Site update

Today we have a bit slower transfer speeds on www1/2/4/5/6/7/8. Don’t worry, it’s only a temporary issue. By the end of the week we plan to add a bunch of new servers – 8 to be exact. It should definitely increase the download speeds during rush hours. Additionaly on the new servers we will be testing new features such as a new video encoding system and user accounts. Stay tuned…

Zippyshare Team

3 responses to "Site update"

  1. John

    Will you guys charge the uploader or the downloader ?

    Hopefully it will be the uploaders, because I don’t want my clients to pay. Hopefully you guys wont take the rapidshare concept.

  2. admin

    John, right now we don’t intend to change our business model. Maybe in the future we add a few premium offers, but only for users who require the guaranteed storage capacity, files security/availability and acces to advanced file manager. On Zippyshare a files downloading will always be free.


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