New video encoding system – tests…

We are in the process of testing of cutting edge video compresion technology used for example by Youtube HD. We would like to ask for your feedback regarding video quality and file sizes. We appreciate any comment.

If there are no serious problems the new video encoding system will be introduced during the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned…

4 responses to "New video encoding system – tests…"

  1. m.

    quality seems pretty fine, i think if u keep it that high u could/will make ppl upload their videos/movies in here and watch them tho that link, tho i guess u will lose lots of bandwith with this. i suiggest a very very(i seriously mean something like a drop of 5%) little drop in quality, i have max dl speed of 214 kb/s and speed of dl the movie was a very little higher as the playing one. anyway nice to see u keep updating this, and really like that, keep it up!

    if i was unclear feel free to reask.

    PS: please rework the quality of the player for the audio files, its way to less..

  2. Peter Tosh

    the compression is really awesome.
    just 4 MB per minute and the playback seems to be nice and smooth also. i like it.
    a movie of 100 minutes runtime would only need 400 MB with this compression and the quality is quite good. interesting.

  3. Craig

    Quality is great for the file size! i have a slow connection and this is almost watchable, unlike youtube which i have to leave on for over 15 minutes to view a video. :)


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