Site update underway…

We apologize for the temporary problems with Zippyshare. Everything should return to normal within a few hours. We will keep you posted on the progress.

Edit (21.07.2009 1:16):
www15/www17/www18 UP
ETR to restore rest of the servers: 3h

Edit (21.07.2009 1:45):
www/www19 UP

Edit (21.07.2009 2:15):
www9/www10/www13/www14 UP

Edit (21.07.2009 2:22):
www11/www12/www16/www20 UP

Edit (21.07.2009 3:00):
www4 UP

Edit (21.07.2009 3:22):
www1/www2/www5/www6/www7/www8 UP

Edit (21.07.2009 3:25):
Update complete. If you find any error, please post a comment.

Tomorrow we will continue the update.

Edit (22.07.2009 12:00):
As we previously mentioned, new servers are ready to roll:
www21/www22/www23 – online now

ETR 24h to setup another 5 servers (www24/www25/www26/www27/www28), we will keep you posted on the work progress.

Edit (23.07.2009 12:00):
www24/www25/www26/www27/www28 – online now

Edit (27.07.2009 23:45):
www11, www12 offiline – we moving data to new servers, ETR 12h

Edit (28.07.2009 13:30):
www11, www12 – online now
ETR 12h to setup 2 new servers – www29/www30

Edit (10.08.2009 12:00):
A bit late, but www29/www30 up and running.

Edit (01.09.2009 0:00):
We changed the www0 server.

Edit (03.09.2009 9:00):
We need to apologize our Internet Explorer and Chrome users, by our mistake in configuration of www0 they could experience a lot of troubles in uploading files on Zippyshare.

Ps. Person responsible for this error will be publicly executed or burned alive, you choose. 😉

Edit (08.09.2009 1:30):
Uploader/Upload page updated. In case any problems with upload, please post a comment.

New languages support for Zippyshare

As You certainly allready noticed in the last couple of weeks we added multiple languages support for Zippyshare. It would not be possible without Your help. We direct our special thanks to:

EmVader – for the russian translation
v1c – for the swedish translation
Emre – for the turkish translation (which will be added soon)
Pete – for correcting the german translation

If You want more languages to be added and You feel You are able to help out with them don’t hesitate to write to us. Every help is very much appreciated.

Best regards, team


We’ve been monitoring the situation for the last couple of days and for now everything looks like it’s working properly. All servers are up again so you shouldn’t experiance any problems.

I would also like to inform You that we are currently working on finally enabling user registration with some nice features. We are also thinking about offering premium accounts with some aditional features. The premium accounts are a little more in the planning phase. If you have any things You would like to see offered in the free/premium accounts please let us know in the comments. Any input is appreciated.

www9/www10/www13/www14 problems

It’s been a long time since the last post. We were busy and hadn’t the time to keep you updated. As you might have noticed 4 of our servers are currently down due to some major malfunction. Everything will get back to normal in a couple of hours. We will keep you posted. Please excuse the inconvienience.

Bandwidth problems

All the recent bandwidth problem that you encountered are the cause of some backbone changes. We are currently upgradeing our infrastructure and everything should get back to normal in a couple of days.

Stay tuned…

Zippyshare is growing

Thanks to you all Zippyshare has been steadilly growing in recent months. The strain on our servers has grown to the point where an upgrade was necessery to keep up our level of service.

What does the upgrade mean for you? Primarily more bandwidth an faster download times.

First news

A few days ago turned one year old. We forgot to celebrate mainly because we were busy working on some backend changes.

Now that the changes are almost ready we didn’t want to celebrate without you… our users. For Zippyshare’s first birthday we are raising the filesize limit to 100mb.

Have fun.