Monthly Archives: July 2009

Site update underway…

We apologize for the temporary problems with Zippyshare. Everything should return to normal within a few hours. We will keep you posted on the progress.

Edit (21.07.2009 1:16):
www15/www17/www18 UP
ETR to restore rest of the servers: 3h

Edit (21.07.2009 1:45):
www/www19 UP

Edit (21.07.2009 2:15):
www9/www10/www13/www14 UP

Edit (21.07.2009 2:22):
www11/www12/www16/www20 UP

Edit (21.07.2009 3:00):
www4 UP

Edit (21.07.2009 3:22):
www1/www2/www5/www6/www7/www8 UP

Edit (21.07.2009 3:25):
Update complete. If you find any error, please post a comment.

Tomorrow we will continue the update.

Edit (22.07.2009 12:00):
As we previously mentioned, new servers are ready to roll:
www21/www22/www23 – online now

ETR 24h to setup another 5 servers (www24/www25/www26/www27/www28), we will keep you posted on the work progress.

Edit (23.07.2009 12:00):
www24/www25/www26/www27/www28 – online now

Edit (27.07.2009 23:45):
www11, www12 offiline – we moving data to new servers, ETR 12h

Edit (28.07.2009 13:30):
www11, www12 – online now
ETR 12h to setup 2 new servers – www29/www30

Edit (10.08.2009 12:00):
A bit late, but www29/www30 up and running.

Edit (01.09.2009 0:00):
We changed the www0 server.

Edit (03.09.2009 9:00):
We need to apologize our Internet Explorer and Chrome users, by our mistake in configuration of www0 they could experience a lot of troubles in uploading files on Zippyshare.

Ps. Person responsible for this error will be publicly executed or burned alive, you choose. 😉

Edit (08.09.2009 1:30):
Uploader/Upload page updated. In case any problems with upload, please post a comment.