… and the first update of 2015 is behind us :-)

After quite a long time we finally managed to put together o meaningful update.

What has been changed?

– Link format. Links are now alphanumeric and case sensitive (eg. www99.zippyshare.com/v/abcdEFGH123/file.html).

– Html5/flash uploader. The old uploader caused some nasty issues. We migrated to the newest version of the battle proven plupload library.

– No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA. There are people out there who abuse our TOS by bypassing our download website and hotlink protection in order to use our site as free cloud storage for their applications. Such misuse of our service had a disastrous impact on the performance of our site and the user experience for our users. During peak hours servers where overloaded and bandwidth exhausted. We had to introduce the shiny new ReCaptcha straight from Google in some specific circumstances. For most downloads nothing will change. Most of the others will only need to check the “I’m not a robot” checkbox without the need to put in any words/numbers to download from our site.

– Live Stats. We have rewritten the mechanism used for collecting statistics. We are still fine tunning it so it will take a few days until stats will be up and running.

There were also a lot of changes “under the hood” which we hope will enable us to provide a more smooth and stable experience in the future.

Plans for the near future:

– a few bugfix updates are expected during the next few weeks.
– evaluation of our ad partners.
– adding new servers in order to rise the maximum file size.

215 responses to "… and the first update of 2015 is behind us :-)"

    1. Karl

      The reason for captchas are the ads on the downloadpages. and the number of people visiting your pages. You want to avoid people using download-managers like JDownloader.
      But the ads on the Zippyshare websites are so stupid, most of them fakes, adware, spyware and other unhealthy stuff. Do you think the users of your websites are so stupid to ever click on one of these ads? So why provoke the users of Zippyshare with this captcha and recaptcha nonsens?
      It just makes no sense.

      1. Karl-Is-A-Moron

        How do you think pays the bills? Every install from the ads will benefit. Why do you think you’re using this site for free and the speeds are decent? You think money drops from a blue sky? So obviously the installers has something to do with it as the traffic alone for the pops won’t cover the bill. Try use your brain.

          1. Karl-is-kind-of-a-Moron

            Isn’t the easiest thing to do if you’re not the owner of AD framework.

          2. Karl-Isn´t-Right-at-all

            Be happy they are not like uploaded.to – if they were, i would reup my whole files on another file host.

          3. Karl-is-mostly-right

            They need advertising for income to survive. But most people just blocks the ads. That, or that ads are spam, virus, etc.

            Make the ads safe and unobtrusive, and (most) people will whitelist.

        1. James S

          Not sure if zippyshare has a paid option but that would give the user a chance to choose between a clean and advert-driven page.

  1. joelli

    “For most downloads nothing will change. Most of the others will only need to check the “I’m not a robot” checkbox without the need to put in any words/numbers to download from our site.”

    All tested files are only downloadable with full captchas, words …

  2. smithersjones2013

    You’ve really screwed up your download facility with that captcha crap. You can press the download button multiple times and nothing happens. The download faills to start. That screwed up Captcha letter check that has never worked properly comes up every time you trigger the ‘not a robot’ test. Its garbage!

  3. Cedric

    Hello and happy new year.

    We are more interested in raising the file retention (1 month is too short) than the file size.

    Thanks for your hard work.

    1. Digmen1

      Yes I agree it would nice if files uploaded could stay live for longer than 30 days.

      Are there are more updates fro 2015?

  4. KNTRO

    I’m gonna try this updated Zippyshare.com service and within a few weeks I’ll let you know what are my thoughts.

    I’m a loyal Zippyshare user because of its simplicity. Please, keep it before everything.

    Glad to hearing again about you, guys. Oh, and by the way, Happy New Year! 😉

    1. Ammar Sarra

      Ok I am waiting to know about your thoughts. Glad to tell you i kept zippyshare yet as you.
      Wish you so so exciting new year full of health success and pleasure.

  5. JimG

    Happy with upgrade, not happy with Captcha. Got it a few times for no apparent reason while logged with my userid. And had to type in words, too.
    REALLY interested in longer retention and/or permanent retention.

  6. Leif Pedersen

    I like that “Overall Status” and new “Stats” view.

    and can´t wait for:
    – adding new servers in order to rise the maximum file size.

    Good work :)

  7. Dylan


    I understand that the www1-99. adress probably has some uses, but is it possible to have it removed for people who want to do so?
    As a gamer, I often use this site to share gaming related stuff and the numbers after the www make people think that it’s a keylogger or malicious site.


  8. (((†))) Radio Vobiscum [Podcast]

    Laudetur Iesus Christus ! Semper laudetur !

    … THANKS for your service. As podcaster and WebRadio On-Demand we use Zippyshare with great satisfaction.

    … We wish YOU a blessing New Year 2015 and we are waiting to see the new updates coming 😉

    … Maybe some new audio tools for PODCASTER ? Some statistic direct on the player ? Well, wait and see.

    A mani giunte ! Preghiamo l’Immacolata.

    Radio Vobiscum

  9. ZippyZiper

    Really?! thats wonderful i like your update =)
    Wait can i ask a question?
    can i help you develop this website? tnx!

  10. Al Punchino

    Hey guys, I just loved your service, actually it was my favorite.
    But with this captcha crap you just ruined it for me and many many other regular users
    (no misusage or any other app-crap), it just sucks:
    – when I want to download many small files via browser – its just pain in the ass;
    – when I want to use a DL-manager as Downloader – correct captcha are never accepted,
    I always get an error message.
    – sometimes you just can not read this f..ng crap, its impossible!
    Overall, zippyshare is now completely f.ed up.

    Either you change it, otherwise me and many other regular users will use other services instead.

  11. Cedric

    @Al Punchino :

    Frankly Zippyshare is by far the best file host. As a free user, it’s very fast (I download at over 2MB/s), and you can even launch simultaneous downloads. The only problem is that it has 1 Month retention, which is not enough.

    Try uploaded.net and you will know what “pain in the ass means”. Not only is it slow as f*ck, but you have to wait like 3 hours between downloads.

    Captcha is not a problem. Almost all the download services require it. As long as you don’t use a robot to leech the files, you should not worry about it. The Captcha is very readable, and if not, you have a button do get another text, or audio. I don’t know what you are complaining about.

    Edit by admin:

  12. NoUser

    I just stumbled on this blogpost and read through all the comments. I am not a power user of zippyshare. I may use it once or twice a month for 2 or 3 files. I wounder how this service can still exists in the absence of any paid memberships or similar things.

    However, the reason why I am writing this comment is that I can’t abide all those people who are crying so hard because this service became “bad”, to say the least. Zippyhsare is one of the greatest FREE(!!!) Filehoster that I know of. I cannot understand how people can even threat to change the service if it keeps on how it is after the recent update.
    C’mon guys, seriously? What real alternative do you have? Most hosters our there require you to pay for their services or limit you in bandwidth/hr. or bandwidth/day.
    Other than that: Do you think that you achieve anything with your bearish, even insulting words? I would be glad if users like you wouldn’t use the free service that is offered to them.

    Edit by admin:

  13. dew

    Just guessing you don’t have to pay for extra bandwidth, with so many downloads failing just prior to completion. So because resume isn’t offered, downloaders have to redownload the entire file again, and again, and yet again. If all this wasted bandwidth were costing you money, then perhaps the repeated failures might be corrected.

  14. ZippyshareFan

    @Dew : Personally I don’t have any problem of “downloads failing prior to completion”. Check if your internet provider isn’t faulty. Anyway, if you have a decent connexion, having a download fail is not such a big issue because of the incredible speed of Zippyshare and the 200MB size limit.

  15. @ Cedric l'Administrateur

    As-y Cédric ! T’es le meilleur ! Zipyyshare est le meilleur filehosting que je connaisse.

    Vive Zippy ! Vive Cédric et sa team !!!

  16. Cedric

    Moderator, please delete the message of “@ Cedric l’Administrateur”. With such a nick, he accuses me of being the administrator of the site (“Cedric l’Administrateur” = “Cedric the Administrator”). Some people will believe him and think that the Zippyshare administrator uses several nicks to praise his own filehost. Which is, as you know, wrong.


  17. Sin Chu

    I am in Asia and get many many downloads that do NOT complete. Anywhere from 10% to 99.9% complete then times out. Then we must do again and again. Uploads are also very slow and the uploader from 2011 rarely works.

    Otherwise the service is great.

  18. vince

    hard for me to understand why so many of you guys are kissing zippyshares ass.
    If you dont want people to leech with downloadmanagers, start charging people for your shit. like everyone else does.
    by the way: there are no commercials on your website (ad-block), so why force leechers to visit the zippyshare homepage? doesnt make any sense at all.

    thank god another well known filehoster also offers fullspeed with easier captchas. last but not least that one doesnt start bitching around all the time because people use downloadmanagers.

  19. ZippyshareFan

    “hard for me to understand why so many of you guys are kissing zippyshares ass.”

    Hard for me to understand why so many people complain about a FREE SERVICE, with minimal ads, that offers high speed and simultaneous downloads ! The Zippyshare servers sure cost a lot of money and they will one day or another have to charge us or put ads to keep the service alive. That’s why they put the captcha.

    So my friends, enjoy this service while it’s free because it may not last.

  20. Jeff

    I too would like a way to keep files online longer than 1 month, and I would pay for. I’ve used you guys to embed live shows I recorded with your great mp3 player wich many other file hosters don’t have. Other file hosters have a way to keep files online if you pay, but not the mp3 player. You have the mp3 player but no way to keep them online

  21. jesus.mix

    ya era hora hombre!!! después de tanto tiempo sin saber nada del mantenimiento de esta web. enhorabuena por la mejora y sobre todo GRACIAS!!

  22. Dzikri Aditya Darmawan

    From December 2013 , you guys come back in January 2015 😀
    I really really love this file hosting service. Fast, Simple, Easier than any other file hosting service. I’m always download many files on the internet. Many download links provided , but i’m always make Zippyshare as the first priority of my download link. It’s always better than any other service. Thank you very much, keep it up the good work!

    Sorry for my bad english, im indonesian 😉

  23. zippyfan

    god damn those people who always need to use services in a bad day… i really like your mentality to let people down and upload their stuff without any harassments like “registering, paywalls, speed throttling or overloaded advertising” and I wish those people who misapply your TOS the biggest pain, straight in their ass!

  24. Zippy Hippie

    The dancing penguins are particularly nice as is clothing-optional Tuesday. Zippy just keeps getting better and better. Cheerio!

  25. Teri

    Personally I do not care so much about the file retention, I am more interested in how many mbs you can upload. 200 is much to small for what I (and thousands of my groupie friends) need it for, otherwise your updates are great. Your site is stable so far and we don’t much care about the captcha robot thing. You do what you must to make sure we are humans, we get that:) We pray you are not another MJB and up and run on us:(

    Keep up the good work:)

  26. Abe10777@gmail.com

    Increased file size limit in the next update? I’d love to see that. Zippyshare is already my favorite downloading site and is by far the most convenient and the fact that they’ll increase file size will even make it more convenient. Hope it works out and wish you luck and fortune. 😉

  27. Zippyshare lover

    I don’t have any problem with captcha, as long as it helps you guys, but most of the time it’s really hard to solve. Moreover, the listening option is hard as well. Sometimes it’s really annoying as it takes me several minutes to succeed the captcha.

    Thank you guys, much appreciation!

  28. Akane

    Leaving recaptha was a very professional step.
    I like services which don’t rely on offsite resources, otherwise they’re added to block list in my dns server. In my opinion any site admin should have all inside its own domain, if he doesn’t want to be seen as unprofessional beginner.

  29. Wasteiner

    After some kind of updates zippy becomes a booooringly slow host… wtf happends zippy staff? My connection is 100/100 (and so download should be at least 10 mb/s and not 200 kbps) and also to download 200 mb files it takes 30/60 minutes… is it cool? What happends with this great service… fucking hell… upload is ok around 12 mb/s (peak)

    1. HYW

      Yeah, after ONE download I get capped at 200 KiB/s
      You promote Zippyshare is a site with no caps and good download speed
      I will start using some other sites, if you don’t change something or atleast tell us what is wrong with your dl speed

  30. 128z

    I wanted to inform that ZS links cannot be downloaded if you use Firefox with Adblock and Ghostery.. I wanted to send a bug, but the captcha system you are using is always showing an error message. Could you use the Google system instead, and solve the FF problem? Thank you.

  31. jitske - insect

    Very nice that the statistics are back and improvements made! But some minor issues still not well performing….
    1. I have a nasty problem with Contact/Support message box:
    my login is not accepted, whilst I have an account, working well!! Ra, ra.
    So, I cannot send a message about idea, bug, whatsoever! May be you can give a solution,
    hope that you read this message though.
    2. When you are in the contact/support area: you cannot serve back, no button exists to the
    main homepage of Zippyshare! One has to go around …
    3. What I wanted to say in the Contact/Supportbox as an Idea: mind: the musicbars are too
    small in smartphone, tablet: cannot be enlarged either.


  32. rulago


    love your service, best free hoster out there.
    But today the site doesn’t work properly when uploading files. It uploads them till 100% and then stucks. You won’t get a link for the uploaded file. Hope you fix that soon.
    Firefox 35.0.1 on OS X 10.10.2

  33. Jeroen

    Guys you absolutely rock!

    Bigger file size is very much appreciated, although longer file retention is maybe a little higher on my ‘want’ list.

    About the Captcha: I have yet to experience it myself, but the people complaining are probably the people that misused the site…

    You guys have the smoothest download experience out there! When I introduce zippyshare to new people, they usually don’t believe that big download button actually lets you download the file, they are so used to other crappy sites!

  34. ron

    I like your Service… and the new Update is nice for misuses… BUT as and IDEA…
    can you please make the captcha Questions every 10min or every 10files??? because if i want to download 20files.. then i would only be asked twice and not 20 times ^^ would be much nicer.. and you still check the people are they real.. thx..

  35. DarkXn

    I do most my downloads via mobile phone as there is no such thing as ADSL, where I live… Since you started using the captcha thing, your site has become unusable, to me. :'(
    “I am a robot,” only, comes up on my native browser and fails everytime (plus the page has got so big, now, it crashes my browser, half the time) and, in opera mini, it asks me to do a captch code and then copy and paste… but once pasted, there’s no “enter” button to hit, so I can’t get any further!
    This is rather heart breaking – I liked ur site a lot. :(

  36. wwa

    Users need to insert a captcha for every file they download? This is not a good idea. Please stop this.

    Captcha for “getting” a whole bunch of links into JDownloaded (=reCaptcha) alright but not a captcha for downloading every single file.

  37. AussieRock

    Zippy is one of the best hosting sites I’ve used – well done fellas and thanks for the reliable service

  38. Andy

    I’M so glad this website works some are just spammers and fake this actually works and I’M a real person I live in Georgia Lawrencevill so dont think im fake use this website it works!

  39. John Dax

    Almost everything is perfect, I just have one remaining extreme need for my indie albums that you support at least 400mb per file it would be the “cherry on top”. But anyway still, this service is consistent fast and just generally awesome. Keep it rocking!

  40. Jake

    Hello admin(s),

    It seems that he number of downloads hasn’t been updated for some days now. Can you please fix this?

    Thanks for a great service and regards,

  41. smileformed

    Hello, I am new here. I am wondering about what TTD is. Is it mean that the file would be deleted if I don’t use it for 30 days?

  42. DAMNIT

    Since this “Update” I am not longer able to see the download button on multiple links, well done.

    1. DAMNIT

      btw, I love the rest of the update I wouldnt mind doing captcha for every download I just want to be able to SEE the captcha and/or download button.

  43. .....

    Hi Admin servers link www80 to www90 very slow speed please update and fix it , other servers no problemo :)

  44. Estememblu

    First of all, so happy that zippyshare made another wonderful and healthy year and wish to have this site more years to come.

    You guys, enough with all your foul and insulting words about this site. Cut the crap out already. They already providing us FREE!! service. Its already a good benefit to us. Unlike other fileshosters that we have to wait hours to download and limit files to download/per day.

    Seriously, without sites like zippyshare, I bet were on our monitor staring and waiting for the download with filehosters that limits bandwidths and speeds.

    Personaly, I dont care about those captcha, I been downloading files like almost everyday and most filehosters even some torrent sites have captcha. Some of it are even worst that its hard to see the words/numbers written. It’s a whole world out there, maybe there are people who just jealous about zippy and try to ruined them, the zippyshare team might consider some of it a threat that they made precautions of us to enjoy there service.

    Those advertisements help zippyshare maintain this free service, pay the bills, pay there staff and buy equipments/servers to improve there service. Just ignore and understand those advertisement. You can always close/ignore them, no harm by doing it. Just have a patience and understanding. A little effort of that is just too small to pay for the service they giving to us.

    It’s not the end of the world. There always room for improvement. All comments/ suggestions/ recommendation might gave zippyshare new ideas on how to further beautify and improve there service. Let’s just wait for there updates.

    I really love this site for the service they offer and the speed they giving to people who are relying to free service. More power and thank you zippyshare team.

  45. pasarireng

    zippyshare is slow today… or is it just me?

    (only 20KB/sec now,..used to 200KB/sec for me.. what’s wrong?)

    1. pasarireng

      And now it is SLOW again. What happen?
      Few hours ago everything is OK and I know things at my side are OK as it should be as usual.
      Please Zippyshare..

  46. Bobby Ewing

    Wonderful. Google completely broke their ReCaptcha a few months ago. Try testing your site with a security-conscious setup like Pale Moon + NoScript (with a blanket allow of course). The rotating circle stays forever (I suspect the’re trying a SSL 3.0 or TLS 1.0 xhr in the background which of course should fail, since they’re broken protocols). Those few ReCaptcha using sites still working are those that either seem to explicitly order the old version or those working with scripting blocked where you’d get the recaptcha no-script version (yes, hard to solve but theoretically a well-working standard feature, albeit many sites ruined it in their css).

    I’ll simply switch my uploads to solvemedia using sites. I notice there’s now more of them (see depositfiles – ex re, now sm), coincidence?

  47. Thi?n Nhân

    As Zippy is a free site. Their service is best. They should have donation button or something that everybody can support.

  48. martin fennell

    Hi. I’m new to using zippyshare as an uploader.
    I have some questions that someone might be able to answer.
    (1) Is there way to upload files to a specific folder.
    (2) How much storage space does Zippy provide for users.
    Some comments.
    (a)It would be nice to have a “share folder” option
    (b)The uploader tool is fine when uploading files that are not over 200 mbs.
    But when a file has to be split, it is quiet slow with the upload
    But I’ll test that again.
    But besides I’m very happy with upload and download speed
    (c) I’m not quiet sure about this retention thing. If I upload a file, and no one downloads
    it, it will be deleted after 30 days. If It’s only downloaded once. how long will it stay up for?
    Does it count if I download it myself. This is where Mediafire wins out. There, just logging in is
    enough to keep stuff online.

  49. Seric78

    Zippy is really a great tool.
    I use mainly it for the embed player on my musical blog so my viewers can directlly hear the tracks (without the need of downloading them).
    So my question concerns the file life: it is deleted 30 days after no activity (as written on the main page).
    Does activity include views and previews or does it include only download of the file?

  50. Kaushal Kumar

    I have always loved Zippyshare for its simplicity. It is focused at providing download without any crappy wait time or senseless messages.

    You guys should post a Donation Link. We would be happy to buy you some beers..

  51. torri

    Whyn’t you can add “i am not robot” tick box recaptcha..?? its easy for us, also keep it away from bots and automated downloads, reduce your fileserver load.

  52. Luna

    Lately my download speed with Zippyshare has been of 15 kb/s?!?!
    Also, am I imagining things or wasn’t there a post where we were saying how was our download speed?

  53. Hélio da silva

    Estou decepcionado com zippyshare ultimante nao consigo baixar nem se quer uma musica, a zippyshare omite o download de qualquer musica na qual pretendo baixar!! Isto eh uma bosta pa caramba.

  54. Darren

    I been using zippyshare for years never had any issues Im grateful there free and the dl speeds are always fantastic I check the speed daily on downloads and never have any issues sometimes you have to check your modem speeds grateful for zippyshare thanks.

  55. Android Tutorial

    Zippy is really a great site…
    I use mainly it for the embed player on my musical blog so my viewers can directlly hear the tracks (without the need of downloading them).
    So my question concerns the file life: it is deleted 30 days after no activity (as written on the main page).
    Does activity include views and previews or does it include only download of the file?

  56. Brutus

    Since a few weeks downloading on Zippyshare is very Slow ?? = 200 Kbits per part ?

    WHY? so slow….? it used to be much faster 2000 Kbits – 8000 Kbits per Part

    Please Fix Thankyou

    1. admin Post author

      Maybe try another file hosting services available on the market and pickup a faster one or install OwnCloud on your own server and enjoy complete control over your files. 😉 To be fair we don’t think that we have anything to be ashamed of compared to other “free as in beer” hosting sites.

  57. Name

    Hellow admin thank you for answers < You see that other people have a problem with the speed at you can be good but in some countries in Europe is not very evening. Please fix it every week from Thursday to Sunday so.Today, it was better

  58. Ben

    Really love this site and its way better than all the other sharing sites like nitroflare and uploaded. I hope you guys find a way to keep this site up. I wished uploaders will just use this site.

  59. Brutus

    Hi I Thought i should mention that DOWNLOADING parts is VERY SLOW again? the same a couple of weeks ago Please Fix Thankyou…

  60. Bob

    Is there any way to lock in the desired colors used on your song player (which is an excellent one)? Every time I log in to ZippyShare I have to reset them. Great site! Easy to use and more than adequate speed of downloads and uploads. Thanks for all you’ve done with it.

  61. Pimmelprinz

    The throttling begins after 2,10 GB downloaded data, it’s IP based.
    So reconnect your internet connection and you can again full download – until 2,10GB.. :(

    What a schame, zippy :(

    1. admin Post author

      The algorithm is a lot more complicated than that. Bandwidth usage is a factor but not the only one. We track usage patterns across our servers to separate between automated traffic (in violation of our TOS article II.18.d) and usual traffic. At the moment under 1% of users are affected.

  62. Brutus

    Problems Downloading Parts at ZippyShare ….Too Slow ….only works when I restart my Internet Connection ….Then after Downloading about 3000mb it slows down again? Please Fix Thankyou PS: always was happy With ZippyShare but now its Not working like it use to do?

    1. josh

      here the same situation…
      >>> the first files DL-ed with normal zippyshare speed, the following with ONLY 100 KB/s average DL speed.. it’s as bad as most hosts while i thought for almost 10 years zippyshare is a golden exception -;)

  63. Pimmelprinz

    thank for your reply.

    so “II.18.d” means:
    “other user behaviour which is obviously at variance with legal order, the principles of social coexistence, social and customary norms or the principles of “netiquette”, including behaviour consisting of significant above-average load on Zippyshare.com servers or connections, hacking or attempted hacking of Zippyshare.com IT systems, including attempted hacking of user accounts, viewing files or folders to which the user does not have access (e.g. does not know the access password or does not know unique URL to the file).”

    i normally download some files… nothing more. So in my case, i must self throttling my download speed to not affected your throttling?

    1. admin Post author

      There is a small chance of a false positive. That means that you may be classified as “non human” by our algorithms although You certainly are human. The chance isn’t big though. I can’t get into specifics as that would open the door to bypassing the protection. I can assure You that the goal we crave for is to stipulate automated scripts with zero impact on our users. We are still monitoring the sittuation and tweaking the algorithms to achieve that.

  64. youngsven14

    Its just that simple admin.. Just disable the download limits and everything is fine again…

    I’m stuck here with my Backups and i have to download with 20 parts at the same time to become 1,3 mb/s -.-

    Great zippy, very great…. .__.

    1. admin Post author

      I can only repeat what I allready wrote:

      I can assure You that the goal we crave for is to stipulate automated scripts with zero impact on our users. We are still monitoring the situation and tweaking the algorithms to achieve that.

  65. jay

    zippyshare wont let me download i hit the download button in it refresh itself and that it help please do i need to updated something

  66. tex

    “Deceptive site ahead
    Attackers on www1.zippyshare.com may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards).”

    getting the above warning message.

  67. northcoast chalets

    zippyshare wont let me download i hit the download button in it refresh itself and that it help please do i need to updated something

  68. Mike The Master

    I really like Zippyshare the best. Zippyshare is faster in free mode, Then most filesharing in premium mode. Now that is real good. Viva la Zippyshare.

  69. josh

    so, people of a still fast working hosting zippyshare.com :

    i would be so happy to know if you’reever gonna enlarge file size at least up to 500mb ?????

    (just asking – bcoz this is still one of your targets as we can read in earlier messages…..)

  70. josh

    would be so human to answer last questions -;)

    *** when can we upload files of lets say 500mb?
    *** when can we expect expansion of expiration stored files upto lets day 60 days?

    would be awesome to read at least some response…

  71. jaydone

    I have to say the pop ups you enploy on download pages re direct to spyware sites and virus filled websites, when the download button is click the mayhem begins, have to too say looks like zippyshare has become ad-orientated used to be the best, not pop up crap everywhere now , so sad to see. WHY has these scripts been added never used to have this issue.???

  72. josh

    same here, so ff boring how this “host” ignore all simple questions here !!!!
    SO this could be the last use of this site and i will store my files else without the chance of getting infected computers with every click you make here…its so boring that i will tell hundreds of my friends to do the same and ignore this host, as the danger to get a virus is almost 100%

    I have to say the pop ups you enploy on download pages re direct to spyware sites and virus filled websites, when the download button is click the mayhem begins, have to too say looks like zippyshare has become ad-orientated used to be the best, not pop up crap everywhere now , so sad to see. WHY has these scripts been added never used to have this issue.???

  73. josh

    so one more (last) time:

    would be so human to answer earlier posed questions here :

    *** when can we upload files of lets say 500mb?
    *** when can we expect expansion of expiration stored files upto lets day 60 days?

    would be awesome to read at least some response…

  74. Rizki Maulana

    Thanks to zippyshare. It’s stable and free. Just ignore people who don’t understand the difference between free and paid service. And hope someone from zippyshare will reply or say something.

  75. Muhammad Yaqin

    for all the time, i’m happy and constantly trust zippyshare, always. by the way, i dislike the way you put a pop-up in download button, it’s really annoying.

  76. Gopego

    Since 2017 your site is slower than ever, I’ve tried multiple VPN from many country and I got the same result, I get 15x faster speed from other website, please fix it

  77. idegroncs

    Sh*tty pop up advertising when I hit the play button or when I want to search in the music. And where is the volume bar on the music files???

  78. VCraft

    Copyright 2006-2015????? Pls make 2006-2017 also
    what about a new design, also one more Question are you still alive?

  79. Wirtschaftswunder

    Downloads don’t work for me any more since a couple of a days. If I click on the “Download Now” button, a new browser tab opens with advertising content. This happens EVERY time I click on the button. The option to download the file never appears. In the past, only one ad tab opened up, and with the second click on the download button, the download could be started.

    What can I do? I didn’t change any internet or ad blocker options. Tried to empty the cache and delete the cookies. The same problem exists even with the ad blocker completely switched off. Cookies are always accepted.

    Did you change the code of the site? Hope you can help.

  80. Hey Admins

    How about a community forum for Zippyshare users? So we could converse outside this comments area, you could even make a forum for “suggestions” as to ways to improve the site. (Personally, I’d like free cookies and cat pictures on download pages 😉 )

    1. admin Post author

      It seems to me that other websites have already tried this idea, and everytime it turned into one big dump/spam fest. If you need some new functionality then stubbornly remind us about it on our support site… very, very stubbornly. :-)


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