Script update review and audio quality

Hello folks,

Finally we were able to move all of our servers to the new script. Over 50 servers are now ready to host Your files (during the update we also added a new server – www51). We appreciate every feedback about the new media encoding system (video/images).

W have also tweaked the audio encoding. The sound should be a lot better with better L/R channel separation. If You think that the quality is to less just let us know and we will try to do something about this. Just keep in mind, that the preview quality is always a compromise between quality and download speed.

We plan a few pleasant surprises in the near future so stay tuned.

6 responses to "Script update review and audio quality"

  1. m.

    Good job!,

    I was one of those who complained about the quality of the zippyplayer. But now i m satisfaied! its a fast preview + decent quality for a preview.

    keep it up guys.

  2. FH

    GOOD JOB, fast and good quality!

    The thing you can change is about titles, when they’re too long we haven’t it

    Keep up the good work


  3. Michał

    Really good job all users certainlycan be happy, but too is little problem with long file names etc. I think this is not difficult to correct for You :)

    So if I can ask for fixing that …

    Thanks and Regards!

  4. dimzan

    Hi . I have uploaded some really long mp3s and the preview doesnot work all the times.

    Preview works perfect on short mp3s (for example on a 35 minutes mp3 i uploaded) but doesnt work on some others that are longer (i ve tried on file longer than 60 minutes).

    So my question is, is there limitation for the length of the uploaded mp3s?

    Admin: Acctualy there isn’t but if the transcoding process takes too long (over 30min) it gets killed.

    Another question is if this player could work somehow on facebook.

    Admin: We will be working on this in the near future.

    Thank you
    Dimitris Zantes


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