Embed update, now should work on Facebook


Todays update ads a function which enables You to embed files hosted on Zippyshare.com into Your Facebook wall (just click the “Like” button). From now on audio and image files should have a preview on Your facebook site.
We are also working on adding this feature for video files but first we have to improve the quality of our transcoded video/audio. This can tak some time so stay tuned.

In the mean time let us know what You think about the just added feature in the comments.

Best regards,
Zippyshare Team

32 responses to "Embed update, now should work on Facebook"

  1. kane

    since you make this new feature i have only 10-20kb download at your files downloads :( sorry downt like zippy anymore :(

  2. Mendes

    Connection works fine here, havent tryed the new fb add yet thro. but might need a slight quality improvement in terms of audio if this should get popular in my opinion.

  3. Sand

    I’ve been experiencing some disturbance in the speed lately – don’t know if it’s related to this feature or not.

  4. DGT

    When there will be a chance to register to the site and mange files?

    Edit by Admin:
    30-60 days I guess. Current status from our bug tracker:

    Open: 37 (51%)
    Reopened: 1 (1%)
    Resolved: 32 (44%)
    Closed: 3 (4%)

  5. 3dsgamer

    I love this site! It just keeps on getting better and better and better! I found it through houseravers.com. keep it up zippyshare team:-)

  6. Nick108

    After YouSendit and heaps of people calling back to say the file arrived, but it was expired before the due date, I got so mad, I deleted the thing entirely. Then what to do. Ahh, DJ Quintin sends me his music on Zippyshare. So I think I’ll try it to. Now I’ve loaded two music tracks, I wonder how do I bring them up again? I’ve copied down the email bits, but that didn’t work. so obviously I need some new to Zippyshare lessons. How to post my films uploaded to my Facebook page etc. I hit on the FAQS pages button, but nothing there. So I’ll switch off now and face it all again today. Praying this service outstrips those others. And gives us years more of being able to get my music out there, instead of stuck in the closet. Looks good, just have to learn how to use it. If Quintin uses it, it must be okay.



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