Holly Sh*t! Free embed player for everyone.

Hello folks,

We have been discusing this step internaly for quite some time. We were not sure if we could cope with this but the final decision could only be one :-).

A little example:

We are not sure where this will lead us. We will react if we encounter to much strain on our servers. In the mean time we offer You the embed option without any limits, ads or other such crap and we are very hopeful that it will stay that way.

If something does not work, needs fixing or You simply want some option to be added just let us know in the comments.

Best regards,
Zippyshare team

38 responses to "Holly Sh*t! Free embed player for everyone."

  1. J2O

    Just want to say thanks to the Zippyshare staff! Zippy is by far the fastest, easiest filehost ever :)

    This feature looks cool!

  2. Paralescu Octavian

    Far far far the best host in the world. Thank you for supporting us. Hope this site will not change in time like others did. Ad-blocker disabled here >:D<

  3. Number1ZippyFan

    I love you guys.
    Please, for the love of great music and great music lovers everywhere, keep up the spectacular work!

  4. Edson

    Incrível esse novo recurso.. muito bom mesmo! Toda a equipe do Zippyshare esta de parabéns! Nós do Brasil adoramos o Zippyshare!

  5. Novi

    hey, thank you for zippyshare staff who had been working on it! It’s really useful and now I can give my visitors previews to the song… Keep up!

  6. m.

    yo! very good function since i do produce music and would like to give some people a preview(i m sure it would be nice for any other person), tho would be even better if we could select the time where it starts + a function where u could select to fade in the volume and fade out if needed(or even a function where u can select multiple parts to play, like fading in showing a part then fading out, then another part fading in and then fading out.. ) i hope u get what i mean if not feel free to contact me back!

    anyway good job! love zippy <3

  7. T

    Anit ZippyShare the best effing host out there !!

    I wouldnt mind a small text-ad too in scrolling across the player ….. Hey we cant just leech your ass off right 😉
    Also a Powered by: ZippyShare logo is a pretty fair deal….

    Might be a fair deal but we don’t currently plan to add any, let us call it by name, such crap to the player. We are also working on makeing the download button less obtrusive. Currently it stands out quite a bit.

  8. atys-music

    THIS IS AN EPIC FEATURE! I’ve been using zippyshare to host my DJ mixes and post them on my blog and now with this feature people can just listen to them easily! I’ve been dreaming for smth like this for a long time…


  9. Bria

    Not able to embed on PHPbb forum currently, not a fault with your embed code or player i don’t think just the forum I am trying to embed on disable scripts and gives no tag apart from youtube embed,

    Good work anyway, hope your servers can cope, and the bandwith bill isn’t too surprising!

  10. シモナス

    1. You should provide more info about how your player works, so we can make more and cool skins(players) for it.
    2. You should make some API page, so we could be able make parsers for CMS’s/Blogs, while now we are peeking into huge dark room with need to find a small part of something(Needle in a rucksack)
    3. Thank! that was what we needed for a long time.

  11. Shane Fishel

    I really liked reading this article. It gave me something to think about for my site. I appreciate it!

  12. Edvard

    We need ability to autoplay next embed player, i think we would be ok with some script, that activates when player stops..

  13. Devour

    Yes, I’m like Dasdng, I’m waiting for an embed player exclusively for Facebook because it doesn’t accept this feature contrary to many other websites: Soundcloud, fairtilizer, Youtube…

    That would be very great if it’s possible to have a direct player in Facebook.

    Thanks anyway ZippyTeam for all 😉

    Edit by Admin (08.05.2011 0:30):
    Yes Sir! Just wait for a monday update. :-)

  14. josh

    I LOVE THIS PLAYER. been trynna find one in which the musics load faster than they play. my internets aren’t too fast, so it was a relief to discover this site. i just wish i could download these files quicker, i’m teathering my laptop to my phone. -…..-

  15. Dino

    Please tell me, how to set up that you can not download a song, I think here on the download button on the player (to disable the download button) and can only listen to it?



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