2. Joe

    Zippy is always there when I need them, don’t worry about the slowdowns still faster then most other download sites lol!

  3. Malthe

    It’s not working anymore, after you downloaded it, there is just a lot of letters, can someone help me? 😉 Thanks!

  4. dj cleiton

    ola sou dj cleiton mix estou com problemas para postar meus arquivos no seu servidor ele carrega muito rapido e nao cria o link por favor oque poder que esteja acontecendo …

  5. rn

    Hi i love this website, and all can i do to support this is site is clicking the ads, but recently the ads is disappear? Why

    Edited by admin:
    Lucky you! :)

  6. Ramious Zoriastar

    It would be nice if you used SSD as it would make your speed blazing fast and save you server time and energy.

  7. sitedWater

    Am a new registrant and have only uploaded two, small files so far. Am having no problems with speed, which is excellent.

    However, no matter which browser or device I use, I keep getting an error message in the area where the stats graph should be. In addition, there appears to be no collection of stats at all; the DLL column shows nothing, yet downloads have been made of the files.

  8. Lemonhunny

    I submitted a ticket last September asking about the data flow stats – that hasn’t been fixed to this day.
    I submitted another ticket on Dec 29 2013 asking when the problem with uploading anything larger than 10 mbs gave a link only when ZS felt like it – that hasn’t been fixed nearly a month later.
    ZS hasn’t worked with jDownloader (v1) for weeks now.

    Nothing but problems, but no fixes.

    Is anything likely to be fixed any time soon?

  9. a2D

    hey guy’s the zippy uploader is awesome but i’m starting to have issues with it crashing.. any chance you guy’s have any plans doing any updating soon or in the near future? i love zippyshare!! it’s truly one of the last best file hosts on the net. Thanks for all the hard work staff and members for keeping it online!! i also do everything in my power to keep it ALIVE! thanks everyone!!

    hmm now that i think about it, it could very-well coincide with site issues and upgrading.. still tho i’d love to see an update for the uploader which is invaluable to me and probably a lot of other members.

    (win 7)

    1. a2D

      hey fellas.. i’m replying to my own post.. but for some reason there’s been a lot of failed uploads when i use the zippy uploader.. i have to use the browser upload option and it fails as well not as much as the app uploader but i find a lot of uploads either fail completely or uploads the file at a fraction of it’s complete file size so i have to re-upload the file. and usually one or more of the shared file directories i made will not let me in when i’m in the file manager and it’s becoming a little frustrating.

      Edit by admin:
      Could you install Wireshark (, start it, click on “Start Capture” button and try to upload something – preferably a single file – till you observe the problems, then “Stop Capture” and go to menu File >> “Save as” and save the .pcapng file on your desktop, then send it to us ( to analyze. Thank You!


    You guys are great! The only issue that I am facing nowadays is much slower speed compared to earlier days & also the downloads goes dead after some time! Unfortunately your server doesn’t support RESUME services. Please address this issue…it will be a big help.


  11. Brookey

    Having massive problems, the link for an upload seems to take several tries before it appears and now, once the file has uploaded it is only a fraction of the original size leading to error downloads ie, just uploaded s file of .6mb, 4 tries later it shows a link, if I copy and paste the link into browser it shows the file as being .3mb so is corrupt so I have to upload again…Please fix.

    Edit by admin:
    Could you install Wireshark (, start it, click on “Start Capture” button and try to upload something – preferably a single file – till you observe the problems, then “Stop Capture” and go to menu File >> “Save as” and save the .pcapng file on your desktop, then send it to us ( to analyze. Thank You!

  12. Bogdan

    What happens on zippyshare?

    If you upload multiple files with zippyuploader, fails, and you have to upload them several times.

    If you try it with Google Chrome or Firefox, crash.

    It is impossible to upload multiple files simultaneously.

    Edit by admin:
    We were able to found and correct the mentioned bug (one of the servers – www76 – was misconfigured) which could cause problems with Zippyuploader described by you. Thank you for reporting this issue.

  13. DJ

    Multiple problems for a long time now… can’t upload on the site, the ‘start upload’ button does nothing for the last couple of months (no issues on any other sites) … the desktop uploader sets all my files to private whatever I do… the file manager stats haven’t worked in over a year…. the ‘support’ page doesn’t recognise my username or password. Is any of this ever going to be fixed?

  14. al

    Zippyshare file manager isn’t working for me anymore. I can’t see any files despite the fact that they are all still there (I can still see them all in my public profile).

  15. Mark

    Hey! There are some offline servers, like www72

    What happens?

    Thanks for your time.

    Edit by admin:
    Up. Sorry for the inconvenience. :/

  16. Nadina Kaluze

    you crank up what it means to run an http

    we love yer service

    great serven mc

    much win

    one love

  17. Niña

    This is awesome! But why can’t I download files? Why can’t I download the files uploaded by other users? This bugs me.

  18. scalisto

    Hi, people. seems to be down. Any chance of having a look at it? Thanks a million for all your work!

    Edit by admin:
    Yep, 31/32 was down for the last 24h due to problems with raid array. We had to swap a few HDDs.

  19. Lee

    Hi there,
    Is www32 offline?

    Edit by admin:
    Yep, 31/32 was down for the last 24h due to problems with raid array. We had to swap a few HDDs.

  20. WebRadio Online

    MERCI pour ce super service – THANKS for this great service.


    Des statistiques d’écoute ou consultation du fichier serait le bienvenu.


    Some statistics from listening or consultation of a file cound be welcom.

    Bye and keep going on !

  21. Basemaster

    Half the time when I upload I don’t get a link, then I have to upload again. Very frustrating. Can happen 3 or 4 times with the same file before I finally get a link :(

  22. BCI2oo5

    Hy guys,

    it seems that and

    are offline. Just a notification from my side 😉 .

    Thx for ur work and this good hostservice

    greetz from Germany

    Edit by admin:
    55/56 is offline for the last 48h due to problems with file system. We currently migrating data onto backup server.

  23. john smith

    you guys are truly awesome–head and shoulders above the rest. Any thoughts of adding a search engine for “Downloads” on what is available on Zippyshare ?

  24. Anonymous

    You guys are the only service I know that has an HTML5 uploader.
    Not even MEGA has that.

    For that, I really want to let you guys know that you’re all awesome.
    Thanks for thinking of standards alongside your users.

  25. blabla

    The best upload/download site!
    Thank you a lot! It is FREE, FAST and USER-FRIENDLY (one-click). Why shouldn’t it be the best?
    Keep up the great work!

  26. Jake

    Hi guys,

    There’s no updates on the number of downloads for the last couple of days. Please fix ?!

    Thanks for a great site.

  27. Norm

    Zippyshare is the BEST of the BEST!!! The only problem I have is keeping my files active. The 30-day limit is a serious problem for me. Please fix it to keep my files permanent. Thanks!!! Kudos for an otherwise outstanding job!!!

  28. der

    There is no reason to forbid download managers to work with zs links. Please stop boycotting JDownloader and such.

    And get a better captcha system, this one is always saying “The Captcha code you entered did not match the image. Please try again.”

  29. Nkululeko

    Zippyshare is the best!! But we all hv our ups and downs….so guys when is the team going to fix the download button problem. 1 It reload’s the page. 2 It doesn’t respond. Basically it doesn’t download at all. You be drooling over the phone for that track or video or zip file but when u press download o_O nothing. Please help gents 😉

  30. Javier

    Hey guys. Could you please make upload retry when any server is offline? I mean, when you upload a file and any server is down (for example, in this moment www69 and www70) just Zippyuploader sees the file was unable to be uploaded and retry to another server.

    Thank you guys! Great job :)

  31. Megan

    Sorry to put this in a comment field but I can’t find anywhere else to do it–I tried to create a ticket but see my second point below:

    First, I can’t download files. Every time I click on the “Download Now” button, the page simply refreshes and there’s no file.

    Then, when I tried to register for an account to see if that made a difference, the Captcha will not accept my submissions. Same thing when I tried to create a ticket. I’ve filled out the captchas like 30 times and I’m not stupid or blind. I’ve never had so much trouble with a Captcha before the ones on this site.

    1. William JCM

      Do you use Internet Explorer ? I have problems due to IE not being compatible with Web’s latest standards.

  32. Albert


    Could you say if you have any plans to expand file number limit when uploading? I mean, when I try to upload files and I browse to select my files, if I try to upload more than a specific number (may be a thousand) it don’t upload. If you need to upload for example 3000 files, you have to do it with many Zippyshare pages opened (you have to upload a few number of files 10 times to upload all your files).

    Please could you tell me if you have any plans to upgrade the available number of files that you can upload at the same time in one page? It is very important for me and many uploaders that works with a great volume of files.

    Thank you.

  33. Holbach

    En la página en español dice ”
    Haz solicitado el archivo:
    Lo correcto es “Has solicitado el archivo:”

    La página es maravillosa y presta un gran servicio. Gracias


  34. dbmdj

    I cant see any stats on my dashboard. There is an error:

    Error loading File!

    And i dont see how many downloads there is???

    please help!

  35. BulworthUHampton

    Yikes! Now I can’t even ENTER my public folder to see ANY statistics. Maybe I should’ve kept quiet? He he…
    I should give more time I suppose, to see what happens…
    Grateful for your services…

    1. BulworthUHampton

      update: only not able to open public folder on android using dolphin browser, most likely a dolphin bug. it’s been very buggy lately. windows with chrome it works fine. :-)

    1. ZippyZiper

      Me Either =)
      The service is fast as it should
      i like the old school design =)
      i love the creators =)
      i like this site =)
      Merry christmas guys =)


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