Beta tests in progress… :-)

We have send about 400 invites to our users who wanted to take part in our new functionality beta tests. We get quite a lot of response (sugestions, some questions, some bug reports). We read and try to analyze them all.

The next few days, weeks and maybe months will be quite busy for us as we plan to tune the existing functions and add some new exciting ones. I’m sure You will be pleased with what You will get. We don’t want to get into much detail but stay tuned.

In about 2-4 weeks registration will be open to the general public.

If You want to discuss the ongoing changes then please head to link expired. It’s not an official support side but w will keep an eye on the discusion going on there (Thank You Smitty for the help)

Thats all for today. We are getting back to work… :-)

42 responses to "Beta tests in progress… :-)"

  1. Zippyshare lover

    You are(in my opinion) will be the BEST! i just love to download from ur hosts =D and if you say that more is about to come… WOW! can’t wait.
    Great job.

  2. exact

    Zippyshare is the best! :) Fast & easy to use.
    Not like ***, his player’s is slow and buggy (sometimes loads, sometimes doesn’t).
    Keep up the good work 😉

  3. CrazyFreak_KI

    I want to Upload to Zippyshare, but I haven’t an Account
    I want to check my Downloads (how many what ever)
    Please send me an invite

  4. HandsUpBr

    Zippyshare is the best for download, in near future if this site can pay per downloads of uploaded files is awesome,
    and increase the time of files in servers 😉

  5. Kit

    Is it still possible to obtain an invitation for this website? I like what I have seen so far and would like to interact forever. Thanky!

  6. ZippyLOVe

    Yo Amo Zippyshare <3 U are the best host in te world!!, congratulations for everything you do for us!! U ARE AMAZING GUYS!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nissu

    You are THE BEST HOSTING SITE !!! Thank you very much! I just love to download from you 😛

    Thank you Zippyshare and have a long looong life !!!

  8. Radu

    You are the best hosting site and i’ ve recommended you to all my friends. i will be honored to test your new functionality of site!

  9. ZippyHouseMusic

    Hey there, Zippers :) Is it too late for me to become a beta tester? (hope not 😀 )

    Love ya, guys! You’re my all time fave!

  10. vandamme48

    look here baby
    Total Storage Used
    21,369.32 MB
    From 1230 files stored in 2 folders

    Total Previews/Downloads Served
    34623 / 114889
    Since Sep 19, 2011 11:59:54 PM

    Bandwidth Served
    1.985 TB
    From All Hosted Files

  11. iluvrnb1

    absolutely love this site im on it almost everyday. Awesome the best site in the world. im only happy to support your site GO ZIPPY.

  12. JL Griffin

    Love Zippyshare. better than any other one cause it’s for the most part not cluttered with cracks and spyware and other crap. its pure storage as it should be!


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