Connectivity/Speed Issues

Hey Folks,

For the last 48h some of you may encountered ugly speed problems from part of our infrastructure. We fight with this all day, and we won. Our ISP had to switch whole our infrastructure on the backup router. Sorry for inconvienience.

Ps. Please make sure that you bomb us with the sh*tload of support tickets when such situation happens again!!

220 responses to "Connectivity/Speed Issues"

  1. Concerned_IT_Admin

    What a stupid comment and post. You guys are cowboys. No wonder you experience critical faliures

    1. AcornBBCnut

      And so what is your sage advice, o most wise and beneficent one?

      It’s amazing how many people criticise without having the wit to offer constructive suggestions.

  2. David

    it’s rare i’m seeing a site that’s asking to be bombed with complains when something happens……… the exact opposite of EA 😀

  3. krissy

    funny that some people complain…for getting free downloads without premium and stuff
    lol if you no like it just go bac to mega XD *owned*

  4. Berak

    Guys, I still get ugly speed here :(

    Edit by admin:
    Hey Berak, I’m afraid that is very hard to get good speeds from Europe to Asia (to Japan in your case) in price range per megabit on which we are constrained to operate on. I think that several proxy servers located in the U.S. could improve this situation, but it is quite complicated to implement and expensive to maintain. So at the moment it’s no-no for us. :-/

  5. Happy Dude

    No matter what everyone says: You guys are doing a great job for everyone, doing it all free (just some ads doesn’t matter). Thank you for that!

  6. stusjka

    your speed server so fast
    thanks for refixed
    multiple download as same as kilobyte
    big thanks again for developer

  7. Nick

    www69 seems down

    Keep up the great service zippyshare, we love you!

    Edit by admin:
    Our sysadmin is already working on it… it’s seems to be a bit longer downtime.

  8. Jake

    Can’t connect to www69, please take a look. Thanks!

    Edit by admin:
    Our sysadmin is already working on it… it’s seems to be a bit longer downtime.

  9. Supersonic 75

    There’s no doubt that you folks provide the best free service available on a lot of levels; thanks so much. Download times are still extremely slow at the moment, though right now appear to be marginally better than last night . Still being worked on? Thanks again.

  10. TukangGambar

    Ouh..great job guys. I have nothing to complain at all since zippyshare is free and for everyone (marhaen like me included). Keep all the goods working and god bless us all.

    *marhaen = poor people*
    *berak = shittin’*

  11. poor person

    Just to say us poor people love you guys… so you have the odd problem, it’s still miles better than RS, UL, RG or any of the others. Keep up the good work, some of us appreciate you.

  12. Philipp

    Hi Guys,
    weird thing: i cant find you with the bing search api anymore.. last week worked but now its not working anymore.. did you do anything bad?^^

  13. gogo

    whats wrong zippy you provide fabulous speeds but today it seems to be down took 90 mins to dwnld 140 mb file.

  14. scalisto

    Hello good people. Please don’t hang us out to dry like the last time. If the damage or partial damage to www69 and 70 is permanent let us know so we can try to patch things up from our end. Thank you for your efforts.

  15. josh

    you guys are cool ignore the haters at least they get free sir lol but yeah its I sometimes glitches happen you know

  16. tarakkhan

    please sir solved all problem imedieatly. :( we cant work properly and sir please also solv speed problem to…

    thank you

  17. Vlad the Inhaler

    Thank You! You are Blessed among the Beasts, the Ignorant and the Unappreciative.



  18. Jay

    When I try to download a file instead of it’s name, something different appears. For Example, instead of 098zbd17052013.anb, what apperas is =_UTF-8_B_MDk4emJkMTcwNTIwMTMuYW5i_=. What does this mean? It might be an error within Firefox? Or of the hosting server?

    Edit by admin:
    Are you a Mac user?

  19. Satisfied User

    I never had trouble downloading from Zippyshare. Speeds are ok most of the time. Better than others which are inconsistent. All this for free. Can’t ask for more. Thanks! Those who keeps bitching are never satisfied with anything, no matter what they get. Greedy SOB. Be grateful for once will you.

  20. Zippyshare rocks

    Aye zippyshare, just wanted to say THANKS SO SO SO SO much for doing what you do. You have been an invaluable service to me, with your unlimited speed downloads (as fast as my ISP lets them be) and its all free. Never stop doin your thing

  21. AERein

    Great speed as usual, maybe some server is down but still quite impressive. I got 140Kbps (only 1Mbps bandwidth tho) and it’s good compared to other sites.

  22. Mindy

    I’m also having the =_UTF-8_B_MDk4emJkMTcwNTIwMTMuYW5i_= download problem. I’m using Firefox on a Windows XP computer.

    Edit by admin:
    Could you tell me which antivirus software and Firefox add-ons are you using?

  23. Consul

    It’s websites like Zippyshare that make the internet what it is today. To all the people involved with keeping this fantastic service up and running – Thank you.

  24. Vasilis

    Hi Admin

    A little while ago i tried uploading something to my account and every time i uploaded the upload status bar went very quickly to 100% and then it disappeared without any links to my uploads and now i tried again I’m getting an red IO error every time i click that upload button. I’m using the latest version of Firefox & Norton 360 on a Windows 8 Pro computer.

  25. Mindy

    Norton Internet Security (but I’ve always used that; the problem just started late last week). Add-ons: Downthemall, Flagfox, Xmarks, & Download Helper.

    Edit by admin:
    Ok, try to disable Downthemall addon and let me know whether that solved the issue.

  26. Mindy

    No. Disabling Downthemall didn’t solve the problem. Also, and I don’t know if this is related, everytime I open a Zippyshare link, I get a popup telling me to upgrade Flash (even though Flash is updated to the current version).

  27. Ov3rwatch

    you guys seem like a pretty down to earth company. if you guys ever need IT help during an outage or anything feel free to let me know i would be happy to help out

  28. Karth

    Thanks! I was actually thinking it was a problem with the site and not with my internet at all (since some downloads were at full speed (~255kb/s) but some didn’t). I’m glad it’s fixed now.

    Seriously, thanks a lot for your hard work, this page is easily my favorite to download stuff at full speed without premium so I can’t really get mad at you :)

  29. Domingo

    The site has been a little slower lately.
    That said, Thanks zippyshare. We appreciate what you do.

    To all the people who say because it’s free, no one should say anything about problems on the site. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    I work in a radio station. Listeners, who get it for free, complain all the time. Their complaints are taken seriously and logged down. If it can be fixed, we fix it. That’s our job.

  30. Rami

    I hope the good speed that zippy always have returns ,I’ve got really slow speed currently ,please solve this. :S

  31. Mindy

    I’m still unable to download files (in Firefox; IE works fine). I’m still getting =_UTF-8_B_MDk4emJkMTcwNTIwMTMuYW5i_= (or something similar) when I try to download.

    Edit by admin:
    Thanks to Jorge Luis and Julian Reschke we were able to locate the bug in the Content-Disposition header field that is going to stop working in the next release of Firefox (ver. 22+). Mentioned bug should be patched tomorrow.

  32. YulzCoreSux

    I’m having issues from firsts days of may to date on downloads, the download breaks at 50% of progress and is very annoying. Any ideas of why is happening this problems? I’m from Mexico by the way.

  33. Mindy

    I’m still having the =_UTF-8 download problem. Not sure which day “tomorrow” means in the above response to my May 24 comment . I’m using Firefox 22 (I’m on the “beta channel”). Thanks for looking into this.

    Edit by admin:
    We were waiting for the completion of patching a few other bugs so we could put one big patch.

  34. Carl Thomas

    Hi there guys,I’m experiencing slow speed too could but at least i can download a few things than i been looking for. I love Zippyshare so much,Blessings and Thanks for keep this up.Greetings from Argentina. No worries.


    Hi ZS Team !

    All right, some times it works and some time we are just crying like babes when our soooo nice website don’t show up embaded player BUT HEY EEEEVVVEEERRRYYYBBBBOOOODDYYYY !!! THIS IS THE MOST INEXPENSIVE UPLOAD SERVICES!!! YEAH FREE , so think about this before posting !

    ZG Guys are still makin GREAT JOB (all right even if news uploads don’t work on iOS but old ones does…)

    well, i have some tears to dry, so one last thing : people with enough time and skill may help ZS Team to be greater than ever…. think about the unfamous player VLC . . .


  36. MewFamily


    is ZippyShare slow on asia?

    All links that i tried to download from zs is really slow like 10mb = 30 mins. I don’t know if its on my ISP or the server of zs.

    BTW am from PH

  37. Luigi

    MewFamily, here you have what the admins told to another asian user several days ago

    Edit by admin:
    Hey Berak, I’m afraid that is very hard to get good speeds from Europe to Asia (to Japan in your case) in price range per megabit on which we are constrained to operate on. I think that several proxy servers located in the U.S. could improve this situation, but it is quite complicated to implement and expensive to maintain. So at the moment it’s no-no for us. :-/

  38. MauricioRoman2011

    Dear administrators. Your website is too slow, their embed player are not opening properly on my blog, Tomaras you settle down soon so I thank you for you – Brazil

  39. Hlehle

    Hi!I live in south-africa I’m encounting problem with downloading file like zip or rar !I use to download wthout any plroblem what’s wrong!I cannot afford 2 loose u guys!

  40. Spike

    hi there,
    have you changed anything with the zippy player playing INSIDE of facebook?
    Now I only see a picture, when clicking on it a new window opens.
    In the past the zippyplayer played inside of FB when doing this action?!?

  41. K-Drama fan

    All of you working here are doing a Great Job! Don’t listen to negative comments. Your hard work is greatly appreciated! You are SO Fast!

  42. duncan

    I cantdownload a file using zippyshare. it says the format is nt supported on this phone. Wht could the problem. Im using Samsung S2

    Edit by admin:
    Working on it…

  43. Ranier

    Is there some way I can forward the server ports (idk)?
    It’s still slow, I can’t even get past 10 kb/s :(

  44. CongPham

    Sorry, I’m a Vietnamese, and I’m not good at English.
    But I want to ask you that When I download some file, Why my speed is too different.
    Ex: In time, I can download one file with 11MB/s, but with another file, the speed is only 10KB/s

  45. CongPham

    Sorry cause din’t read your post.
    Now I know maybe because my file is in www48 and another.
    But how can i fix it?

  46. Brian

    Hello,After I enter the captcha code I click the download link but nothing happens. This has been going on the last four days. It happens with different sites that use zippyshare. The problem is affecting our wired computer ( XP) and our wireless computer (windows 7). Other download sites that use captcha but not zippyshare work fine, it’s just zippyshare. Our virus scan detects no viruses. Please help.

    Thank you

  47. delirium83

    after downloading 2.5 GB with full speed (2 MB /sec), I’m now stuck with a total DL speed of 250 KB/sec (4 parallel DLs). Is there a limit like this or what’s wrong?

  48. dolah petak-petak

    hye all…firstly thanks a lot to admin… just want to know,how to retry back download after facing ugly network???coz im always need to restart new download after half way to done..huhuhu…plez using google crome..thanks.

  49. Kristian

    Hey Zippyshare admins,I just wanted to say that this is the best free filesharing website on the Internet.I am in Bosnia And Herzegovina and I have a 4Mbit/s connection and it always downloads files at 560kb/s!Thanks for the great service!

  50. Aaceron

    Facing same problem as Brian. The “Download Now” is not working. Using Win 8 (64bit). Any advice?

  51. Traceliner

    Could ya shake the cable for the US, d/l are painfully slow (d/l that usually takes 3-4 sec is taking a mjnute+ ) Arrgh…

    Edit by admin:
    😀 Sorry about that, one of our technicians accidentialy sat down on a transatlantic fiber optic cable. 😉

  52. Chokie

    Hello, admin :)

    I have problem on my download speed, last week there’s no problem on download speed..
    But since yesterday, I got problem downloading on all Zippyshare server…

    Normally, I can download 200MB file for 25 minutes only, and now it takes 4-5 hours to completely download 200MB file :(
    I don’t know it got problem on server or my internet provider…
    But, when i tried another File Hosting, there’s no any problem…

    Thank you :)

  53. Mick

    Hi Zippyshare Admin, just like to congratulate your team on this great filehosting website, for me its truly amazing. Im from Adelaide SA and the speeds you deliver are superb, THANK-YOU so much.

  54. Yujin

    I live in Asia too but tell you what.. The speeds are totally fine. Still way faster than any other file sharing websites. Kudos Zippy! Great service!

  55. Anonymous

    Zippy Share Team !!! You guys are doing a great job here … pls keep up the good work … just love you guys and your work :) 😀

    Edit by admin:
    We love all the positive minded users! :)

  56. Happy Hardigan

    Zipyshare be da bomb. Zipyshare rule, man. Hey, stop by my house if yawl in the nayborhood, Zipy, my moms got some rice pudding for yawl, ight?

  57. Jack

    When are you going to increase the upload limit? 200MB is old nowadays. Please make it higher. (500MB would be fine).

  58. iAmAldrin

    from Philippines, cannot download anything, Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET). I have no trouble in downloading at other sites.

  59. Blowfly

    now that you started with this captcha bullshit your offer is useless. You are a file hoster like 100 others.

  60. crab54

    Fast download today. As always, I’m grateful for your site as often it is the best option for me-and the quickest too.

  61. Domingo

    It’s very slow today.
    Don’t know why. You guys really kicked @$$ getting the speed back up lately.

  62. Zippy Fan

    Zipyshare team,

    Thank you so much for maintaining such fast and free service. 200MB downloading in 15 minutes. That’s a good speed for me.

    Thank you from India!!

  63. Fayiz

    Hi zippyshare,

    Thanks for your great job but the download speed is deadly slow for the past couple of weeks,please fix it faster

  64. shuyina

    hi…the web for download still slow…why?1 file just 30kbps…before this 1.3mbps..please…i use google dns tq

  65. Alex

    why they are so slow lately? I have 4mb and I can only download at 30kbs, what happens?

  66. ir26

    My download is really slow lately. Doesn’t even reach 30kbps. I hope it will be fixed soon. Thanks.
    – From Malaysia.

  67. Xeno

    9KB/s instead of 13MB/s is a small difference 😉
    Fallback running?

    Thanks for the great service anyway!

  68. Remz

    It’s okay now, I thought zippyshare has problem but I figure it out it’s my connection has a problem. Sorry my bad.. Just don’t approve my comment.

    Thank u so much for keeping this awesome site alive..

    -from Philippines 😉

  69. bready

    well, like always, close to full speed to your servers, between 7.5 and 9 mb/s

    12.5 mb/s would be max speed for me, so, gj here – although i hate that capture feature you added some time ago, really slows down multiple part download

  70. spaceman

    The speed is horribly slow and I have been trying for a week I must retry downloading as they are always corrupted

  71. J

    Im amazed that this website is free and actually works, and its FAST.

    How do you guys even make any money whatsoever? Just ad revenue?

    Really great work, keep it the fuck up.

    Edit by admin:
    Thank you agent J. :)

  72. Rocio

    Hey guys, sorry to bother you, but the site is not working :( everytime I try to download a file, the page just keeps reloading and reloading, whether there is a captcha or not!!

    Edit by admin:
    Enable cookies in your web browser.

  73. Rocio

    Admin, thanks a lot. I have them enabled. In fact, until two days ago, it was working just fine and now a popup opens and the page just reloads. Any other solution? Once again, sorry for bothering you and thanks a lot !!!

  74. Fred Val

    Hi, i can’t see my public profile
    “error 504 Gateway Time-out
    The server didn’t respond in time” ??

  75. Thanks

    Just wanna say thanks alot for making file sharing so EASY , FAST & FREE.

    Fuck the haters , they can always go back to their paid , ads filled with malicious spyware hosters

  76. Zippy Lover

    Now I have 3 choices, Zippyshare came to my Top 3 Online File Storers for me…
    #1 Mxxxxxxxx
    #2 Mxxxxxxxx
    #3 Zippyshare
    #4 Hxxxxxxxx
    #5 Rxxxxxxxx
    #6 Nxxxxxxxx

  77. zipps

    hi there, today the speed is really down here (1kb/sec) now, 2 hours before it was normal speed.

    maybe u guys can check if there is something wrong and fix it ?

    thanks in advance

  78. Bogdan

    I’ve just downloaded a song …. it was 16.5 mb file size, and was saying 0 seconds to wait :-d i love zippy

  79. alelex

    zippyshare is the third best thing on the internet after youtube and facebook….ok, maybe the second >:)

  80. Rob

    There are so many ungrateful people around reading some of these posts. Your service is free – FREE folks, sometimes servers have issues – shit happens. I’m thankful Zippyshare are here, they serve my needs as a host very adequately, so THANK YOU Zippyshare.

  81. Mohamed Shafiq

    I am from India and I am getting 100 kb/s which is inough .
    I am very thankful to You guys to fulfeel My needs.

  82. Adrian Diocton

    I am from the Philippines. My download speed is always 5.0KB/s and never goes up. :( Its always like this the past few months. With other sites my download speed is 100+KB/s pls fix the problem.

  83. lolicake

    I’m stunned by your service. Free, and yet you offer better support than many paid services *cough microsoft cough* What more could you ask for?

  84. William Rivas

    I always had good download service, however since last month the download has not been possible; it is stalled eventhough you fill the captchas; tried to open a new account, it accepted the process but never sent the validation to my mail address- I live in Cali, Colombia. Could this be fixed for this part of the world?
    Thank you my friends

    Willliam Rivas

  85. Isidor

    This is simply put, an excellent service, the best downloading site, so please, do not worry of a hitch sometime, for we all -except the stupids- are with you. Wish you all at Zippyshare the best and thank you again!

  86. rerere

    hi i have problem on downloading file. it always stopped on the middle of downloading, and my IDM said that the server sent incorrect reply on restart command. can you please help me.

  87. Jubes

    The tracking of downloads served doesn’t seem to be working. I know that several of my files have been downloaded yet my total download count is still zero. Also, the Stats window on the Dashboard just has an error message there all the time, “Error Loading File”. Finally, I take it that TTD stands for “Time To Download”? As in, the files will be deleted after not being downloaded after that much time? I can foresee a problem with that since it doesn’t seem to be tracking downloads properly.

  88. V

    i’m from malaysia and i only got 70+kb /download.. for me it’s more then enough since the download is free.. Long Live Zippyshare..

  89. Perdee

    I got very slow download speed only got 7kbs to 16kbs…….
    2 day ago same problem to me…….
    anyone got same problem???

  90. 007

    Im James from Indonesia,
    Hy V nice to meet you, im always download files from my only trusted site zippyshare because its free without file restriction every 2 hours and premium account, zippyshare always give it’s all full features including the maximum do wnload speed. By the way, we are very close neighboring country so there is no much difference between the signal distance from south east asia until wherever zippyshare’s base is so the main factor that aeffect our us all download speed is your Browser and/or internet connecting devices. Right Mr Admin?
    Nice Zippyshare 😀

  91. RobertSF

    I use Zippyshare to upload and show other people small Excel files, all smaller than 100k. I’m very happy with Zippyshare, and I wish you guys much success. I hope the ads pay well because you don’t charge us anything! :)

  92. Nigel

    I have to say what an excellent service i will be letting every one know on my radio show just how good it is keep up the good work all the best from RNI

  93. bntnja

    I Download at zippyshare before 1 month of more
    speed is get full = 400-500 KB/S
    But now it get 1-100 KB/S
    I want full speed download Thank you

  94. Mauricio

    I am also having problems in statistics, as Jubes, the Mr.Ma and Peter! Please if possible solve the problem, thanks to the work of you, here in Brazil

  95. Alex

    I’m using Mozilla Firefox 23.0.1 on a Windows XP platform, and I cannot listen to the preview when I hit play. It plays for a fraction of a second and then it stops playing. The file load correctly when I hit play, it’s just not playing at all. What settings do I need to tweak?

    Thank you!

  96. Mike

    Zippyshare is the absolute #1 in the world!
    I get superb download speeds up to 29 MB/s. Downloading 180MB somewhere between the 5-7 seconds.

    Thank you for all the hard work!

  97. n3mesis

    one of the few file hosting sites left that is member driven and it shows. you have my undying support and appreciation.

  98. Mike from space

    just wanted to say that you guys rule!.. No waiting times, great download speeds.. amazing!!
    keep it real :)

  99. neong

    hi, i just want to suggest please make some premium accounts so that our files will not be deleted… theres no problem in uploading and downloading in your site but please i wanna have an premium account so that my files will be stored for years =) thank you

  100. Duke1980

    Hello All,

    I have been having a long waiting time for the download to begin after the download button is clicked. The speed starts fines, then it starts slowing down until the download stops prematurely. Hopefully I’m not the only one that is experiencing this.



  101. DuchessTheHound

    I have been having very slow download times (apx 100 kbps) for the past week or so. Not sure why, just thought you should know.

    Edit by admin:
    Reported to our ISP to optimize routing for RoadRunner Broadband users.

    Edit by admin:
    Traffic has been rerouted over Level3/GBLX.

  102. auratha11

    The normal speed I get from zippyshare was over 120kbps since last year ( I admit I have a very slow internet). Now, I only get 4-5 kbps when I can get 120kbps from other sites and Steam.

  103. Ricky

    Hi, recent download via Zippyshare has becoming extremely slow as opposed to previous faster speed. i encountered the problem a week ago and until now, please advise how to solve the problem. many thanks

  104. ys

    hi, since nov. 7th, the dowloading speed has been very slow. As usual, the speed is 300kbps at least, now 50kbps at maximum. Maybe, the same case as Ricky. what’s going on?

  105. Rubenricardo

    Very Very slow download speed, at least since one month ago, pleae can you fix that? Im Living in Mexico, Thank you very much for everything

  106. nony

    Hi admin..
    the speed download is really slow now.. i hope you guys can fix this the soonest..
    really, zippyshare is the best download service provider ever! please fix this admin~~

  107. mylipho15

    Hi admin..
    There is no problem with the speed download, when i tried to open/extract file from my android, it says “Cloud Open File/Broken File”. But when opened from my pc, it no problem. What’s the problem (my friends that using android has same thing)?

    — sorry for my english

  108. Nina

    Help! It won’t let me download for some reason I’m using iOS it keeps saying ‘Safari cannot download’ HELP PLEASE!

  109. Tim

    I get only 10 to 20 KB/sec over Cox High Speed Internet now is there anyway you all can fix this by rerouting traffic please ? Thanks

  110. onton dixie

    i m deeply disappointed with the the download speeds i encounter each tym i try to download.why is there no resume capability

    Edit by admin:
    User from Zimbabwe Africa.

  111. TRX

    hi all.i know i know…but i need fast so im texting straigt.why i can upload 200 mb only…? my mod packs r in 1 place,there is orround 8-9 gb.but i want upload it here.its nice and fast tellme what the hell :) to do ? . thanks

  112. Mukesh

    you guys are doing amazing works. love you you are providing download without delay and captcha.. its awesome thing.. site and download speed is also great :*

  113. Gray PReacher

    I love you guys. Rest of the file sharing services are little more than spam and malware farms now. Bless you … and all the amazing things you guys do.

  114. Jônathas

    The download speed is low, already has a three-month period is thus live in Goias, BR, download not more than 30 kbps and several low at 600, 700kbps servers. If you can wait a reply! Thank you for your attention.

  115. lula

    Its great to have a full free download with your site but FUCK!! Y don’t you PROVIDE resume support in IDM

  116. Sain

    For the last 2 days i can load the main site but cant load the file sites , and when they load the download speeds are either low and the file stops downloading on 5-10% , or the file does not download at all .

  117. Justine

    The download speed that I’m getting everytime I download a file from this host, approx. speed is 25 kbps, compared in XYZ, I can get up to 300, 400, 500 KBPS or so.

    – from Philippines

    Edited by admin

  118. Viper

    OK. You ask for it now bros…..Sometime we feel that like you know and we are dumbshits for hammering you with emails about slow speed…

    Great quick fix…+2

  119. Rohan Malik

    190mb file, painful speeds in India, using download manager IDM, internet stops at 185mb, internet starts again and file starts from 0mb again, endless pain… why no resume????

  120. Brian

    i know this is an old post but whatever was causing connectivity issues is happening again. the upload speed is wildly inconsistant (100 mb/s, to 0.1 k/s, up to 50kb.s to, 0.5 kb/s) in just a couple seconds. never stays over 100m/s for any great length of time, then it aborted my upload altogether. what a waist of time.

  121. Prasanna

    Hi Team,
    You have been doing great job. I have been using zippyshare links to download files for long time now. Keep up the great job going. Recently I am facing certain issues. It takes up to 30 minutes for a 150MB file and slowly the download times out without completing fully. Not sure why this happens. Kindly do the needful.

  122. gee

    ive always have super fast download speeds with zippyshare but this weekend download speeds for zippyshare have been ridiculously slow to the point that some downloads are failing before they even complet downloading and they are not huge files or anything ?, it almost seems like they are being throttled ? i checked my download speeds with a ping test and there is no issues with my internet connection ? i thought maybe there might be a malware issue with firefox but thats not happening either ? just thought i should inform you guys so you know.. oh and im using tpg as a service provider and im based in melbourne , australia if that helps ?

    1. lusogermanico

      Hi gee,
      I am facing here in europ the same fuc…. Situation. I am so pissed off. It looks like that the internetproviders are throtteling especially the on click hoster….. it a shame. The only solution would be to pya additional for a VPN…
      What a world

  123. mase112

    Hey All,

    I have noticed for a few days now that download via zippyshare has been rather slow.. i have a 50mbps connection and when downloading files from zippy share only getting 80kbps for the transfer rate

  124. Chris

    Been getting 30-40 kbps for the last day or so whats up? Is the “unlimited” downloads the Verizon, AT & T kind of limited or what?

  125. normie

    Hi, getting connectivity problem from Philippines. Since last week, getting only max of 100kb per download. Thank You.

  126. satta matka

    Hi, getting connectivity problem from Philippines. Since last week, getting only max of 100kb per download. Thank You.

  127. henry

    Hi, getting download problem from Malaysia. Since last week, getting only max of 50kb/s per download. Please try to fix it as soon as possible thank you so much.


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