For the sake of our team… – new features comming up

Our Support Team might become affected by a serious nervous breakdown when they have to read more questions like “Where is the Registration link?” or “How can I create an Account?”. For the sake of their mental health we are forced to reveal a little sneak peak of what we are currently working on: 😉

We are currently on the finish straight and expect to release the new and polished features pretty soon. People who comment on this blog post will be given the chance to betatest the new features (and grab the most appealing usernames of course :) ) so let us know what You think. New feature request are of course also welcome. We can’t promise they will be added for the initial release but we do tend to listen to our users will.

257 responses to "For the sake of our team… – new features comming up"

  1. Ollie

    PLEASE do not turn this into some shitty ‘anti-waiting company’ like rapidshare. This is the best filesharing website by far !!!

    Edit by Admin:
    No worry, we don’t have any plans to introduce any kind of premium(paid) functionalities.

  2. shlomi

    Seems like a great feature!
    seems realy handy and easy to use, exectly as your share service.
    Keep up the good work guys!

  3. Mendes

    yes yes & yes!! Have been folowing & using this website for ages now and i m always blown away by any new added features!! this one is definnatly nice!! cant wait to have my hands on it :)

    keep it up


  4. Just J

    Yeah please don’t enforce arbitrary waiting times which serve no purpose than to make people hate that file hoster, this is the absolute best hosting site, its compact, efficient and really fast!

    Love the changes that are coming!

    Just J

  5. Endar

    I love this site so much, too :) I have several files from this site shared by others.
    And the best things are It’s free, there is not premium-paid shit and Its as easy as one times one.

  6. Irshu88

    Finally, my fav file sharer comes with a Personal File Manager! Just what was needed to stand out of the crowd, especially the famous one like M#* or R@*#$ where they offer such things only with PAID options. A very Bold yet Enterprising move! Congratz and keep it up!

  7. Darkhog

    By the way – do you have PayPal (or real bank – doesn’t matter for me) account? Cause I like your service and like to give you some of my money.

  8. SamiMas

    Hey, ZippyShare the cleanest, fastest and easyest sharing site in the net !
    Full suport, just dont go premium 😉

  9. Blackreflex

    Probably I would be the first reason for a nervous breakdown of your support team as I asked them to death about this new feature 😀
    I would locve to be betatester. THX<3

  10. DoggNate

    hey guys thanks alot for the couple years of zippy, it would be nice if we can get some remote upload here :)

    Already done. 😉

  11. Dino

    I am absolutely in love with ZippyShare!:D
    Love you guys for your hard work and amazing features!
    I can’t wait for this(:
    go zippyshare<33

  12. jimmywooda

    Can’t wait for the beta… this is going to be awesome! I use zippyshare ALL the time. Is there going to be an “app” for this?

    Regardless- thanks for the great service! keep it up!

  13. Fussylogic

    Looks mad sexy! Glad to hear that you guys do not have plans for paid functionalities! Rock on guys!

  14. Ray

    The idea is a great one, AS LONG AS you don’t start imposing limits per account (other than the file limit that already exists of course). Zippyshare is my favorite because of 3 reasons:
    1. It’s FAST
    2. There is NO time-to-wait
    3. There is NO captcha

    As long as these 3 features do not change, you’re my #1.

  15. Ilija

    Totally agree with Ray.
    You, dear Zippies, are our favourites since you’re fast (have been always downloading at max speed) and easy to use. I would love to still have you a looong time. :)


  16. DjPsicopatha

    Hey guys, this is awesome!, long time ago i have talking to my friends that zippyshare is better place for mp3 sharing, due to faster preview with high quality compared to foes, and most unique characteristic: one click to download! it already make zippyshare better; now is give us a file manager; put others on the floor!

  17. AlexxJr

    Hey Zippyshare Devs

    I am really looking forward to seeing the new features, would love to be a betatester and give you some feedback! this is far the bedst site to share your work, especially for Dj’s like me! keep up the good work! 😀

  18. JoeCommands

    Hi :)

    this is great, looking forward to see the new features. I have to say that sound quality is best, love it 😀 and whole service is far the best 😀

  19. 1135

    Amazing! I really love zippyshare. No waits, no bullshit. Just awesome file sharing at it`s best. For what it`s worth i think zippy share truely is nr. 1 of all the file sharing sites out there.


  20. Illuminatum

    Hey guys!
    I’m using zippyshare for while now, and I think your idea with storing data and to categorize them in folders are very, very nice :)
    Hopefully it will be released soon =)

  21. FrankieSalzz

    Great that you guys are making updates to the website. Looking forward to seeing what’s to come!

  22. RS

    lovin the idea!! its always great to keep tabs on the activity on the the files one puts up! cant wait , eager to be a betatester for this one!!

  23. ScatGown

    Best file upload site by far, the only thing missing was a tracker to tell you the plays, downloads etc. So keep up the good work guys 😀

    Realtime calculated stats (views/previews/downloads) are already implemented for a every single file, and overall for a whole account. Currently without referrals and geolocation, but appropriate task is already added to our bugtracker to implement this features. :-)

  24. Cbrentje

    This service is awesome! :) I was just wondering if there would be a service where I could check the download rate, 2 minutes later I clicked on the blog and I saw this great progression! If you stil need people to test it, I’d be Honored.

    Maybe 1 suggestion (could also already be in there):
    Instead of keeping track to all uploads done while logged in, It would be sweet if I could also add other downloads I’ve uploaded before (when this service wasen’t there yet). Because I uploaded an mix, and I’m very intrested how many times it is downloaded so far. So when I create an account, I’d apreciate an funtion where you can put in your old uploads to check those data to.

    But over all; <3 Zippyshare <3
    You guys saved my musical life! :)

  25. DaMusicFactory

    hi people, nice greet`s from germany!
    DaMusicFactory, respect your work and find it very great!
    we are young dj`s and producers and search for a plattform to present, your zippyshare we find the best!
    we happy to see the account feature and we would test it

    …sorry for english, we learn every day more!

    nice greets

  26. steveywalker

    Look good – this site still confuses me a little, as I have uploaded tunes, but can find the tunes I have uploads :o(

  27. Bazy B(DJ)

    Love the website guys!!..would just like to know whether is there anyway u can check how many downloads a file has received?

    Admin: yep there will.

  28. Tomas

    Great work, I love the features that can be seen in this screenshot. Also a betatester privileges sound lovely.

  29. Lotrax

    This looks very promising.
    Like the ‘homescreen’ where you have everything you need. Really well done. Looking forward to using this!

  30. Big_Redd

    I’d love to beta test your new features. This site has been an amazing tool for me, keep up the good work!

  31. Leeam Starr

    Zippyshare est le meilleur serveur que je connaisse, avec un super référencement…Merci zippy

    Will it be possible to know the statistics before the upload is updated, to know the number of downloads of an old mp3 example.

    Thanks, a french user…

  32. Richie boy

    Iv used zippyshare for years now and its always delievered. The simplicity of the site makes it one of the top 5 on the net… Pls, by all means improve, but dont make it complicated and not user friendly anymore. Keep up the good work guys.

  33. mortfrog

    This looks SEXY! I cannot wait! I’ve used zippyshare for months now, and I *dont* know how you guys are able to do it, but i LOVE your site. No waiting, FAST downloads, clean interface its awesome! I would love to test it!

  34. Austin

    Zippyshare is the most convenient of all of the major file hosts. They are 100% free and 100% quick and easy to use. Could not get more simple than that!


    This will be very useful for me as a place to share my mixes. Having this feature will list my mixes nicely and I’ll be able to track how many are downloaded.
    I hope I can be one of the first people to test it out.
    Keep up the good work Zippyshare! The best host of all time!

  36. DJ PATCH

    Not sure whats going guys were the best fileshost ever,now you guys seem to be the slowest:(

    Datacenter where we currently host our infrastructure isn’t the fastest to US, we know that. We already working on a solution which should change that situation (should be ready in a 2 months top).

  37. Robert

    Great preview!
    A feature that I personaly would like to see is an option to make an upload passwordprotected and/or limited in downloads/time.

    Keep up to good work!

    We already implemented a password protected folders (but a single files isn’t yet password protected – added to our to-do list :-)).

    “Limited in downloads/time” – you can always delete any file through the file manager, so we rather not implement this one

  38. Pascal

    I really like your site, the photo preview and facebook share function is great! I would really like to create an account and test the new features :)

  39. Kongen

    Nice sneakpeak, it looks really good. Perfect overview! Keep up the good work – your absolutely the best on market right now, and let it stay like that 😉 .

  40. DarthMan

    I wanna be a beta tester maybe an invitation soon.
    I hate the other sites like rapidshare because they have stupdi wating times..
    Better downloading from a site that has a lot of ads so they can earn money than downlaoding froma shitty site that has premium features and ads too.
    Keet up the good work 😉

  41. TheRockingwing

    Looks great so far :) I really like your site, because you don’t have same strategies as other companies like NL, MU and RS 😉
    Anti-Premium, so free for everyone, is really great, and I’m really looking forward to this features :)

  42. minecraft_modder

    i love the new look of zippyshare! i always been a fan of zippyshare because you don’t have annoying pop-ups, surveys and more.
    Zippyshare and mediafire are my favorites. But with this new look Zippyshare will be number 1!

  43. minecraft_modder


    make a update file thingy, like on mediafire.
    You change the file but keep the same link, so people don’t have to update the links on forums,videos, etc

  44. Edson Junior

    Please, if possible I also want an account at Zippyshare, takes a lot !!!!! I’m sure the site will be 100% complete after this update. Because Zippyshare to upload is perfect if you have this account options, you will be amazing!

  45. Veelti

    Yo! Zippyshare is THE BEST FREE HOSTING SERVER for file in the internet. Thank’s for this idea it’s great idea :D! i want to test it. 😀 Do this what you do 4 ever 😀 Greetings 😀

  46. hir

    Whoa! There wasn’t so much comments when Zippy Team asked to help with connection speed 😉

    I’m pretty shocked that there isn’t any premium/just 1$ per day button! Well done :) I hope you earn enough for your awesome work :)

    Best wishes!!

  47. minecraft_modder

    i love it!

    but their can be some improvements:
    – the stats take to long to load (maybe don’t use real time stats, use 5min delay instead)
    – the site sometimes crashes (i need to close and reopen a tab for it to work again)
    Edit by Admin: qTip fault, added to bug tracker.
    – news links don’t work
    – the stats are not correct (first it said that i had a download 1 moth ago, but i uploaded the file 2 min ago but know after 5 min. it is correct)


    Just got my invite today. thanks so much Zippyshare.

    a couple of comments:
    -File Manager sometimes doesn’t show file list. I gotta logout and log back in to get back to work.
    -Moving files to folders can be a bit confusing at first. Got it figured out though.

    first 2 comments, more after I test out this feature thoroughly.


    oh forgot one more thing. username is case sensitive.
    let’s say a username like mine: WHOISRYO

    my profile URL will be:
    if someone types the address without caps (, it’ll redirect to a page that says no user available.
    hopefully it can be accesses with or without caps in the future.


    Edit by Admin:
    Good suggestion, added to our bug tracker.

    Edit by Admin:

  50. Alberto

    Please implement it ASAP… the possibility to delete a file is quite useful… a friend told me that I should remove his photo I had uploaded, but without registration it looks as being impossible…

    Many thanks


  51. Smitty

    Slightly off topic but, isn’t about time you guys made a little zippyshare button that I could place in my forum signature ?


  52. DUYFK3N

    Awesome!! Can’t wait to use this for archiving my mixes . . . those new features look damn tasty!

    + it’d be awesome if I could help beta test and reserve my username ;P

  53. goldy1234

    Wow, cant wait to try it. Can you get me an account to try beta version of zippy?
    Where can we send you a money? Do you have a paypal account? Or how do you survive anyway? :)

  54. Smitty

    Hi Zippyshare staff,
    I have just made a forum for all the testers to share their suggestions and experiences with the new account user console.

    Of course, your Support Team is invited to take part too if they can spare the time. But if you object to the forum in any way then I can delete it.


    another username related bug report.
    same case as URL, logging in is case sensitive also.
    will this feature be changed so that we can login with all lowercase letters?

    Edit by Admin:
    Added to our bug tracker / ZIPPY-112
    Type: Improvement
    Priority: Major
    Status: Open

  56. sean

    It would be great if there was a button to embed on the “download complete” page. It’s annoying for us bloggers to have to go to each individual link to get the embed buttons. Thanks, Sean

    Edit by Admin:
    Added to our bug tracker: / ZIPPY-103 (updated issue)
    Type: Improvement
    Priority: Minor
    Status: Open

  57. BHM

    You should add option to the file manager, so that users can choose whether they want their files to be private or not :)

    Edit by Admin:
    Added to our bug tracker / ZIPPY-111
    Type: New Feature
    Priority: Major
    Status: Open

  58. .:|kkj930|:.

    Seems great, will love to test it.
    Do have one question: will there be a storage limit for the files of which the stats will be shown?

    Edit by Admin:
    File Life: 30 days after no activity. There is a special column in our file manager which clearly shown time to file deletion (TTD).
    Stats will be avaliable for all the files associated with a specific user account (without any limits).

    1. terzier

      there was no activity from what? whether if during the 30 days of inactivity or login user, the file is deleted? or if during the 30 days of inactivity downloaded files will be deleted?

      1. admin Post author

        Hello terzier,

        TTD – Time till delete – Time in which file will be deleted if it will not be downloaded or previewed at least once during this time. Every download/preview will reset TTD to 30 days. TTD count is refreshed once a day (most likely during night database synchronisation).

        Best regards,
        Zippyshare Support Team

  59. Addicted2Bass


    I’m using zippyshare every weekend to upload livesets.
    These livesets are not illegal and I’ve got the permission to share them.
    My visitors always ask if I want to upload the livesets on zippyshare because it’s the best file hosting website for both: uploader and downloader.
    With a personal file manager it’s even better!

    Hope it’s released for public soon and maybe I can grab a test account :).


  60. BHM

    Another one suggestion: You should add remberer me option next login button 😉 It will certainly help your users :)

    Edit by Admin
    Added to our bug tracker:
    Type: New Feature
    Status: Open
    Priority: Major

  61. Soundz

    damn i wish you’d let me help you programming this 0o but since you’re already at the beta-testphase you guys dont need any additional help ://

  62. Tom

    I have to pay extra for these statistics from my webpage provider and im only have about 200mb downloadable of content!
    You guys are doing an awesome job!

    Ill be more than happy to provide beta feedback from Chrome on OSX.

    Edit by Admin:
    Obviously you haven’t seen our brand new tab called Analytics (with tons of a additional data about users activity on your account). Should be avaliable soon. :-)

  63. Sebabatso4eu

    I can not wait for the new website…
    Atleast we are going to have a functionality to create accounts, this thing of our files getting deleted is just boring!!!!

  64. elefunk

    Just noticed that files expire after a 30 day period. I understand that is required for server space, speed, sublink freedom, etc… However a neat feature would be that when the 30 days expire the user is given a 5-10 day period where he can refresh his files for another 30 days, therefore not loosing long term records of downloads and views and avoiding him the hassle of re-uploading his files(saving up a lot of server bandwidth).

    Apart from that Zippyshare team, You’re the best!

    Admin: basically what you suggest would work just us extending the file life to 40 days would. We don’t see a reason for that. If the hosted files are active they will be kept forever. If a file does not get any downloads in 30 days it is for sure dead.

  65. elittebest

    This is the greatest file hosting site i ever used :X:X keep going with the good work guys 😀 i realy like it :X

  66. Apollwnas

    Keep the good work guys and for Gd sake be careful with your mental health because if you have a breakdown we will loose zippyshare. Just kidding of course, you are doing something without asking anything and we appreciate that. Do not consider some complaint that we make.

  67. xxx

    Wow!!! Just what I actually wanted and more! You were already the best before the new features. The addition of the personal file manager blows me away. Thanks for the sneak peek. :)

  68. Bloodshows

    No biggie, but “coming” only has one “m”, not two. The title has “new features….comming up”. Like I said, no biggie, just thought I should point it out since it was in the title. Take care. You’re site is awesome.

  69. Chris

    Well guys i love the practical of the zippyshare and i also want to test the beta. For now i just try ti view my stats and that doesnt work…error msg

  70. Mervin

    Hi is it only me having a problem with the stats because its been a while now now stats are showing up for my files. Thanx

  71. Shivdan Shekhawat

    Zippyshare is the best file sharing site ever i seen because it have no ads or surveys.

  72. Norm

    I dropped Zippyshare in favor of Mediafire because I had 40 files uploaded and you deleted all of them. I need to keep my files active because I continuously make them available to friends. At times that goes beyond 30 days without action, but they get activity from time to time. After a two year absence, I decided to try Zippyshare again, but the list of my uploaded files are not showing up. Why is that? Has there been a change in your format?

  73. emmanuelfunes

    I would like to thank you all your work to build a serious, modelic and nice web site, where everyone can download files without problem and without bullshit.
    Your web is really effective and I am going to talk about it to my friends.
    Enhorabuena por vuestro trabajo, chicos!
    Best regards from SPAIN

  74. westminsterbob

    Is there a way to keep the files more than 30 days? Im planning to upload all the the music I have and share but thats a lot of work. It would be useless if it is deleted after 30 days! So any hint about this?

  75. High Broadcast

    Bravo for still being the best cloud storage on internet and it will be good for you if you put antiAdblock script because you don’t have to much annoying ads and you deserve to earn more.


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