Help testing bandwidth needed

We kindly ask You to assist us with some tests of our new server. Please let us know in the comments which download speeds You get, from which location and what is Your network connections bandwidth.

Test file: Link Removed

Thank You!

Edit (24.03.2011):
241 comments are more then we needed and a lot more then we have expected. Thanks to all of You who invested time trying to help us out testing our new server.

Conslusions from the test?
Most of the speed are satisfactory but there are times (1-3h during week days and some more during weekends) when the performance of our ISP drops quite significantly. We will be monitoring the sittuation and if the problems won’t be resolved in the near future we will be on the lookout for another provider.

329 responses to "Help testing bandwidth needed"

  1. justOneOfManyDudes

    Location: Germany, RLP
    ISP: Alice (AOL)
    Connection: DSL 3000
    Speed: 365 KB/s (Maximum here) using JDownloader 😉

  2. TomaHawk91

    lol sorry my comment was wrong. normally i get a downloadspeed of 1,4mb but with the test file it is only about 100kb/s … strange !

  3. Mendes

    Location: Lux City, Luxembourg
    ISP: P&T Service
    Connection: 5mbps
    Speed: 50-90kB/s

    Strange, i usually have like 300-500 kb/s on ur services.

    Between 14:00 and 18:30 (CET) our new ISP had a network stability problems. Can you repeat the test? Thanks.

  4. bob

    Location: sydney, australia
    ISP: TPG – adsl2+
    Connection: 50mbps
    Speed: 20-30kbps

    Between 14:00 and 18:30 (CET) our new ISP had a network stability problems. Can you repeat the test? Thanks.

  5. DJ Luciak

    Location: South Poland
    ISP: Bit Computer/TPNET
    Connection: dont know actually
    Speed: earlier it was downloading with 350 kb/s… not it has decreased to 70 kb/s

    Between 14:00 and 18:30 (CET) our new ISP had a network stability problems. Can you repeat the test? Thanks.

  6. PH

    Location: Belgium
    ISP: Telenet
    Connection: 25 mbps
    Speed: 1,15 mbps to 1,20 mbps
    (=fast enough for me and for a free service!)

  7. ra

    Location: St Petersburg, Russia
    ISP: NW Telecom
    Connection: 2Mbit day / 5Mbit night
    Speed: 250 KB/s day / 500KB/s night – it means, only limited by ISP!
    Thanks for great speed!

  8. XYZ

    Location: Mumbai, India
    ISP: Tikona Digital Network
    Connection: 750 Kbps
    Speed: 92 KBps
    (92 kBps is pretty good for my connection)

  9. Fang

    Location: Roorkee, India
    ISP: I dunno lol! It’s the institute internet…
    Connection: 100 Mbps
    Speed: ’round 40 kbps
    (works for me, cuz your connection doesn’t break. 😉 it is usually this slow for me everywhere, so not really complaining, no. v.v)

  10. Edmundas

    Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
    ISP: Lithuanian Electronic research
    Connection: 40Mbps
    Speed: ~300 KBps
    Time to download: ~5min.

  11. TomaHawk91

    Location: South Germany
    ISP: 1&1 (Arcor)
    Connection: 13 Mbps
    Speed: 1,3 MB/s

    I did the test again and then i got a perfect speed with the test file =)

  12. Stefan Jansson

    This is how Your comment should look like to help us out:
    Location: Umeå, Sweden
    ISP: T3
    Connection: 100mbit
    Speed: 266 KB/s

    Wtf.. from the other servers I get way nicer speeds… :(

  13. Vpo99

    Location: Oslo, Norway
    ISP: Uninet
    Connection 100/100 Mbps (fibre)
    Download speed: ~1 MB/s (day) ~2 MB/s (night)
    Upload speed: 1.7 MB/s (night, 1 file: 100 MB/57 sec = 1.7 MB/s)

  14. Kaboing

    Location: Dortmund, Germany
    ISP: 1&1
    Connection: 50 Mbps
    Speed: ~5.5 MB/s (difficult to recognise exact speed with such “small” files)

  15. MrSteveK88

    Location: Békéscsaba, Hungary
    ISP: DiGi
    Connection: 80mbit/25mbit
    Speed: 1mbit/sec all the time 😀

  16. Mendes

    NEW TEST(By demand)

    Location: Lux City, Luxembourg
    ISP: P&T Service
    Connection: 5mbps
    Speed: 290-320kB/s

    its good now. keep it up.

  17. zellocko

    Location: Frankfurt, Germany
    ISP: 1&1
    Connection: 16mbps
    Speed: 1.2 MB/s

    Good Speed!
    I love zippyshare!
    Best Hoster worldwide!

  18. Laurynas

    Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
    ISP: Vdnet
    Connection: 100mbit/100mbit
    Speed: 1mbit/sec all the time 😀

    I got 100mbit/s in lithuania, in other contries 10mbit/s is the max so i got ~1mb/s down speed

  19. Austin

    Location: New York, USA
    ISP: Cablevision
    Connection: 5mbps
    Speed: 200 KB/s

    Seems to slow down at about 3/4 of the way through the large file. Started around 500 KB/s then went down to about 100 KB/s. Still free, still awesome!

  20. craze

    Location: Norrkoping, Sweden
    ISP: Telia
    Connection: 8mbit
    Speed: 660kbps

    In other words; awesome. Don’t even want to download faster cause then I can’t even browse at the same time. :)

  21. R1ot

    Pécs, Hungary.
    ISP: Digikábel.
    Speed: average 2472 kilobytes/sec – almost 20 megabit/sec.
    Download time: 41 seconds.
    Bandwidth: 20 megabit / 10 megabit

    Overall: pretty fast.

  22. EatMe

    Location: The Hague, The Netherlands
    ISP: KPN
    Cconnection: 2 mb/s
    Speed: 834 kbps (Firefox)

    Zippyshare is great!


    Место проведения: Беларусь, Минск
    Подключение: 50Мбитс

  24. Laidback

    Location: Linköping, Sweden
    ISP: Bahnhof
    Connection: 10/10 mbits
    Speed: 1.2 MB/s – Throughout the whole test.

    Summary: You guys rock :)

  25. Bacon

    Location: Brno, Czech republic
    Connection: 10/1 Mbit/s
    Speed: 220 kB/s and raising little bit during download

  26. Manuel

    Location: Vienna, Austria
    Connection: 102.400/10.240 kBit/s
    Speed: 1.6 MByte/s (DownThem All! Firefox AddOn)

  27. Marval

    Location: Besancon, France
    ISP: Orange
    Connection: 8mbps
    Speed: 700 kB/s

    This is the max of my connection speed ! :)

  28. Alex Otelaru

    Location: Intra-Verbania Italy
    ISP: Telecom Alice Italia
    Connection: 20mbps
    Speed: 500-600 KB/s

  29. asmelix

    Location: Koszalin, Poland
    ISP: Telewizja Kablowa Koszalin
    Connection: 4mbps
    Speed: 462 KB/s
    This is my maximum download speed.

  30. Xylem Studios

    Location: Valencia, Spain
    ISP: Orange
    Connection: 3Mbit/s
    Speed: 272Kb/s (2.6Mbit/s)

    Downloaded in about 10 minutes, that’s pretty good!
    100 MB in 10 minutes, about 10 Mb a minute 😀

  31. Baronluigi

    About my earlier message, that is the speed that I usually get with any file I download from you hosting

    In this case, with this certain file you have posted, the maximum speed I get is 205 KBPS.

  32. Anonimous

    Location: Bahia, Brazil
    ISP: Oi
    Connection: 1mbps
    Speed: 34 kb/s
    This is speed is very low. It’s not what I’m used to get on zippyshare.

  33. UPC

    Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    ISP: UPC
    Connection: 60 Mb
    Speed: 5.0 MB/sec (your other servers 160 KB/sec)

    Test file is too small to know exact speed

  34. Arne

    Location: Wolfsburg, Germany
    ISP: Alice
    Connection: 6-8mbps (750 – 1000 kB/s)
    Speed: ~120 kB/s
    With your other servers I get a better connection (around 750kb/s)

  35. Daniel

    Location:Antwerp BELGIUM
    ISP: Telenet
    Connection: 30 Mb
    Speed: 1.6 MB/sec (your other servers 160 KB/sec)

  36. fabian

    location: Eindhoven, the Netherlands
    connection 100mb/sec
    speed: 200 kb/sec

    By Admin:
    Between 11:00 and 13:30 (CET) our new ISP had a network stability problems. Can you repeat the test? Thank You.

  37. jason

    Location: Auckland, New Zealand
    ISP: Orcon
    Connection: 100 mbps
    Speed: 8 kB/s

    By Admin:
    Between 11:00 and 13:30 (CET) our new ISP had a network stability problems. Can you repeat the test? Thank You.

  38. Fightclub

    Location: NRW, Germany
    ISP: Unity Media
    Connection: 32mbps
    Speed: 150kB/s – 3,5MB/s (depending on file)

  39. Nackensteak

    Location: Braunschweig, Germany
    ISP: Deutsche Telekom
    Connection: 16mbps
    Speed: 1.7 MB/s (maxes out my connection)

  40. jim

    location: Romania
    ISP: UPC
    Connection: 25mbit
    Speed: 2.9mb/s
    Comments: It took awhile to get to 2.9mb/s (at about half the file)
    Wish this speed would work for other files too :)

  41. Stig

    Location: NSW ,Australia
    ISP: Bigpond
    Connection: ADSL 2+ 20/1Mbps (ADSL2+)
    Speed: 800kbps “firefox” “under 3minutes”

  42. Wejn

    Location: Brno, Czech Republic
    ISP: UPC Czech
    Connection: 10mbps
    Speed: full

    (btw, www36 is considerably slower than this new www66)

  43. dj2kmailos

    Location: Legnica, Poland
    ISP: Netia S.A
    Connection: 2mbps
    Speed: 245 KB/s (max real speed of my connect)

  44. Anon Germany

    Location: Würzburg, Germany
    ISP: Deutsche Telekom
    Connection: 17696 kBit/s
    Speed: 800kb/s – 1,8Mb/s (pending)

  45. Mikkuss

    Location: Gliwice, Poland
    ISP: Imperium P.W.
    Connection: 10mbps
    Speed: 1.1 MB/s (Full speed)

    Good luck for best share service in all web!

  46. CasioBeatz

    Location: NRW, Germany
    ISP: NetColone
    Connection: 100Mbit/s
    Speed: 11.7MB/s (max speed is 13.30MB/s from my server)
    But, really nice, thanks for the new servers 😀
    PS Using JDL

  47. Chopmax

    Location: Den Haag, The Netherlands
    ISP: “Online”
    Connection: 20 Mbps
    Speed: 0.7 – 1.3 MB/s (unstable speed, but stable download.)

  48. Ray

    Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
    ISP: RDS (Romanian Data Systems)
    Connection: 54mbps
    Speed: 1.5 MB/s (on avarage/file but speed unstable, varies between 3 MB/s and 0.5MB/s)
    NO download manager used (should be relevant in comments)

  49. ThePro

    Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
    ISP: Fibertel
    Connection: 3mbps
    Speed: 375 KB/s
    No download manager used.

  50. brunik

    Location: Brasov, Romania
    ISP: RDS (Romanian Data Systems)
    Connection: 50mbps
    Speed: average 3.8mbps
    (Chrome) No download manager used

  51. John

    Location: Midlands, UK
    ISP: Virgin Media
    Connection: 50mbps
    Speed: 3.2 MB/s peak – Started off at 1MB/s and then accelerated

  52. DarkV

    Location: Germany Mannheim
    ISP: Kabel Deutschland
    Connection: 32mbps
    Speed: 2,2 MB/s
    No download manager used.

  53. matt

    Getting between 1.5MB and 200KB download rates [B not b] on a variable up to 1GB line. Average was about 400KB overall.

  54. pendrajwer

    Location: Zielona Góra, Poland
    ISP: Neostrada TP
    Connection: 20mbps
    Speed: 2 MB/s

    using DownThemAll download manager

  55. Not Important but Zippy rules

    Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    ISP: Surfnet
    Connection: 128 Mbps (tested with download speed test website and this was the maximum of 10 tries)
    Speed: 10.5 MB/s Max 9.5MB/s Average

  56. M..

    Location: South Germany
    ISP: Vodafone DSL
    Connection: 6 MBit
    Speed: 690KB

    Speed is alright, like on the other zippy servers too

  57. Neil

    Location: Tel Aviv, Israel.
    ISP : Bezeqint
    Connection : 12MB/s
    Speed: 1,6 MB/s
    Tested with Internet Download Manager

  58. tuzin1992

    Location: Lidzbark, Poland
    ISP : Neostrada TP
    Connection : 6MB/s
    Speed: 800kb/s (max)
    Tested with Internet Download Manager

  59. truelife

    Location: Berlin, Germany
    ISP: Deutsche Telekom
    Connection: 10/100 Mbps (Fiber)
    Download speed: 3.2 MB/s

  60. Leilaila

    Location: Knurow, Poland
    ISP: Alfa-System
    Connection: 10 Mb/s
    Speed: ~1000KB/s at the end (average with 89MB file – 939.47)

  61. Pætur

    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
    ISP: Danish Network for Research and Education Organization
    Connection: 1 Gbps (shared)
    Speed: apprx. 2.8 MB/s

  62. StylaDJ

    Location: Eisenstadt, Austria
    ISP: Bnet Burgenland Telekom
    Connection: 1mbps
    Speed: between 100 and 130 kb/s

  63. Cole

    Location: Croatia
    ISP: T-Com
    Connection: 10Mbps
    Speed: 90kbps

    I usually get much better speeds from zippyshare :(

  64. w00t

    location: Netherlands, Wijchen
    ISP: Fiberglass XMS
    Connection: 70 Mbit
    speed: 5.2 mb’s

    almost 5.5, good job!

  65. hir

    Location: Poland
    ISP: CyberGrota (Netia)
    Connection: 6 (Mbit/s)
    Speed: ~650KB/sek (Firefox)

    Well done Zippy! :)

  66. SaNDR

    Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands
    ISP: Surfnet
    Connection: 100mbps
    Speed: 1.1 to 6.2 mbps (started slowly, ended fast)

  67. >>>---NAVIGATOR--->

    Location: Lisbon, Pretogal
    ISP: Novis Telecom S.A. (cabrões 1), Hosted by ZON TVCabo (cabrões 2)
    Connection: 30mbps (fiber – could you believe?)
    Speed: 600~900 KB/s with peak @ 989 KB/s

    ALL good things in life are FREE

  68. Fightclub

    Location: NRW, Germany
    ISP: Unity Media
    Connection: 32mbps
    Speed: 500kb/s-1,9Mb/s (temporarily drops to 6kb/s)

  69. King256

    Location: Giza, Egypt
    ISP: TE Data
    Connection: 4Mbps
    Speed: 65kb/s
    Using Google Chrome(No Download Managers)

  70. Edwin Williams

    Location: Chicago, IL
    ISP: AT&T
    Connection: 1Mbps
    Speed: 19.7 kbps
    Using Firefox v3.6.15 (no download managers used)

  71. Sippy

    Location: Wesel, Germany
    ISP: Unitymedia
    Connection: 64mbps
    Speed: ca 7-7,5 MB/s

    My Server:
    Location: Germany
    ISP: Ovh Systems
    Connection: 100mbps
    Speed: ca 9,5-10 MB/s

  72. Anonymous

    Location: Queensland, Australia
    ISP: Westnet
    Connection: 20mbps
    Speed: 260 bytes (not KB’s yes ‘Bytes’) Very slow…

  73. Czyżak

    Location: Wyszków, Poland
    ISP: Netia S.A (ADSL)
    Connection: 1 Mbps
    Speed: 128 KB/s (This is the max of my connection speed.)

  74. Yarden

    Location: Kiryat Tivon, Israel
    ISP: Netvision
    Connection: DSL 2.5mb/s
    Speed: 80 KB/s (near maximum (320KB/s))

  75. Lev

    Location: Montreal, Canada
    ISP: Bell Canada
    Connection: 6-7 mbps DSL
    Speed: 720 KB/sec (5760 kbps)


  76. Receeh

    Location: Timisoara, Timis, Romania
    ISP: Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara
    Connection: indicates 49.38mb/s
    Speed: 2.9MB/s

  77. Julio

    Location: Barranquilla, Colombia
    ISP: Metrotel Redes
    Connection: 1.0 mbps
    Speed: 99-106 kbps

    Pretty Good! (:

  78. Anonymous

    Location: Leeds, UK
    ISP: Post Office
    Connection: 8mb
    Speed: 830kB/s at first, but rapidly deteriorated, less than 700kB/s towards the end of the file.

  79. intruder

    Location: Prague, Czech Republic
    ISP: UPC
    Connection: 10mbps (~25% load)
    Speed: 0.9 MB/s (= maximum possible)

    Thanks for great file hosting!

  80. Geivi

    Location: Albania, Tirana
    ISP: Albtelecom Sh.A.
    Connection: 2 Mbps (Non shared line, Individual)
    Speed: During 01:00-15:00 GMT => 206 KB/s
    During 16:00-00:00 GMT => 60 KB/s

  81. Qbeck

    Location: Lyon, France
    ISP: Free
    Connection: 8 Mbps
    Speed: 200 KB/s (Nothing else than Firefox running at the time)

  82. Pinak Gala

    Location : Mumbai(Bombay) India.
    ISP : In2Cable
    Connection : 512kbps
    Speed : 66kb/s To 70kb/s [Very good i guess]

  83. joostcanters

    location: Amsterdam / Holland
    ISP: not sure (from workplace)
    Connection: about limitless
    Speed: 650kb/s

  84. dave the rave

    location: Leicester, England
    isp: virgin media
    conection: upto 32Mb in reality around 15 to 17 Mb on wireless
    speed: max 1.8 Mb

  85. Miguel

    Location: Chaco, Argentina
    ISP: Telecom Arnet
    Connection: 1 mbps
    Speed: 0.87 MB/s

    it`s a bad ISP but the only one in this area

  86. info-village-that-you-won't-find-on-the-map

    Location: Lódź, Poland
    ISP: TP
    Connection: ADSL 640 kb/s
    Speed: 64 kb/s

  87. PH-User

    Location: Vásárosnamény, Hungary
    ISP: Magyar Telekom plc.
    Connection: ADSL 15 (15 Mbit/s)
    Speed: 1.9MB/s (Fast!)

  88. Googlebot

    Location: Dresden, Germany
    ISP: Deutsches Forschungsnetzwerk
    Connection: 3MB/s
    Speed: with 8 files on loading 2,4MB/s to 2,9MB/s

    u guys are rocking

  89. Darthanan

    Location: Fortaleza/Brazil
    ISP: Global Village Telecom (GVT)
    Connection: 15Mbps
    Speed: 1.3mbps

  90. SileNT

    Location: Recklinghausen, Germany
    ISP: Unitymedia
    Connection: 64000 ~ 8mb/s
    Speed: 7 mb/s
    Fieles to small to get full speed 😛

  91. Mike

    Location: San Francisco, California
    ISP: Comcast
    Connection: 20 Mbit down / 3.5 Mbit up
    Speed: 11 KB/sec

    NOTE: The download speed for roughly 10-15 MB file takes over 6 minutes now. Before it was a matter of seconds. I ran a speed test and my speeds are normal, so maybe there is an issue with Zippyshare servers?

  92. Jeremy

    Location: Bristol, England
    Connection: 100Mb/s down – 100 Mb/s up
    Speed: 4MB/s

    Note: Was 4MB/s total bandwidth consumed over 6 files being transferred at the same time each item at ~600KB/s

  93. lostsoul

    Location: Drenthe, Netherlands
    ISP: Ziggo
    Connection: 40 MB/s Down, 4 MB/s up.
    Speed: 1-3 MB/s.
    Loving this speed guys, keep it up!

  94. Luuk

    Location: Enschede, Netherlands
    ISP: TweakFiber
    Connection: 50 Mbps down, 50 Mbps up
    Speed; >4 MBps (=>32 Mbps)


  95. AnyBody

    Location: Olsztyn, Poland
    ISP: Netia S.A.
    Connection: Unlimited (Router 1gb/s)
    Speed: ~6.5MB/s

    Nice transfer but from good P2P i reach speeds average 40-60MB/s so i must use SSD ^^

  96. bc

    location: hendersonville tennessee
    isp; comcast xfinity
    i have high speed internet with super expensive airport extream router and it takes 21 mins sometimes 10 mins per download on files that are 93.2 mb and more used to be super fast

  97. Someone

    Location: Greece
    ISP: OTE
    Connection: 24Mbit (but I get only 14Mbit due to distance from DSLAM)
    Speed: 1.500Kbps (using IDM)

  98. alex

    location : malaysia, kuala lumpur
    ISP : telekom
    it use to be very fast but now it seems to take few hours or even days to complete 1 file.
    is there a problem with zippyshare server?

    Edited by Admin:
    We have checked and everything looks ok on our side.

  99. Tobi

    location: munich, Germany
    ISP: Telekom
    Connection: 6mb/s
    Speed: 10-15 kb/s
    very slow… takes hours to download 1 file -.-
    normal: between 700kb & 1mb/s


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