Monthly Archives: January 2015

… and the first update of 2015 is behind us :-)

After quite a long time we finally managed to put together o meaningful update.

What has been changed?

– Link format. Links are now alphanumeric and case sensitive (eg.

– Html5/flash uploader. The old uploader caused some nasty issues. We migrated to the newest version of the battle proven plupload library.

– No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA. There are people out there who abuse our TOS by bypassing our download website and hotlink protection in order to use our site as free cloud storage for their applications. Such misuse of our service had a disastrous impact on the performance of our site and the user experience for our users. During peak hours servers where overloaded and bandwidth exhausted. We had to introduce the shiny new ReCaptcha straight from Google in some specific circumstances. For most downloads nothing will change. Most of the others will only need to check the “I’m not a robot” checkbox without the need to put in any words/numbers to download from our site.

– Live Stats. We have rewritten the mechanism used for collecting statistics. We are still fine tunning it so it will take a few days until stats will be up and running.

There were also a lot of changes “under the hood” which we hope will enable us to provide a more smooth and stable experience in the future.

Plans for the near future:

– a few bugfix updates are expected during the next few weeks.
– evaluation of our ad partners.
– adding new servers in order to rise the maximum file size.