New layout? Hell yeah! :-)


For those of You who follow our blog it is no surprise but for the rest of You it might be. We have decided to change the layout of… :)

The website should be significantly more readable both for our old users and people new to our site. Everything important is now placed in the top half of the site with a huge DOWNLOAD NOW button standing out. No more searching for the download link, unnecessary scrolling, finding the way through tons of ads, entering captchas, waiting for strange timers to elapse, waiting for download slots to open, expensive premium accounts or other such crap. We leave it to our competition to use such sh*t. Additionally we have changed the amount of pop up ads. From now on there is a limit of two popups per user per 24h. We will have an eye on our income and try to fine tune the ammount of ads to an absolute minimum. The goal is to limit the popup ads to a degree where it is bearable for our users but still we have enough money to keep up our infrastructure.

The upload site has also been redesigned. We have introduced a new flash uploader (kudos to the hard working people from It is now possible to select multiple files at a time. Fast and easy…

We encourage You all to test our newly redesigned site. In case You find any bugs please let us know in the comments or through or support sites. dev team.

We got information from our users (Chuckie & Depositum – thanks guys) that some audio ads are constantly appearing on the audio preview/download website. We got in touch with our ad providers but they didn’t respond so far so we have decided to disable flash ads alltogether on the audio preview/download website.

70 responses to "New layout? Hell yeah! :-)"

  1. edvard

    hi, please repair file embed.js

    you just put int the end

    please replace it with:

    (note two closing divs, because firefox does not support short closing div like yours:
    or maybe you could replace it with ?

  2. buddi

    Hi, I have a problem, I use to encrypt my links and manage. Since today there are all my links down, so they can be viewed offline, but if you click on it, the file is online, why is this so? :(

  3. jesmed

    I like the new look. Like you said you can’t miss the download button, lol. I think it was a positive change. good luck in the future……

  4. ak

    you’ve made a good job with this site,
    but i had one info that shows how many times has been downloaded a file *.mp3

  5. RN

    Been using your service for well over a year, I had no problems what so ever.For people who were new to downloading though, they had a hard time finding the download button, so that’s a good fix.It looks great,you’ll have my continued support…thanks.

  6. cezar

    I’m not quite sure that the new design is the best option for you .. This means much less money for your comunity .. It’s a good thing for us, but is it for zippyshare ? Think about that .

  7. robin

    This is the most awesome one-click hosting service. Period. I’m not sure how you make it work, but however you do it, it’s pure magic!
    Thanks a million!

  8. Richie

    I love it! Best hosting site on the net.

    I have a suggestion though: How about installing some kind of download counter which logs how many people have downloaded a file you’ve uploaded?

  9. Martin

    Fantasic redesign. I think you site is great.
    Thank you so much for keeping it going.
    Great Job!!

  10. E.J.

    You guys are way better than Megaupload or Rapidshare to heck with premium accounts and waiting times i will use this site here from the day i die 75 years at most

  11. :(

    so yeah, I can only agree with all of my preposters and LOVE the new layout …
    BUT I tried to download different songs and none of them would actually download, but the download page, rather functioned as a referrer to the main page ( … any help? if i try to go through save as I only get the html document :/
    I am using Mozilla 3.6.6, with AdBlock deactivated for any zippy site, on a mac. I hope anybody can help me with this. I googled, but I seem to be the only person having this problem :(

  12. m.

    looks sweet,

    btw make sure to add a facebook fanpage for zippyshare, to get a few more people to use this 😉

  13. Dave

    Might look good but as the download link doesn’t work it’s a goodlooking pierce of crap. 0/10

    Admin: Come on guys! Don’t leave us hanging. We have tested the new look over and over on the 5 major browsers and we are not able to reproduce this issue. Give us some more information e.g. link to the file which You are not able to download, browser version. This two should be sufficiant.

  14. Mike


    today i had to found out that the upload on my computer to zippyshare doesn’t work anymore. According to research i found out, that the upload only doesn’t work for me. I searched some times in the internet and i found a board thread, where a guy had the same problem like me. He said, that his Ip adresse was blacklisted from zippyshare, because he uploaded too many stuff. Is that right, that zippyshare doesn’t offers unlimited space, like it is advertised by you!?
    It would be nice if iyou could answer my request.


    Admin: We do have a blacklist. This blocks people who try to abuse our services e.g. try to use zippyshare as secondary storage/backup space using automated scripts. Currently the list contains a meager 8 users. If You feel that You were put on the list please feel free to contact us via support with Your IP address, location and browser version.

  15. Tribalmp

    The design is awesome and it doesn’t appear to have any problem on the website. I tried IE, Opera both on MS and MAC

  16. Mike


    i am the user, who is blacklisted. I sent you two support tickets, but you don’t answer me. You said i have to tell you my ip adress, location and my browser version. My name is Mike!


  17. DJ KB

    I’ve been a Zippyshare user for a long time now and I must say the new updates and layout look amazing! Very easy for myself/fans/friends/new users to download & stream music. Don’t listen to the negative criticism! The site has never given me any problems! 200mb, fast, free, user friendly?! Doesn’t get any better than that people! Thanks again Zippyshare! One suggestion if I may? Maybe eventually use one of the winning Layouts in the near future? Looked very good with different colors, newer style buttons and flash, etc…!

  18. LordDoskias

    Don’t know who you guys are but I can only say that this is how a site like zippyshare should be run. Keep up the good work. I know it is not much or enough but you have my deepest gratitude!

  19. Mesy

    Ok.. love the new look. Love the extra uploading feature..

    I just have one problem.. I generally surf with images turned off to save bandwidth when possible. The old zippy used to show me download link when images were turned off. The new layout doesn’t .. I have to switch images back on to get the download link [I use Firefox]. Is there any way you could add a text download link for users who have images turned off?? Thank You!!

  20. Dj Pitch

    Heey, perhaps it is a good job for most people but visually impaired people using a screenreader have some problems. There is as far as I can tell no alt text on the graphic that represents the download button so we hear only a strange compination of letters and numbers. I would be very fine if you would ad a clear “download” alt text on the buttongraphic so we can find the downloadlinks too . Also the flashuploader is inaccessible for us so it would be great if you would keep the html uploadform alive.
    big thanks in advance for the understanding

  21. Chris

    Greetings from Poland,

    Zippyshare is one of the best sites, all what we need now is something like file stats, i mean how many downloads, from where (country) and how long will stay alive.

  22. Mesy

    We got a text Link for the Download Button Yay!!!! Thank you guys so much :)

    Um… Maybe a text link for the Start Upload button too??? :emb:

  23. nik

    ребята подскажите как можно сделать плеер без кнопки download очень надо для

  24. nikon2k

    Didnt heard before from zippyshare , but i like it really :) A good free alternative to other one-click-hosters . Love it and the new layout too, dudes.

  25. Pim


    You really need an API to push data to Zippyshare. Guess it isn’t that hard to create :) You only need to return the valid file url and maybe code.

  26. Ruud van Zomeren

    For blind users with braille- en text-to-speach devices this new lay-out is disasterous, i’m sorry to say!So i’m no longer able to use this site…Maybe you can change the web lay-out once more, but now according to the W3C guidelines?
    Ruud van Zomeren, The Netherlands



  28. Nuteczki

    I think you have to add option to disable download button in next update and do possible make private file from user account.

  29. istanbul evden eve nakliyat

    The design is awesome and it doesn’t appear to have any problem on the website. I tried IE, Opera both on MS and MAC

  30. zaea

    You really need an API to push data to Zippyshare. Guess it isn’t that hard to create :) You only need to return the valid file url and maybe code.


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