New languages support for Zippyshare

As You certainly allready noticed in the last couple of weeks we added multiple languages support for Zippyshare. It would not be possible without Your help. We direct our special thanks to:

EmVader – for the russian translation
v1c – for the swedish translation
Emre – for the turkish translation (which will be added soon)
Pete – for correcting the german translation

If You want more languages to be added and You feel You are able to help out with them don’t hesitate to write to us. Every help is very much appreciated.

Best regards, team

16 responses to "New languages support for Zippyshare"

  1. Admin

    Of course You can. The thing is only that we aim at a little better translations then those made by

  2. 0RT3G4

    The romanian translation is not 100% correct.
    I can correct it. Send me an e-mail with the original text and I will translate it for you :)
    Keep up the good work guys, I love zippyshare 😡

  3. Sheriff LF

    Arabic is very important
    i can translate for sure, its not too much!! if ure interested let me know, i will be proud if i’m the one who translate zippyshare top arabic :)


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