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Yesterday we have put up a new server. It’s not our usual configuration. This time we have aimed at a high-end machine.

The new server has the following configuration:

Processor: 2x Intel Xeon E5530 (4x 2.40Ghz, 8 MB L2 – QPI 5.6 GT/sec)
RAM: 24 GB DDR3 ECC, 1066MHz
RAID Controller: LSI MegaRAID SAS 8888ELP 512MB DDRII Cache (667MHz)
RAID level: 5
Disk drives: 12x WD RE4 (2 TB SATA , 64 MB Cache, 7200 RPM)
NIC: Qlogic QLE3142-CU-CK (Dual Port 10GbE PCIe 2.0 adapter)
Additional info: It is possible to add 2x DAS Shelf (12x WD RE4 (2 TB SATA, 64 MB Cache, 7200 RPM) connected trough SAS 12 Gbps (4x 3Gbps))

The server is connected to an all new network infrastructure.

We kindly ask You to assist us with some tests. Please let us know in the comments which download speeds do You get, from which location and what is Your network connections bandwidth.

Test file:

If the tests succeed every new server added to our infrastructure will be of exactly the same configuration.

77 responses to "New server tests – www38"

  1. D-Basse

    Great News as well as Great Server Guys 😉

    Average Speed : 1mb/s
    United Kingdom – Wales
    Connection: Broadband 16 mbps

  2. mr. EPic

    Always trusted ZS, and still do 😀

    Speed atm: 1,10MB/s
    Eindhoven – Netherlands
    Speed – 10Mb/s (1,22MB/s)

    Test SUCCES!

  3. remoter

    dear site owners,

    zippyshare is great but the uploading features are very bad. i miss the remote upload function. it would be very nice, if you could add this future. 😉

    Admin: We are working on this (actually it’s ready but not tested yet). This feature will be available probably for registered users once we have the planned file manager ready. Unfortunately this may take some time as we have some other changes in the pipeline before it.

  4. Bunster

    3,7-4,1 mbytes per second. Full speed! Great. 😀
    Location Moldova / Kishinev
    Speed Up from 30 to 100 mbits per second.

  5. lowbattery

    Location: Montréal, Canada

    Download Speed: 1.1MB / sec

    Connection: 10Mbit

    Awesome speeds, I can’t go any faster 😉

  6. sander-023

    Speed – 5.5 MB/s
    Location – Haarlem, The Nehterlands
    Connection – 60 Mbps
    but bigger file would be better to test with…

  7. Peter Griffin

    Near Stuttgart (I am sure you will find out the real city).

    25 mbit internet.
    I am loading with 4 mb/s in average. I downloaded your “test.bin” at 0 am constantly with about 2.20 mb/s.

  8. Adam

    Is a lot better guys, i actually noticed it was running a lot faster then accidentally saw the notice informing us you had done a upgrade. Getting about 720.20 Kb/s which is really good for my area!!
    Thanks its much appreciated :)

  9. sec

    the download started extremly fast ( just 1 click and it goes ) i got fullspeed ( i have dsl 6mbit) nice new server.
    greetz from germany

  10. DomiBigSound

    100mB in 54secondes (average 1.4 to 1.5mB/s with Firefox 3.6.3)
    Location AVEIRO – Portugal (EU)
    Actually the best of all DL servers in my place with standard ADSL modem (SAPO network)

  11. webewe

    and here the next test:
    1,22MB/s @ (mediaways/telefonica backbone) dsl 16k in zwickau germany

    later this day i will repeat this test at a cabel-internet from blue-cable/bosch/telecolumbus.
    and tomorrow the same@ arcor wholesale dsl 😀


  12. lawrence nyalusi

    thank you for good work you have done.i face a problem on downloading mp3s songs via your take long time process to download.please help me in order to download fast.thank you for good keep as enjoying the day.thank thank thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

  13. wilkas222

    Shit as Always on ZippyShare (only 4 me, because of my fuc*ing internet)
    Location – Lithuania
    Connection – 2mbs (when i download something from lithuania max speed was 310kbs (EPIC!!)

  14. Zippy User

    File: test.bin
    Size: 100MB
    Time: 1min 40sec
    Speed: 1.00 MB/Sec Average
    Location: Portugal
    ISP: Sapo ADSL 20Mbit / 1Mbit


  15. User123

    ISP: Telekom Austria
    Location: Austria
    Connection Speed: 6mbit
    Download Speed: ~655 kb/sec

    nice speed !

  16. precaching

    With FireFox 3.6.3 -> constantly 1.6MB/s

    Connection(tested): 13.274 kbit/s
    Location: Mid-Germany

    Keep it up!

  17. Dalando

    I had a 381 kbsp avarage, that is my max. download speed! you are the first upload server that reached this speed! congrats 😀

    Location: Alphen Aan Den Rijn, Netherlands/Holland

  18. Stuart

    500 Kbytes dropping to 250 Kbytes in 20 secs, then ramp up gradually to 1Mbyte, download in 85 seconds overall.

  19. Previous

    File: test.bin
    Size: 100MB
    Time: 1min 10sec
    Speed: 1.20 MB/Sec Average
    Location: Bulgaria
    ISP: MegaLan 60Mbit / 40Mbit

    Keep up the good work

  20. Gilles

    Connection: 1Gbit FR
    Speed: 14,2MB/s

    But I think IE choked the disk at the end cause it was going at 33MB/s until 99,5% ^^

  21. equanox

    15mb/s @ 1 GBIT (1000mbit)
    OVH – France

    Please upload a 1000MB or 500 MB Testfile.
    100mb doesnt show the best speed roots can reach to your service


  22. Bruce

    IT DOESN’T WORK!!! All I get when I try to download anything from zippyshare — even the test file — is a blank screen, NO DOWNLOAD!!!

    Admin: contact us please via support and send us information about the browser You are using and Your location.


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