First news

A few days ago turned one year old. We forgot to celebrate mainly because we were busy working on some backend changes.

Now that the changes are almost ready we didn’t want to celebrate without you… our users. For Zippyshare’s first birthday we are raising the filesize limit to 100mb.

Have fun.

11 responses to "First news"

  1. Hicham

    Hey guys.. I’ve been downloading some stuff in here. I find the site great, for now.

    I’m curious how do you make it work as a biz? From where do you get the benefits? I didn’t see any ads, yet, so what is it? Is it gonna be just ads but later on?

    This is just out of curiosity, i’m a marketing student.

    Keep it up, thanks!

    1. admin Post author

      hmmm do you think that there will some kind of the surprise waiting for our users on that day? 😉


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