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For sure most of You are quite acquainted with our site and are able to point to the download button with eyes shut. This doesn’t change the fact that people who see our download page for the first time run away screaming with a visible grimace on their face.

We want to change this fact. Therefor we are working on changeing the visual appearance of Zippyshare. Don’t panic… the changes won’t be revolutionary. We want the layout to be readable, clean and functional. Everything that is needed to download a file will be on the top of the page without the need of scrolling, without any captchas and other crap. Additionaly a BIG download button will be added so it will be clearly visible to everyone.

A test version of our new layout is available under the following link. Please rate it and comment on the good and the bad:

Link has been removed (New layout is already online :) )

It’s not a final version. We know that the layout can be a lot better. To keep our users in the process we have came up with the idea of organizing a competition. If Your hobby is graphic design and You have some free time then 500$ are for You to take. Just modify the new layout so it is more visually appealing. It’s a competition so not everyone will be a winner but the winner/winners will be awarded 500$ which will be paid via paypal. Please send Your work to: support [at]

Competition runs until 18th May 2010.

Best regards,
Zippyshare team.

93 responses to "New Layout? Tell us what you think | Earn 500$"

  1. Asmo

    Looks good, quite a lot of text but the download button is very noticeable.

    Text at bottom says ‘Select a file to send by clicking the “Browse” button’ – I see no Browse button on the download page.

    On the upload page, using Google Chrome the button is actually labelled ‘Choose File’.

    If you reduce the width of the window, or paste a link into address bar of browser opened in small window, the “Download Now” button is not visible, how about putting the button near the top left instead of top right?

  2. Asmo

    Sorry another thing: I uploaded a file yesterday, instructions say “Give a description of file you want to upload” – but I couldn’t see anywhere I could enter a description.

  3. atys-music

    yeah, looks good and fresh. I like the big “DOWNLOAD” button and the nice location of the other languages – a drop down menu was a good idea, maybe. I like it very much. I’d love to see some improvements on the upload page as well.

  4. Fernando L. Cardoso

    The new layout preserves traces of the old version, which is necessary to maintain the originality of the current site as well as for users accustomed to the site. I believe that one small detail could help in page layout, this is the logo that could be aligned to the left of the page. All other details are consistent and well-organized.

    I have some ideas for a new layout, but not required:
    – Changing colors and layout, which can be saved via cookies.
    – More details of users who post their files to the course they want to disseminate their work, for example, djs or class assignments.
    – A system of rewards to users who generate constant visits, which can be earned for extra space or money. What would help in marketing the company.
    – Centralize your servers in one domain, which helps in searching for files at google.

    There are many, the options, I believe these are some good reasons for a kick-start.

    A strong team will embrace Zippyshare,
    Fernando L. Cardoso

  5. ZippyFan

    Zippyshare Is The No.1 Download Site No Matter How It Looks!!
    But Yes this is A Fresh Nice Change!! The Page is More Appealing!!
    Easier To Read! Drop Down Makes It Universally Inviting!
    I like The Big Button Too &
    If You want to Download From Zippyshare To Yr iPhone Like I Do!!
    (Downloader App). Its Zippyshare On The Run!!!
    Basically The Larger Button Makes it easier to do This On The iPhone!!
    I will always love Yr Logo!!

  6. sss

    This looks A LOT better than the one thats up now. The download button is bigger and more prominent like it should be.

  7. LiquidSoul

    Wow guys, I like it, it is much more 2.0 friendly, everything important is right there, upfront, in your face where it should be, you give yourself lots of room for ads, but it does not hinder the reason why the user is visiting the site, about the only thing I can offer as change, is some style to the bottom text below the ads, I wouldn’t know what to offer as an example, but it just seems to plain for me.

  8. Andrej

    its me again, i have seen the ”premium account” link. can we get soon premium accounts ? and what are the features?

  9. kenya

    hey! i really love it!! it’ll be something that will catch everyone’s attention! GOOD JOB! keep thinking of new and great ideas like that!!! lol

  10. Charlie Italian

    Hi :) I think it’s veeeery good loking hehe. I encourage you to change it as soon as possible. Hello from Spain!

  11. sunseeker

    i don’t like the font in which “download now” is written.
    and in my opinion the button is a bit too big.

  12. Wouter

    Maybe the musicplayer should be smaller and placed under the download button, just a suggestion.. But is looks very nice!

  13. Dj Cosmin Nacer

    The new layout looks pretty good and well organised. The only thing is that the Download button does not work at all. Don’t forget to work on this function before using this new “face” of zippyshare.

  14. sean

    To be honest I think you could make the BIG download button a little cleaner. The button itself is a bit ugly and would look better, nice and simple without the reflection.

  15. Sončni kolektorji

    Hey webmasters,

    i really like this new layout ;). Maybe i would play a little bit with background but anyway… i see there 3 places for ads… i really hope u will cancle those anoying popup ads, which make this page so unfriendly. It’s better 100 adds on page than 1 popup, trust me!

    King regards, sončni kolektorji

  16. Sončni kolektorji

    hey, what’s deadline for that 😉

    Admin: We actually don’t have a deadline but we plan to introduce the new layout in two weeks time. Any entries send after this “deadline” should contain only minor layout changes.

  17. Dustin

    Definitely an improvement in layout. I agree with the others who think that the download button could be worked on as far as its aesthetics with respect to cleanliness and size — I think it’s slightly overpowering to the point the new user may not trust the link as legitimate.

  18. The_Umpire

    7- .I really like the new layout, one thing really has to change in my opinion, please remove the sound that comes the with ads, its really anoing. And nobody like ads anyway, i get the point that ads are needed to keep the site/servers up in the air, but please keep the ads silent. Or at least let us silent the ad without redirecting to the ads site.

    Admin: We know that such a problem exists but we don’t have direct control over ads which are displayed on our site. To ban such ads we need information about Your location, the exact place where the ad appeared and the site to which the ad was pointing. If You can provide us such information please send them to support [at]

  19. Andrew

    The new design is really great.
    You get an overview very quick even if you have never visited a download link before.
    I like the idea of putting all of the adverts in a line under the player/download button so you dont have to search for the download possibility for too long
    The size of the download details is big and in my opinion way better then it used to be.

    All in all its really nice to visit a download link and get all the information you need at one sight.
    i love the design!

  20. Bojan

    I really like your site, it’s pretty tidy and i use it a lot, but i think it can be a lot better, why not remove that part with website news and with instructions and information and just put comments section where people would be able to comment different files that are uploaded that would make it simpler and more useful.

  21. BacauHouseMafia

    Do this and you’ll reign the file hosting internet kingdoms. 😀
    Zippy is growing from BIG to HUGE!

    We can’t thank you enough for your free services.

    In the beginning zippy had a download counter. If you could possibly re-implement it, would be more than great. A lot of us find it very usefull.

  22. GC

    Hi guys, a few pointers.

    Position of the download button is ok, fonts are nice big and clear. The one problem I had was that I immediately mistook the download button for an ad or sorts, it felt “out of place” visually.

    I would suggest this:

    1) Make the DL button green (you can use the green as well as other colours from the zippy logo to maintain consistency).

    2) Make the “down arrow” bigger and clearer, its not immediately visually obvious that this arrow “means download”, the user has to read the text first.

    3) I like the yellow menu bar at the top, I think you need to round off the appearance by adding another (perhaps thinner) yellow bar underneath the ads – perhaps this one just has the text “instructions”) – this way you clearly seperate the areas where you “do stuff” and where you “find out stuff”

    Thanks for constantly improving the site, its the best!


  23. DigitalBeats

    +1 to dload counter , and it’s great idea to make dload button large , all users will see it :)

  24. gryzly123

    DL Counter, smaller font and download image… And also player is too long, but it’s ok 😉

  25. Marc

    it looks great! and file names aren’t cut off! works for me :)

    No need to change any layout, that 3.0 layout looks fine!

  26. Bubo

    1) The download button looks like an ad.. Make it little more appealing.

    2) The AD with the Download / Play Now button.. That will just make the people confused on which download button they should click.

  27. c

    if you click on embedded player..the screen pops up but there is no way out of it..its for use with wide screens and i don’t have a wide screen..just an older model screen..make it user friendly for everyone..still some people still use old skool

  28. Tooschee


    I’ve send my entry to the contest, hope that it was received as I had no returning email from You :)


    Admin: We’ve got Your entry.

  29. puszupek (poland)

    real niece. clear, easy to operate, and good looking. The only thing i would change is to lover the whole download frame about 2-3cm.

  30. Michael Ziörjen

    I hope you’ve received my entry too, because I didn’t get a reply either… Anyway nice changes :-)

  31. ZippyFan

    Yes A DL Counter &
    Also Zippysearch SearchBar & Search Options With the Results Opening In a New Page!!

  32. ZippyFan

    And also Yes Make The DL Button Green Because people Detect Green As Go & Red As Stop!!! (Traffic, Mcafee Site Advisor, AV ….. ) !!

  33. Dane Kurtz

    Layout looks great, i have to second the request for a download count though, for many people its a fun fact and to others sometimes very useful.

  34. Michael Ziörjen

    It would be nice to know when the winner’s going to be announced. Actually I still don’t know if my entry’s in because I haven’t got any reply. But I hope it is and I’m looking forward to know who won and see the other entries.

  35. nxtwo

    I liked the ‘Download’ text-button thing more than the big image. It looks like an ad, in the image of a download button, those ads you find on other download sites.

  36. iFame

    I don’t agree with the above post, because to me it seems pretty clear which is the ad area and which is the download area.

  37. bierter

    Indeed, the download button looks a bit like spam buttons from other websites (especially torrent sites have that problem)

    If the button would say “download now from zippy” or “download requested file from zippy”, would be much better than the current “download now” button. Just to give it a more trustable look/feeling…

    A button that gives no hesitation to click it:)

    and further on, better than the page zippy uses now, because some (retarded) friends of mine never find the download button so i have to send a jpg picture to show them. LMAO

  38. Arturo Ramirez

    Really horrible interface, but lacks the graphics and old-fashioned, feel that the time has expired forwarding it shows a lack of navigation in the present, I feel that there is no change.


  39. Bakari

    I like the new layout. It looks more legit than the current one. I must admit, the first time I came to zippyshare, I was a little curious as to whether or not it was going to be a legit download. I think the new layout will help newcomers be a little more comfortable.

  40. fofx

    I suggest a little consideration be given to establishing guidelines for ad content that would ensure the site is “family friendly”. It is reasonable to expect to see advertising that would also typically show up on daytime or prime time TV. But many of the people I share files with would find ads for “sexy Russian women” or similar such things inappropriate, if not offensive. I would choose another file sharing site, rather than send someone here for a download and risk exposing them to such content.


    and i thing you mst fix that in your zippyUploader when upload is complet show’s just link of download

    i think is better to be embed code for that file i’m sharin

  42. Depositum

    I think that new design is very nice, fresh layout make uploading very pleasant. Voice commercials isn’t good when I am listening to music.

    Sorry for mistakes, I’m from Poland :) Hang On ;]

  43. Brittany Mac

    I like the new layout a lot ! I really like how the download button is bigger, and much easier to find. I also like how the language selection is on a drop down list, because I used to click on random flags before and couldn’t read the languages haha. I have to say those ads that talk are really annoying and when my volume is up it startles me. It takes a while to find the little button to shut it off. I don’t know if you guys can do anything about that though! One thing I find about the new layout that I don’t like is a few songs I have downloaded don’t show the whole name of the song, like, it cuts it off. And the text should be bigger. It’s a little hard to see, and the ads taker over the page. You guys should make the part where the song info and player are bigger instead of the huge ads! Thanks for everything ! Favorite site ever : )

  44. Ashutosh

    Zippyshare is a wonderful website. For me, its USP was the immediate page loading and fast download because of the wonderful servers. But, in the new layout, i have observed that the page loads slower than the previous layout. I use a 512Kb/s DSL connection & i never had problems before. Now suddenly, the sample player takes long time to load. In fact, i have observed that the whole page loads first and the sample player loads last! I would request zippyshare team to please look into this and prioritize the player and download to load first. Also, if the background colour and other designs are reduced, the page will load faster. Somethig which google follows with its home page. Thanks again zippyshare team.

  45. paul

    nice clear download link i love it. why on earth the ppl that make these download sites try to hide there download link is beyond me.

  46. Kaalan

    I prefer the previou. I was able do download with my BlackBerry but clicking on Download now, merely brings me back to the same page. I run a group on fb where I promote Tamil music to this site and most are mobile uses.

  47. stanmart

    I really like the new layout. It looks a bit better, and it is way faster to use. I love the big download button, and that everything is so simple. Best file sharing site by far!

  48. Depositum

    Hey, it’s me again ! Now the “Last Download” is showing time of last hearing, not download file !
    Do semething :)

    Admin: It does. It was a conscious decision to change this. Mainly to highlight the fact that files which get previewd are not dead and should not be automatically deleted due to inactivity. We will consider adding to fields (last preview, last download) but this won’t happen in the near future.

  49. wiciox

    I think the new layout showing the future of file uploading. It’s fresh and nice, then everyone wanna upload files to your server.

  50. Attila ferdinand

    I like the new layout. It looks better,but its not good to see 2 same advertisements ads.
    Looks very good, easy to use!
    The most powerfull web site for music share on web.
    Thanks again zippyshare team.

  51. diks13

    I have a site is the standard player, please tell me where to get the player without the download button? I want to make a separate button to download tracks (Russian). in Russia do not understand English and can not find the button skachat.poyavlyaetsya many questions as kachat.kak me solve my problemu.mne very much regret that the player only to click and you can not change

    у меня на сайте стоит стандартный плеер,скажите пожалуйста где взять плеер без кнопки скачать ? я хочу сделать отдельную кнопку на скачивание треков (Русскую). в России не все понимают Английский и не могут найти кнопку скачать.появляется много вопросов как качать.как мне решить мою проблему.мне очень нравится жаль что плеер только с кнопкой и нельзя менять языки кнопки.

  52. Pinc

    For a newbie, I think there is a bit of confusion over which download button to push. maybe a arrow pointing to the right for the download associated with the game play and an arrow pointing to the left for the link needed. maybe a pointing hand would look cool too. IMHO

  53. Legendofmir

    I love this host!! Are you great! About Layout?? Are the best…. simply and efective, no to much briz-briz on top!! Great job!!

  54. Christon bernard

    The download button is aite the only thing that is to be change is the wallpaper ,and sometimes when u click download it send u to another page fix that and its all good


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