Monthly Archives: December 2008


We’ve been monitoring the situation for the last couple of days and for now everything looks like it’s working properly. All servers are up again so you shouldn’t experiance any problems.

I would also like to inform You that we are currently working on finally enabling user registration with some nice features. We are also thinking about offering premium accounts with some aditional features. The premium accounts are a little more in the planning phase. If you have any things You would like to see offered in the free/premium accounts please let us know in the comments. Any input is appreciated.

www9/www10/www13/www14 problems

It’s been a long time since the last post. We were busy and hadn’t the time to keep you updated. As you might have noticed 4 of our servers are currently down due to some major malfunction. Everything will get back to normal in a couple of hours. We will keep you posted. Please excuse the inconvienience.