Monthly Archives: September 2009

New video encoding system – tests…

We are in the process of testing of cutting edge video compresion technology used for example by Youtube HD. We would like to ask for your feedback regarding video quality and file sizes. We appreciate any comment.

If there are no serious problems the new video encoding system will be introduced during the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned…

Zippyshare Uploader – Beta

A lot of our users asked for a tool which would give them the chance to upload files without using a web browser. Responding to that need we would like to introduce a beta version of our uploader application. Please give any feedback in the comments.

Uploader features:
– the application is a single exe file. No installation needed.
– simple and intuitive gui.

– multiple file selection. Just hold the ctrl key while selecting the files in the open file dialog.

– neat progress bars.

– after the upload process an txt file is generated containing links to the uploaded files.

Update v. (22.09.2009 14:30):
New version of ZippyUploader are ready. We just added an autoupdate feature and improve the report generator after sucesfully upload.

Update v. (26.09.2009 18:30):
New version of ZippyUploader are ready. We just added a drag-and-drop function.