Quick update

We are still alive!

Some of You were concerned by the lack of new messages on our blog so we took the opportunity to give You an update. Everything is going fine. We don’t have any particularly exciting new features to brag about so we didn’t see the need to bombard You with marketing bullshit.

Here comes a small list of changes since the last blog post. I bet 99% of You didn’t notice a single one of them:

  • we cleaned up the code responsible for handling file links a little. It was seriously messed up and in dire need for rewrite. The old code generated a few dozen different links all of which pointed to the same file. That wasn’t a real problem but we still needed to change it. Currently every valid link not in the form of http://wwwXX.zippyshare.com/v/1234567890/file.html will be redirected to the right address.
  • we have added additional capacity to our aggregation switches in order to prevent congestions during peak hours. Speed should be a little better in some specific circumstances.
  • we have added SSL support to our main site (storage nodes excluded). You are free to browse through You account website using https now.
  • we changed the hosting company for our CDN (additional POPs in Asia, South America, Europe, SSL also supported)
  • we spend quite some time on streamlining the process of handling abuse/dmca notifications.

Currently we are working on the following:

  • changing the mechanism used for communication between our servers to a more bulletproof one.
  • getting those statistics fixed! We had a major crash of our Cassandra cluster about 4 months ago. Before the crash the data returned from our DB did resemble data returned by a random number generator. It’s very unlikely that we will be able to restore the historical data (don’t ruling it out though). We jumped on the “Big Data” bandwagon quite to early (Cassandra 0.5). It seemed to us as a good idea back then. A start over should work better in the future.

Unfortunately in order to get things right this time both the changes mentions need to be introduced together so it might take us a little more time.

What we are thinking about doing:

  • adding some new storage nodes and increasing both the max size and live time of files. No decision reached yet so don’t bet anything on this happening any time soon.

What we are NOT working on:

  • a new layout. We do know that it is time for a major overhaul of our website. We tried to do something about it a couple of times but weren’t able to find a company which would be eager to work on it. All of our layouts so far where created by our programmers and administrators. In case You wondered why Zippyshare is and always was so ugly You now know the truth :)

120 responses to "Quick update"

    1. svetoj

      I have a problem with opening the file list on the File Manager.

      Edit by admin:
      We were able to locate and fix the mentioned bug (the problem was settings saved in cookies used by frontend proxy/loadbalancer).

  1. Mason

    I like your Design. No one needs a different one! :)
    But.. what about the reCaptchas? Your post (15.11.2012): “We hope that the reCaptcha will be only a temporary solution.”
    Always testing? Update please! :)

  2. LoveTinGoyenda

    We love Zippyshare so much. We feel alone when we see no new news from Zippyshare on the download pages. So no matter what you guys are doing keep posting updates about them. It will never be boring, and will never bombard us.

  3. xenomorf

    i love your current layout. its easy to find the thing i want to find. Although the file size limit is a little turn off, but i can still live with it.

  4. karthick bala

    Ur layout is cool and simple……. but ur recaptcha is making downloads very bad…… every time I enter the code it never recognises making me to seek other shit sites….. pls try to debug it…..

  5. Smitty

    “…In case You wondered why Zippyshare is and always was so ugly…”

    I’m happy with the way it is now, simple and easy to navigate.

    1. rayanana

      If you type “[search query] site:zippyshare.com” then you will get the same results as having a search bar for the site.

  6. Jenry Horton

    The design is perfect as it is. It’s easy to navigate, quick to load even on my shotty computer and there are no unnecessery things on it. It’s a simple and ergonomicaly sound design.
    If you want to change it because it’s “old”… – than on the next meeting when the topic comes up just call it “vintage” and move on. All the node and cluster things sounds way more important than changing something that is working like a charm.

    Uhh, another thing not even related to the blog post: if you are thinking about creating an annoying download helper program (annoying_maybe_virus.exe) or something – please postpone it till 2080 or later.

    Anyhow, your share site is the best, keep up the good work and thank you.

  7. Dvj Magics

    Me parece muy bueno el servicio que brindan , puedo colgar mis set de musica para que la gente los pueda escuchar o descargar , la unica duda que tengo es que no me figuran la cantidad de descargas que tengo de mis archivos , si me pudieran ayudar desde ya muy agradecido

  8. Scott P

    Just a quick thank you. love the service you provide. No malware, trapdoors, rogue code etc.

    You guys fucking rock x

  9. Ainovo

    It’s good, clean, and simple… love zippyshare, no need change your layout and design, but if you can please add more connection till 16 (via IDM) and can support resume downaoad, when suddenly connection cut-off I can resume the corrupt download 😛

  10. Deathmask

    The current design is perfect as-is, don’t worry about! Maybe adding alternative colour schemes would be nice, but the design itself is good. :)

  11. KNTRO

    “In case you wondered why Zippyshare is and always was so ugly you now know the truth :)”

    Actually this layout is pretty nice. I’d change only 2 things:
    * Add [or replace the current audioplayer for a] HTML5 audioplayer
    * Made some minor fixes in order to make Zippyshare work fine even with Ghostery add-on enabled.

    That’s all for now. I have more suggestion, but let’s do it step by step. :)

    Best regards from Buenos Aires.

  12. It's perfect

    You’re site looks great, it’s fast, it’s not cluttered.

    It’s the one site I can send people to and they aren’t confused (or tricked!).

    It seems pretty clear we love it…

  13. DJ Beng

    Please increases the limit of each upload file :(
    Cause some of my 320kbps mixes are more than 200mb .
    And I don’t know where to upload them to share for my friends .
    Just make it more than 50mb .
    And there no host site can defeat our Zippy :)

    Bitte erhöht die Grenze jeder Upload-Datei :(
    Denn einige meiner 320kbps Mixe sind mehr als 200mb .
    Und ich weiß nicht, wo sie zu laden, um für meine Freunden zu teilen .
    Machen Sie es mehr als 50MB .
    Und es wird großartig sein, wenn euch zu tun 😀

    S’il vous plaît augmente la limite de chaque fichier de téléchargement :(
    Car certains de mes 320kbps mélanges sont plus que 200mb .
    Et je ne sais pas où les télécharger à part pour mes amis .
    Il suffit de faire plus de 50mb .
    Et il sera grand si vous faites les gars 😀

    1. VMan

      Upload more than one file at a time. (If its a single file, place it in a 7z file or bz2 file. They are cheaper by themselves.)

  14. neong

    i hope you put premium accounts so that the files we upload will not be deleted, also make it payable via paypal =) cross finger… all i want is the files will be stored lifetime or maybe 1 year… thanksssss awesome site…

  15. Sugandh Mishra

    Very easy to use and upload files, this is the best file host. Just one this i want to be improved and that is there should a progress bar shown on remote uploading.

  16. Biggles

    Pardon my french, fuck the redesign – what you have is fast and clear and works, and isn’t *actually ugly*. Hell – looks better than my stuff. This is one of the few sites that doesn’t victimize random visitors with bullshit – I love it.

  17. natweirdfish

    hey I just wanted to let you guys know that zippy share is the boss this is the best file sharing software I have ever used . as far as im concerned there are quite a few out there that shud be banned but your site just rocks I will be telling everyone I know about this any links you can put up to advertise yourselves I would be more than willing to post for you guys..i just love zippyshare

  18. TheProdigal

    The present design is perfectly functional as it is, but if you want to dress it up and tweak it a bit — without losing the ease of use — what the heck; go for it. It’s really great not having to do the captcha thing; that was the only thing that for me might be described as an annoyance. I hope this is a permanent improvement. It would also be nice to have a higher ceiling on file size — like maybe 400MB — since some sites avoid using you when a file has to be split. Still, in a list of download sites, the first thing I always look for is zippyshare.

    1. TheProdigal

      Oops, I misread your last paragraph; somehow i missed the great big “NOT” regarding working on the layout.

  19. Lesbis

    hola, tengo una duda por que anda lento la descargas? estan actualizando? lo que pasa cuando uso zippyshare empiezo a descargar y se corta la velocidad de descarga u.u espero se mejore zippyshare por que es genial… y adoro zippyshare saludos sigan asi no es necesario nuevo diseño y ni tampoco es feo es lo mejor que es buscado este programa ZS antes tenia buen accelerador de descarga y ahora me pasa esto se corta la descarga u.u

  20. Paolo

    I think good will be to increase live time of files for registered users. Or take to users option of longevity uploaded file

    f.e. “once host – 3 days”, “short time file – 7 days”, “standard – 30 days”, “extended time (for registered only) – XXXXX days” 😀
    then you have the assurance that rubbish are not long on the server etc. greetings.

  21. pogo

    Hello im a member on zippyshare since we can register and i think is the biggest upload site :) so im not asking nothing im just giving an opinion since there are a lots of users and a lots of upload sites you should thing make zippy like (upl.ws) every user who is uploading files cand make money every time when somebody download his files 😀 for example if im having a file and somebody downloads my file i cand gain money :) anyway is just an opinion maby in the nearest future u think on this thing :) thx and by the way zippy is the best and keep going with the good things im glad being a member here :)

    1. TheProdigal

      Sorry to disagree with you, Pogo, but one of the beauties of Zippyshare is that there IS no money involved. There are other sites available for this, as you mention. With Zippyshare the uploader has no cost to store a file, and it costs him nothing if someone downloads it. so let’s not make Zippyshare a commercial enterprise for uploaders.

  22. VDJParri

    Me gusta mucho Zippyshare.com, es de diseño simple sin grandes complicaciones.
    FUNCIONA siempre!!!, prefiero algo sencillo y fiable que una paguina Flash con emoticonos inutiles.
    Lo unico que me gustaria es que pudieran subir un poco el limite de almacenamiento de 300 megas
    un poco más. Sus competidores estan realizando esfuerzos en ese campo y cada vez son un poco
    más competitivos.

    Un abrazo a todo el equipo de Zippyshare.com

  23. VDJParri

    Que les parece la siguiente idea:
    Para archivos de 500 mg o 1 GB tiempo limitado a 8 dias.
    Archivos tamaño 400mg para usuarios registrados 30 dias.
    Para ambos casos pasado el tiempo se eliminan automaticamente.

    Archivos 50 mg o inferior mayor duración en el servidor hasta su eliminación
    automatica si el usuario no muestra ninguna activiada o el archivo no es

    Podria ser un posible filtro para archivos basura.

    Gracias equipo Zippyshare.com

  24. Don't fix what isn't broken

    Don’t sweat the design of your website. It’s just as beautiful as it is functional. We thank you for your great service to the interwebs!

  25. Khales

    I totally love the current layout, it’s the simplest ever, please don’t change it, it’s perfect, but keep the good work on upgrading the core of your network :)

  26. Samer

    I love Zippyshare a lot. Please keep posting updates whenever anything new in Zippyshare. Please never change a single thing, it is simple, better and faster

  27. freefansubs!

    thank you i love zippy share very easy and NO BANDWITCH it’s important and can upload many files with 100% Free.
    i’m very happy using zippy share thank you so much zippyshare keep the best!

    zippyshare share upload sites very simple and keep my files exist!
    thank you very so much. . .

  28. Aaron

    It is one of the most beautiful website layouts I know and use. Please don’t change it. keep it simple and clean as it is. Don’t put down the people who designed. Instead give them an award. I love zippy share.

  29. Jorge

    zippyshare have a simple web design, meets the requirements of the users for me it is fine but lacks an option that says “change email address” because it sometimes happens that you lose your email address and password zippyshare forget and another account must be recreated on zippyshare. thanks

  30. fullcito

    simply wow !!!…my 1st visit here and have read (guess eat hehe) all this share and feedback for the users and comments….guess starting love this site :) …. keep like that u are “jeño’s”…

  31. Sarus

    They should consider the option to increase the maximum file size of at least 500 MG’s. It would be the best server across the network.

  32. Paul

    Awesome Guys! Your service is the best I know on the internet!

    I am just wondering: How the hell are you guys able to generate income? I mean, all the work you guys have to put into maintaining the website and keeping up the servers. The costs of running those servers must be immense right?

    No annoying adds, no waiting time, fast downloads. It’s a users paradise 😀

    You guys should have an option for donations.


  33. Alex

    You guys are awesome! (I’ve stopped Ad Blocker Plus for you guys – you deserve it!)
    * Please don’t change the layout –

  34. Roger

    There is nothing wrong with your layout. Your website is clean, neat and easy to use.
    To me it is an oasis in a desert of sharing sites that do not deliver what they promise.
    Regards and Thanks

  35. DI

    Quite honestly, the site design right now is the epitome of good web design. It’s not completely flashy-banner-gradient-color because it doesn’t need to be a flashy-html-css wonderchild. Instead of relying on gimmicks like fancy buttons and shiny headers, your website delivers in it’s undying service to providing us with one of the best file-sharing sites on this side of the internet.

    Just as a personal opinion, the nice, clean layout is a refreshing change from the conglomerate-mess of “fancy layouts” that most file-sharing sites try to foister upon the user. It’s quick, simple, easy to use, and (most importantly, if you’ve read the majority of the comments) incredible appealing.

    Cheers, and best of luck.

    – Gigabyte

  36. Em

    You layout is fine!! I’ve found that the old adage is true, and it pertains to your website … if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! :o)

  37. ari

    The layout is beautiful. Spare me that flat design shit and use that money on a nice corporate outing like go karting, exit games or trampolining. When I come to zippy share all I look for is the file meta and download button. Don’t change something that works.

  38. khan Monir

    Benefits of using Zippyshare:
    File Life: 30 days after no activity.
    that’s not our benefit ,
    just don’t auditing your own profitable dialog .otherwise zippyshare is the 1000 times honorable more then established corporation and salute from poor visitors like me.if zippyshare If are not born we(poor visitors) could became Toys video game user for want of free service .

  39. Little

    You should probably switch to some Material Design frameworks. They look better and simpler in my opinion, and kinda easy to load. Go to getmdl.io for an example.

  40. Muhammad Faisal

    You should probably switch to some Material Design frameworks. They look better and simpler in my opinion, and kinda easy to load. Go to getmdl[DOT]io for an example.


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