Zippyshare technobabble once again. :-)

Hey Folks,

We owe You some information about any issues with our website You might have encountered lately. We talk about the following:

- slow speeds on some of the servers

- long waiting time for the download to begin after the download button is clicked

- missing links after the upload process

All of this was an effect of a policy change on our hosters side. The changes prevented us from upgrading our infrastructure as we had to check for other offers. As we couldn’t add hardware for some time the load on our currenet servers peaked.

Good news is that we were able to get a good agreement for some decent new hardware from another hoster. We got the first batch just 2 days ago and started the migration of a few of the most loaded and failure prone servers. If everything goes as planned Zippyshare will be back to its usual top performance by the end of the month.

Keep You fingers crossed and give us some time to get the job done. :-)

Edit 14.10.2012: www7/8/9  – data migration process started – ETR: 96h or more

Edit 15.10.2012: www10/11/12 – data migration process started – ETR: 96h

Edit 16.10.2012: www21/22/23/24 – data migration process started – ETR: 96h

Edit 16.10.2012: www17/18/19/20 – 107 inodes to go – 1100 already checked – ETR: 24-48h + time needed to data migration (we will not risk losing any more data by putting the server online when we don’t know what caused data corruption in the first place – everything in megaCLI looks ok)

Edit 17.10.2012: An update about 7/8/9, 21/22/23/24 – the DNS entries have been altered to point to the new machines. Not all of the data has been migrated till now. This means that some of the data on the servers will be not accessible for some time. No we are not completly crazy I can assure You. :-) The old servers where overloaed and where down for about 50% of the time so we decided to move some data to a new machine, redirect the traffic and move the rest “in background”. For the next 48h You might encounter files which after download have 0kb size. Don’t worry the file hasn’t been migrated from the old server. Just try again in a few hours time. We do our best to keep it as comfortable for You guys as we can. It will still be a bumpy ride unfortunately.

Edit 18/19.10.2012: 17/18/19/20 – up! 7/8/9, 10/11/12, 21/22/23/24 – has been successfully migrated. We got the second batch of new servers.

Edit 20.10.2012: We just started moving data from 1/2/3, 4/5/6, 13/14/15/16, 17/18/19/20, 25/26/27/28.

Edit 21.10.2012: 17/18/19/20 – has been successfully migrated.

Edit 25.10.2012: 13/14/15/16, 25/26/27/28 – has been successfully migrated.

Edit 28.10.2012: 1/2, 5/6 – has been successfully migrated.

Edit 29.10.2012: 3/4 – has been successfully migrated.

Edit 01.11.2012: Some users reported problems with file downloads (incomplete downloads, connections drop, timeouts etc.)… we have reconfigured our servers a bit, please report us any issues You might encounter

Edit 7.11.2012: www3/4… still fsck (it’s not a bug it’s a feature) :-/

Edit 10.11.2012: We got the third (last one) batch of new servers. We just started moving data from:
www29/30/31/32, 33/34/35/36, 37/28/39/40, 41/42/43/44, 63/64 – only data migration – ETR: 96h
www65/66 – the DNS entries have been altered to point to the new machines. For the next 48h You might encounter files which after download have 0kb size. Don’t worry the file hasn’t been migrated from the old server. Just try again in a few hours time.

Edit 12.11.2012: 65/66 – has been successfully migrated.

Edit 13.11.2012: www45/46/47/48/49/50/51/52 – has been successfully migrated.

Edit 14.11.2012: www29/30/31/32, 33/34/35/36, 37/28/39/40, 41/42/43/44, 63/64 – has been successfully migrated.

Edit 15.11.2012: Holly shit, reCaptcha everywhere… sorry folks, we are testing a theory about file downloads by some “automatic software” which cause very high load on our servers. We hope that the reCaptcha will be only a temporary solution.

Edit 20.11.2012: www3/4 – It’s Alive! :D No data lost, but it was a bit humiliating downtime for us. :/

Edit 30.11.2012: We just added another 10gbps to one of our aggregation switches to prevent congestion in peak hours. What this means for you? Better download speeds of course. :)

Edit 1.12.2012: www53/54/55/56/57 – has been successfully migrated.

Edit 9.12.2012: New servers added into load balancer, now, please give a warm welcome to www67/68/69/70/71/72/73/74… more to come. ;)

Edit 26.01.2013: New server added into load balancer, please give a warm welcome to www75/76

214 Responses to “Zippyshare technobabble once again. :-)”

  1. victor says:

    este bun

  2. Trod says:

    Thanks for the update, it makes a huge change in the level of frustration. Most hosts can’t be bothered.

    Thanks again.

  3. Wex says:

    Great! Keep up the quality work guys!
    Thanks for letting us know what’s going on.

  4. satt says:

    www17/18 The connection has timed out :(
    The server at www17/ is taking too long to respond.

  5. Donato Mix says:

    ZS is the best!
    ZS FTW!

  6. gus1000 says:

    The people of Blizzard Entertainment could cut away from you a disk, in terms of information policy:D you tell us what is going on at least! Blizzard consoled only with “the problem is known and we are working on it” ZS Thx for the great work :D greets from Germany! :D

  7. matoute says:

    Bumpy ride indeed!

  8. Martin V says:

    I click on the link- I get the zippy download page- I click on ‘DownlOAD’ AND ALL THAT HAPPENS is that a new window (same one) open again but download does not start.. wozzup ??
    love zippy but ti’s not workin for me now :-( snif

  9. kris1986k says:

    :) thx for the update
    that explains a lot…
    and a big thumb up for the new hardware :D

  10. Claydon says:

    im having the same problem i click download and the same window opens but the download doesnt start…..very frustatating…. hope you get the problem sorted soon… zippy the best uploader there is

  11. QOOLOS says:

    Good luck in restoring the data! I can understand it’s a HUGE waste of time do migrate the amount of data you’re storing!

  12. jaynegron says:

    Thanks for the update….

  13. Hans says:

    when the update will be finished?

  14. Nick says:

    I still cannot download – a new window just reloads grrrr

  15. Ace says:

    thanks for your effort :)

  16. cyber1995 says:

    ZS you are the best, thanks for the info :)

  17. Andy says:

    You have a support beyond compare.
    Only few companies have such support.
    Most would just do things behind curtains and refuse to disclose ANY possible detail about it.

    Simply fantastic. You guys do not have to strive to be the best, you ARE the best.

  18. MARCO says:

    Hey… Love zippyshare, But there is a recent problem where I go to the page of the zippyshare download… and when I click download it just refreshes the page again and the download pop up window does not come up (just the same page) Is there something I should get rid of on my computer to make it work properly?!? Sometimes (usually @night) I do it again with the same file… and it works. Don’t get it. Any help I’d appreciate greatly. Thankyou Z.S

    Edit by admin: Hey MARCO, please try now.

  19. Rhythm Jain says:

    kudos to u…. and thanks.

    zippy is the best

  20. Jewelz says:

    I keep getting the same problem as you guys. It just refreshes the page and no download window/link appears. Some of the links i tried were www18 www17 etc, which i thought had been succesfully migrated?

    Must be a crazy time for you guys at ZS, big respect for all the input and effort going into resolving this. Thanks for the constant updates and info, all the best in sorting it.

    Edit by admin: Hey Jewelz, please try now.

  21. Pedro says:

    You guys are the BEST

  22. Carl says:

    O M G ! You guys are really the BEST.

    I recently today (very recently) were able to access a file (the page of the link) but could not download, after re-trying it failed loading the page at all, as some others apparently also experiencing. It kept doing that, no matter what I tried (because I always thought the problem was at my end). After about 15-20 minutes, page was suddenly loading up and the download worked flawlessly!

    First time I experienced a bit of the bumpy ride, but I needed to only wait maximum 30 minutes! Worth it !
    Server was: www32
    If others experience problem on this server, give it some time. These guys work as hard as they can!

  23. Aştî says:

    Why do we need to wait 3 years for download page to load?!

  24. Jewelz says:


    Again, hats off to the exellent service and support from all you guys! I have not yet been on my computer to check but issomething i will definitely do tomorro

  25. Vince says:

    sup guys..

    why is the downloadspeed at 19 kb/s limited?

    i downloaded some files from different servers and at every file the same problem.. only 19 kb/s :(

    i’m using linux mint 13 and the google chrome 22.0.1229.94 browser

    can you dig the problem up?

  26. Charisma says:

    There’re issues with nodes 5,9,13, and 41.

  27. Kris says:

    44/ is not working for me now, aree you migrating this server ¿?

  28. spike says:

    not working correct today:
    44 terminates uopload
    25 terminates uopload
    20 terminates uopload
    8 gives no link after upload

    Working good today:

  29. Chris says:

    You people make an excellent work ^__________^ im glad there are good admins out there, somewhere

  30. Aştî says:

    When will we be able to download again normally? Thanks.

  31. Christian says:

    News: www34 is now working.. :P

  32. Christian says:

    Sorry is not “now” is “not”…

    www34 is not working (can’t access to files in that node)

  33. John says:

    server 26 and 28 down

  34. MrT says:

    So bye bye OVH? Atleast now we’ll have better routing :D

    ZS m/

  35. Kris says:

    OK, now I’m experiencing a huge drop in speed, I can’t download anything, what’s going on ?

  36. MARCO says:

    THANKYOU ADMIN…. SO FAR IT WORKS ON MY END DOWNLOADING. I see some cry baby comments on here, Guys relax… It is a free site aND YOU ARE BASICALLY GETTING FREE TRAXX… I’m sure the individuals behind zippyshare are trying their best to make it operate properly… Which they really do not have too. Thanx Z.S. Any future problems, I will contact you immediately!!!

  37. matoute says:

    Thank you Marco. No self-respecting comment section can do without its resident sycophant.

  38. kris1986k says:

    neither cry babies nor sycopath…..its halloween
    they cosplayed as ‘emo kids’

    on my side everything running smooth, getting almost max speed
    3 or 4 files out of ~3300 act like 0 KB files…but thats not even 1% lol

    P.S. found some girls panties in the folder ‘Public’ …trick or treat? :P

  39. Daniel says:

    I can’t connect service 12 and 21 at all, is there any problem?

  40. John says:

    I can not download files from server 3 as I speak

  41. Carlo says:

    The filename of downloads get trippy weird =?utf-8….cbz

  42. XeLL says:

    This is the best hoster of all !! Even better than rapidshare or other crap pages.

  43. Bill says:

    I cannot download this file:
    The www7 server is NOT back to normal. This link keeps crashing/timing out.

  44. johny sac says:

    thanks for the update.

    Also, those experiencing slow downloads please be smart and use a download accelerator such as IDM, jdownloader etc.

    Those that have problems when clicking download it’s an addon issue with the site, so far I get that if I use pop up blockers such as “ghostery” and sometimes with “adblock plus” too, so create exceptions for zippyshare or and then it should work.

  45. kelvin says:

    Is it the problem on my side that I successfully start downloading (at around 200+k/s) from time to time but the download stops before it is completed? What can I do?

  46. Lemon87 says:

    Thanks for letting us know! It is most great to know what is happening and when it is expected to be sorted. Clear communication is the best!

  47. JT says:

    @johny sac
    Please be smart and realise that the slow download has something to do with Zippy servers/connection/hoster/migration/whatever, not with the users. Using download accelerator won’t help since the problem is at Zippy’s end. Waiting Zippy to fix the problem is the only way to solve it.

  48. Lemuria says:

    Hello! I want to know to the admins that I can’t download any file of Zippyshare with the JDownloader. I don’t know if it’s a problem of the host or the program, and I want to note (don’t know if this was already told) that sometimes the download starts with 2kbps or less and I can’t download the file. Hope you can solve it!

  49. Spike says:

    I’ve had 2 incomplete downloads yesterday, both files >100MB. No problems with smaller files.
    www1 and www3 cannot be accessed at this moment.

    Zippy uploader often crashes and doesn’t save the links then.
    Would it be a problem to have another policy on this in a future version of the Uploader. Maybe save every link directly after the upload in an own .txt-File and at the end save a summary of all links in an additional .txt-file?
    The uploader most of the time crashes with an “Socket error 10053″. This seems to be the case when the upload server hat a problem. It also occurs when my router has it’s every-24h-reset-of-connection.

  50. masterM says:

    Hi everybody i cant acces a link to www4
    Its always unreachable.

  51. plmj says:

    1st of all many thanks to ZS team for great service!
    I confirm masterM statement, at the moment server 4 seems to be offline (yesterday already it suffered some hiccups, indeed it was available only now and then)

  52. Spike says:

    www3 is still unaccessable, so www1/2/4 should also be unreachable…

  53. dd says:

    hi my links www3 is still unaccessable wont let me on them at all unreachable

  54. Aştî says:

    After a lot of patience I still have problems with many download links.
    It is impossible to download, and when it does work, it takes 3 years.

    I am looking for alternative site now.

    Goodbye Zippyshare :(

  55. Spike says:

    www1-4 still unreachable at this moment.
    There is another (little) problem since some days: special characters in file and folder names, like “ö” or “ä” etc. are not accepted any more. If there are older files with an “ö” this “ö” is kept only until you change the file/folder name.
    If you have a folder like “Köln” and change the name of this one it looks this way: “Köln”

    BTW: I have no problems like Aştî, the downloads are fast, although some servers have a longer reaction time (i.e. www41-44).
    In case of www41-44 it is 1-2 minutes to load the download page and another 1-2 minutes after clicking on “Download now” until you the the download window of your browser (tested at this moment with www41 and google chrome, but it’s the same with Firefox).

  56. Dirk Doogler says:

    Even small files (10 MB) uploaded to www41 only after 5-10 attempts. After 2-5% “I/O error”.

  57. Rycho says:

    www3 & www4 still unreachable

  58. Spike says:

    www41-44 “0B server problem”…
    www1-4 completely off
    www21-24 also have problems

    Does anyone know how to sort folders in alphabetical order in the Public Profile? Is this possible at all?

  59. Spike says:

    www3/4 now unreachable for the 5th day….
    What is the problem with that one?

  60. John says:

    Connection dropped significantly. My download speed was 5-10KB/s :(
    I didn’t have any problem with other sites though. I could even download a 200-something MB NVIDIA driver at 10-15MB/s

  61. Spike says:

    no access to www3/4 for the 7th day :(

  62. kris1986k says:

    @ Spike
    some of the files that were missing are back…at least on my side :P

    yu should take it easy and drink some tea~

  63. Spike says:

    @ kris
    no problem :) just reporting… => 8th day off.
    and wondering…
    normally it’s just 48h ’til servers are back, but this one seems to need more time…
    I still have enough tea in the house ;)
    but the file I wanna have reaches it’s 30day-period shortly…

    and of course it would be interesting for me and probably for other users to know what the problem is and to know if we need to upload some files on www3/4 again…

  64. ChocoManga says:

    I click on Download Now and a new window (same one) opens instead of the download Why ??

  65. Spike says:

    @Choco Manga: would be interesting to know which server (the number after the “www”, i.e. “www28.zippy…”)

  66. Lemuria says:

    Still not working www3 and www4

  67. Danny says:

    I unfortunately am still getting around 50-60kbps compared to the awesome speed I am so used to. I guess this will take more time…cheers and hope to see shares zip back soon ;)

  68. djalien says:

    www26 time out

  69. John says:

    server 3 and 4 –> 11 days off and counting

  70. Fred Val says:

    - www1 out no connection ?
    - www3 & 4 out no connection ?
    - www25 out no connection ?
    - “Edit 12.11.2012: 65/66 – has been successfully migrated.” ??? www66 File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server ???

  71. Dave says:

    servers “www25″ and “www.26″ timeout, please fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  72. Ashish says:

    Hi Guys,

    Servers 2, 16 and 33 have been giving me poor download speeds. Any problems with these boxes?

  73. Fred Val says:

    www1, www3, www4, www25, www66 …. my files disappear 1 by 1 :( what happens? ??? (It is my second comment, I hope that this one will not be ignored) Thanks.

  74. Kany69 says:

    www19 is down please do something

  75. :O says:

    Sadly today my downloads are capped at 100Kb/s after the recaptcha was introduced.
    I always had good speeds before ( 1-4 MB/s ). :(

    Edit by admin:
    We have not introduced any download speed limits. Please try again.

  76. atm says:

    Great site. Congrats!

  77. buuuuu says:

    Edit 13.11.2012: www45/46/47/48/49/50/51/52 – has been successfully migrated

    I still encounter files which after download have 0kb size at www52

    Edit by admin:
    Bug confirmed => reported to actual admin.

  78. duplakappa says:

    Hello, i understand the captcha thing but no body wants to be watching every file they’re downloading waiting for the captcha… people likes to leaving mipony (or other software) downloading while they do something else. I hope you will solve this problem and this “captcha solution” will end, its a great site so i dont want to see another “MF”. Regards

  79. thanatos says:

    Start selling premiums and unban all countries IP, or you will be unable to run this site. Running a complete free file host is a dream; wake up.

  80. G Money says:

    Is www21 running slow, only downloading at 200-500kbs, usually 1-4Mbs, don’t know if its the server or just lots of downloads. Great site guys, love it. Thanks for all your hard work.

  81. anon says:

    the main reason for your increasing popularity is the ease of use of this website.
    no premium, no speed limitations, no captchas, unlimited parallel downloads, only one click and you’re downloading.
    now you changed one of those points, by adding captchas and by adding registration, im suspecting you plan on changing other points too.
    you’re not doing yourself any favors here, by adding captchas, you’ll only drive people away from this site and to your competitors like xxx, yyy and zzz*, who refrain from using them.
    my advice, rethink your strategy or in all likely-hood you’ll see a significant loss in ad revenue.
    its your funeral

    *now that they lifted their restrictions, they’re quickly gaining in popularity again

  82. matoute says:

    yep, still getting some 0 byte files from www52, but compared to yesterday it’s working like a charm.

    Edit by admin:
    Bug confirmed => reported to actual admin.

  83. duplakappa says:

    If your servers are overloaded and the captcha is th only solution (or the fastest) then use it because its needed to give a better service, but please dont add premium accounts or download speed limitations or a file download limit like waiting X time to download again. Please dont change for bad, your site is great!

  84. AMAZING says:


    LOVE ZIPPYSHARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. AMAZING says:

    I dont care if there are captcha’s STILL THE BEST HOSTER



  86. fallen_09 says:

    still can’t download from ww3 wondering when it will be fixed?

  87. lianlianmusic says:

    Hello administrator, why not download more than 30M file it?
    File size reflect more than 30M Download no!!

    Edit by admin:
    It’s a temporary limit, we will probably tune it a bit.

  88. wodeaigsq says:

    Captcha Not seen on most files.SO cant download.
    download speed is very low….I usually have 400kb but now 15kb all the day
    I think you are doing your best…

    Captcha Not seen

    Edit by admin:
    Our new ISP could have some route issue to China. Sorry, we can’t do anything about it. :(

  89. Spike says:

    Some files from www21 seem to dissappear

    Edit by admin:
    I will take a look on it.

  90. Cuban says:

    Captcha? Why?

  91. Nille says:

    www4 is not Responding

  92. kris1986k says:

    ”Captcha Not seen”
    it may be the browser too
    i have faced same problems but with other content than captcha
    Firefox, IE 9 and Chrome <<< test on all of those browsers
    if none works ask friends to enter the link, could be that the Java on your PC has some bug

  93. Nille says:

    www3 Timeout.

  94. Karthikh Venkat says:

    Nice! Keep up the quality of your work guys!
    Thanks for the information.

  95. jan says:

    get away with captcha. Zippyshare doesn’t work for several days now. No one can’t download anything.

  96. paul says:

    I agree, do away with the captcha. The reason I went with zippyshare was that it was so simple. The simple download button was much better

  97. gbasko says:

    why cant i resume download but kudos zippyshare is relatively fast

  98. nex says:

    I don’t get it. This is the best upload service on the internet. How in the world is it free and not the most popular??

  99. jan says:

    please get away with captcha. It is still not possible to download. Even when you type the 2 words it doesn’t work.

  100. Autonn says:

    Ummmm… Mine’s saying can’t login until I update which I have but It’s sayin I haven’t

  101. ricardo moises says:

    please get away downloads with captcha, it’s odious !!

  102. Spike says:

    @jan: no probs here with the captcha. Only type the 2 words and click on Download. Do not use the ENTER-key! If you can’t read the 2 words you’ll get new word when clicking on Download. Done here several times and it always worked, as long as you type the right 2 words. If you make a mistake: no download.

  103. kris1986k says:


    www3 and www4 back online :D

    glad to have them back, thanks zippyshare!!
    i don’t mind captcha….but optimize it for those who are blind lol

    oh and sorting works in a strange way
    one click > sort by name
    next click > by date?
    again > random :D

    other stuff, sorting or actually the order of the folders
    in public view…its only by date :’(
    however the files inside the folders by file name

    ^more spam

  104. Spike says:

    Lots of files are disappearing and reappearing later in “main”. The last days these were all from www10 to 15.
    Today some deleted files from www4 reappeared and a file from www26 (also in “main”, not in the original folders)

    Edit by admin:
    Added to bugtracker.

  105. mase112 says:

    Hi Team,

    from the captcha code has been introduce i cant download from zippyshare using mipony
    keep getting download error..anyone else having this problem???

  106. DeepSta says:


  107. Fred Val says:

    all is good ! nice ! thx

  108. Morten K says:

    Abit sad to see you have added captcha.
    But if you gonna keep the captcha, please make some more simple captcha.
    They are way to hard to read. :/

  109. ddust says:

    Thank you for the hardwork!

  110. ddust says:

    I’m glad www3 starting to work again, but when I started to download, the speed I get is pretty low, only 12.8 KB/s..
    I hope the speed getting back to how it used to be. Thank you,,

    Edit by admin:
    Our new ISP could have some route issue to Indonesia. Sorry, we can’t do anything about it. :(

  111. matoute says:

    I had given up hope on www3. It’s good to have it back ;)

  112. yakman says:

    www4 is back and there’s a file i need to download from that server.
    The problem is when i download it , the file stuck at 920kb and stop downloading.
    After a moment it says the file download finish and it remains at 920kb.
    Have the same results with many tries.
    Any solution?

    Edit by admin:
    Info has been redirected to our system administrator.

  113. Ree says:

    Why am i getting slow download speeds? Ranging between 12-24KB/s ??? I use a 2MB internet connection. Previously it use to download at a speed of 150-200KB/s.

  114. Lim Wee Huat says:

    Zippyshare, No.1!!!

  115. Kaliban says:

    Well, about this “no data lost” statement, www21 says: “File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server”. What about that? :)

  116. Chris says:

    from the captcha code has been introduce i cant download from zippyshare

  117. DjJeshk says:

    The device or resource ( is not set up to accept connections on port “The World Wide Web service (HTTP)”.

  118. JR says:

    Would be possible for us to set a passaword for the individual files uploaded, please??
    This would be very useful to me.


  119. John says:

    server 3 down again

  120. Djlatino says:

    Login system is giving me a 404

  121. Pope says:

    Must be a huge migrating so many files. Major Kudos to zippyshare for actually thinking of their users and keeping us apprised as to what is going and when it is happening. I don’t know of any other site that bothers.

    Hope the ReCaptcha disappears soon, it is such a pain in the ***!

    Current download speeds and page-load speeds for me are not so great, but I am happy to persevere as no doubt they will improve with all the new hardware. Not to say they are bad, just slow compared to what they used to be. Which means they are now ‘only’ as fast as the best of their competitors. lol.

    ZippyShare is still my favourite host.

    Thanks for your policy of keeping us all informed.

  122. WWu says:

    when would the captcha be gone

  123. Tigre says:

    ZippyShare AAAAA+++++ The best one! Thanks

  124. Spike says:

    Kaliban said (November 23rd, 2012 at 9:15 pm)
    Well, about this “no data lost” statement, www21 says: “File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server”.

    Same Server, same experience here.
    Also some files from other servers than 21 seem to disappear currently

  125. kris1986k says:

    seems server 4 is back again :)
    as for the disappearing files…i may be wrong but none of mine is gone
    they just went missing for few days and now i see them back…

    and just like ‘Pope’ mentioned i think zippyshare is still migrating files….sorry to disappoint you all but thats more than few TB :P

    no complains from my side :D

    Edit by admin:
    Thank You for the kind words, and yes, we still:
    - migrating files
    - adding new servers
    - adding new connectivity to boost download speeds in peak hours
    Busy, busy, busy :)

  126. Spike says:

    Is there a problem or a bug on www55?

    We have one file with 2 different www55-Links in 2 different folders.
    Both of them show incredible DLL-counts (4585 resp. 5974) but only 3 resp. 8 “Prev”-Counts.
    If you have a look on this file via the Stats-Button you see

    Link 1:
    942 Pageviews/1 Preview/4 Downloads for 2012-11-30
    8206 Pageviews/1 Preview/1 Downloads for 2012-12-01

    5974 Pageviews/5 Previews/2 Downloads for 2012-11-30
    10 Pageviews/3 Preview/1 Downloads for 2012-12-01


    missed files reappearing under main on 2012-11-30: 4 files from www52, 63, 64

    missed files reappearing under main on 2012-01-12: www52, 63, 63, 64 (these 4 have been missing only for 3 to 5 hours)

  127. kris1986k says:

    @ Spike,
    then i suggest you google the file name of that ‘incredible DLL-counts’ file
    and if you see it in google search then that is the reason…your file is just viewed, not only by humans
    there are sites collecting links, search engines , scripts, bots etc

    whatever(?) will acces the link is counted as a view…that’s my guess

  128. MAtias says:

    love u guys

  129. Spike says:

    no, kris. Must be another reason. Note: there are TWO different Links for the SAME file.
    And with both Links (files) the Previews are counted als “Downloads” – but only in the “your account”-View

  130. Jackie says:

    Hi I have been trying to download like 20 times and the page keeps refreshing but nothing happens! I am soooooooo frustrated!

  131. Spike says:

    @jackie: wait for 48h and try again, this will help normally! And have a look on the number behind the www (i.e. www63.zippyshare…). Often all files with the same number will not work for some hours.

    There are still files disappearing and reappearing in the “main” folder of an account.
    Yesterday 4 files from www63/64, today 3 files from www47/63

  132. Werner says:

    Hey Zippyshare Team! Thanks for your Service! I’m a active User since 2008 and I like the “Only-Free” way of thinking :D

    But I uploaded a 2,3 GB splitted via a Kabel Deutschland connection (32 mbit) to your Servers. Now my partner sitting in Hamburg with a 100 mbit connection from Wilhelm Tel ISP. The download speed is nearly 30 kb/s per part what my partner makes a little bit frustrated :D

    I’m looking forward that you the fix the handfull servers that run not at its best.

    The new Captcha idea is usefull in case of abusive downloading!

  133. Spike says:

    Hi Werner, hi The Z-Team!
    I think it’s not (only?) a server problem. Yesterday I downloaded a 130MB-file with good speed in about 7 minutes with my 3Mbits-connection. A friend of mine downloaded the same file in Portugal with a 7Mbits-connection only 30 mins later – but only at a speed of 5kb/s!

  134. franceline santos says:


    In my PC, when i will start download, the CODE not appears.
    I click in DOWNLOAD, but anything change

    Someone can help me?

    Best regards
    Franceline Santos

  135. Spike says:

    There are still files disappearing and reappearing under main: today 1 x www48, 2 x 63, 4 x 64.
    Interesting: www63/64 are always involved…

  136. Spike says:

    again 23 files disappeared…
    another problem: exploding download numbers – but: WITHOUT relevant TRAFFIC!
    The number of downloads is 3 times as high as the number of views… how could this be?

  137. Spike says:

    35 missed files reappeared tonight under “main”: 2 x www47, 6 x www52, 2 x www59, 13 x www63, 12 x www64
    Besides of Server 47/63/64 his time there were two “new” servers involved for the first time in the missing file problem: www52 and www59

  138. kris1986k says:

    Spike wrote:
    ”The number of downloads is 3 times as high as the number of views… how could this be?”

    for example, use JD downloader, copy the link and create a DLC
    share the DLC, people who have the DLC can’t enter the download link as its encrypted…
    but they can download it
    i think that may answer your question

    as for the previous querry about the views…i got few files with a number of view @ 30 000
    again, i think thats a server bot, some collecting software

  139. Lemos says:

    I cant download because when I put the code e dosent do nothing.

  140. Pierre says:

    New download speeds are pathetic. When can we finally download normally?

  141. MAtias says:

    you are my god

  142. darkneko91 says:

    Much-much thanks, guys, we really appreciate your work :)

  143. oxyee says:

    23/24/25/26/27 not opening . giving error . please solve it .

  144. Sergio says:

    Again Captcha? ;(

  145. Simon says:

    Please fix the avatars. Something goes wrong when uploading an avatar and the picture can not be shown on the profile page. this should be pretty easy to fix.

  146. eL says:

    5kb/s, does this only happen to me?

    Edit by Admin:
    Hey eL, probably our main ISP have some kind of routing problems to Indonesia at the moment, sorry we can’t do anything about it. :-/

  147. Simon says:

    Hey Admin

    What about the avater bug ??

  148. xiongrentmp says:

    Although you said www4 is back but I still encounter a file which after download have 0kb size at www4. Do I need to post the full file address? (This is the first time I encounter a problem at zippy and I am not sure how to report it oO

  149. Gaby says:

    Gracias por por el upgrade, funciona todo perfecto!

  150. Sid says:

    I am really thankful to you guys for sorting this thing out. Now I can download from my favorite file hosting site once again. Thanks a lot.

  151. Killier Kingdom says:

    This site is brilliant and free, dunno what half you clowns are whinging about!

  152. Татьяна says:

    Спасибо за вашу работу! Теперь работает лучше!

  153. Jhonas says:

    Thanx, love u guys

  154. Jake says:

    Happy New Year to all you guys out there!

  155. DGT says:

    Happy New 2013 Guys!
    The Best Ever.

  156. oldman says:


  157. Diego says:

    10 kbps max speed! Seriously?

  158. Spike says:

    oldman, don’t press enter after typing the captcha.
    Do only type the captcha and press Download thereafter. DO NOT PRESS ENTER!

  159. Jake says:

    Is it just me or when I try to download something , the download speed starts off with a high download rate then it alternates from high to low , after a few seconds , the download speed just stops abruptly and hangs there leaving the download file to fail …..

    Is it a server problem or something ??

    Edit by admin:
    It’s probably some kind of connectivity problems to Malaysia. Sorry, but we are unable to help You with that. :-(

  160. 煩惱的人 says:

    最近下載真的很有問題耶 最快速就 10到20k 會不會太離譜了 下載一個 170m的 東西要3小時或2小時

  161. Snail says:

    Really painful DL speeds from your www9 and www10 servers. About 20kbps, LOL. No, don’t think everything can be explained as “router / ISP / connection issues”, because every other service works flawlessly. Never happened with Mediafire (your closest model) for all the years I used it…

    Edit by admin:
    www9/10 looks ok from here (we can easily max out our office connection)

  162. j-f says:

    tanks guys!

  163. Gatjeni says:

    thnk you for the update,. we’ll check it out

  164. wildwolf says:

    Hi, I only want to say you: thanks a lot for this hosting!

  165. Rocko says:

    The speeds from south africa is 1-3kb/s. Not sure if it’s proxy issue, though other sites downloads remain a contain 200kb+

  166. shayan says:


  167. QQ says:

    I don’t know what had happened but Zippy didn’t work well this past two days for me. it worked absolutely okay when I used it in saturday. but since yesterday the download process is so slow and then stopped before it’s completed. I tried the other download site and it’s okay.

  168. Jake says:

    How come some zippy links are protected by captcha and others are not?

  169. DGT says:

    Congratz no the new migrations.
    New Servers, Better Quality, More People Happy :)

  170. Lemuria says:

    Guys, can you take away the captchas? Is really annoying :/

  171. webewe says:

    please take the captchas off – it sux.

  172. yemanoo says:

    thank you very much

  173. flipynofx says:

    Thanks a lot! Zippyshare is amazing!

  174. Alex says:

    Amazing job you guys! You really rock, best file hosting server ever !!! They can’t remove the captcha orelse all the servers will be loaded because of bots! Keep up the good work! :)

  175. deeve says:

    The player does not work on iPad :(
    Do you have an HTML5 workaround or fallback planned for the future?

  176. Mig says:

    In Portugal, Zippy Rules!
    Amazing service.. Fast, loyal even without premium!
    Fuck off “D*m” and similar adulterated shits….
    You (Zippy) are the best!
    Love you!!

  177. Luigi says:

    I am having plenty of problems with www19 sin yesterday. It takes it some much to access to the page, the download never starts and sometimes the servers says that the file does not exist (although it does exist)

  178. sd says:

    I freaking love this site, don’t change!!!

    don’t add ads or any other crap,

    Best regards from Portugal!

  179. giovanni colonna says:

    i am having a problem , can you help me, when open zippy said that have an error htpp 500

    Edit by admin:
    Which URL/server?

  180. MauricioRoman2011 says:

    I’m having a problem, my previews and downloads are also zeroed and Bandwidth Served
    The information of the downloads do not appear

  181. Yathansh says:

    9/10/21. These servers are not working
    plz correct them.

  182. joshr2d2 says:

    Please remove the recaptcha from zippyshare downloads.

  183. adli says:

    why is the download speed still slow? my top speed is 1000kbps but when i try to download anything it will decrease from 30kbps to 0kpbs

  184. Tamal says:

    The download speed has come down considerably recently and is now at the range of 45kbps to 0 kbps :(

  185. sara says:

    the download speed start slow then stop after 1min on www6 T_T
    plz correct it >.<

  186. darren m says:

    download won’t start when i click on download, even after 5/10 minutes.

    Any ideas? thanks

  187. Sc00teR says:

    Hi Zippyshare,

    Im having slow download speed issue with all server of zippyshare. & even download stop in middle after some time ..

    please fix it ASAP.

  188. Kris says:

    Slow speed recently on some of your servers, and for what I can see I’m not the only one with this problem.

  189. DjLellone says:

    Ultra slow download speed for me… please fix it!

  190. DGT says:

    No new news?

  191. Davie says:

    Can’t download. Keeps displaying “Waiting for a response from”

  192. Davie says:

    Thank you appreciate your attention to this

  193. Davie says:

    Why does it work with the recaptcha and not without

  194. Davie says:

    Is there a possible solution to this issue

  195. Jewelz says:


    Is there a problem with some of the servers Zippy? When I click on “Download”, the page just refreshes itself – I had the same issue last year when it went down…

    Any news would be (As always) much appreciated.

    Cheers guys!

    Edit by admin:
    Send us the server numbers/names where you encountered such an issue (eg. www1, www22, …)

  196. Dan says:

    How do you make money? lol

    Edit by admin:
    Our main job is banks robbing, but tsss, don’t tell anyone. ;)

  197. Heisenberg says:

    i love you guys!!!!

  198. ahmed says:

    ey… Love zippyshare, But there is a recent problem where I go to the page of the zippyshare download… and when I click download it just refreshes the page again and the download pop up window does not come up (just the same page) Is there something I should get rid of on my computer to make it work properly?!? Sometimes (usually @night) I do it again with the same file… and it works. Don’t get it. Any help I’d appreciate greatly. Thankyou Z.S

    Edit by admin:
    Several people reported us a similar issue, but we are unable to locate any bug which could cause such a browser behavior. More info regarding config of your computer will be helpful .eg:
    - your operating system and version
    - name and version of your browser
    - installed browser addons
    - installed antivirus software

  199. Augusto says:

    Love you guys! Jus wanted to let you know that.. Unique way of handling problems and informing the users, normal users who don’t (directly at least) make you earn money). I really respect that, so thank you!

  200. MeSH says:

    - missing links after the upload process

    still the links is missing after the upload process :(

  201. hard_candy says:

    Something is wrong with this link. Always downloaded 0KB of its file instead of 150MB and if I uses IDM, it’ll just freezes.

  202. Lucy says:

    15 hours to download 128MB on www42. OMG. :( I wonder if it will resume if I continue tomorrow?… Thanks in advance.

  203. MeSH says:

    one of my link can’t download

    this is the server number: www27.

    and this is the link

    base in IDM Status: Receiving Data or Connecting…

    please fix it :)

    now i’m reuplaoding the file using old uploader

  204. sam says:

    cool…Ilove zippy

  205. Fremy Samba says:

    Hi ZS Team,

    Hope all of you are fine. My concern is about downloading file. As a matter of fact, nothing happens after my clicking on the download button. At the begining, i sometimes had to wait a long time before the download begin after the download button is clicked. Now nothing happens anymore Is it a general case or am i the only one to experience this? You guys are doing a great job and i know you will sort out this issue.



  206. Fremy Samba says:

    Hi ZS Team,

    By the way, the server is www7.zippyshare


  207. julesv17 says:

    Hey Team,

    love your work and never had any problems before. Now I’m trying to download files like:, indicates that file is called Kallio But when I download I get files of an unknown type like: =_UTF-8_B_S2FsbGlvIDEuemlw_=
    Am I doing something wrong?

  208. nejmi says:

    It’s ok

  209. Matt says:

    Greetings, Zippy Team!

    These past few days have been annoying! The reCaptcha simply doesn’t work. Two recently uploaded files are unavailable to me. One is located on http://www.55 the other on http://www.72. I browse through the captcha’s until I’m 100% sure I know what I’m seeing, I input it, and click the “Download Now” button. Then the page starts reloading, nothing happens and the Captcha re-appears. I’ve tried this over a dozen times per link, I believe it’s impossible I got the letters wrong EVERY time. This means that there is a serious problem with this method – if the server load has decreased, it’s because many people are unable to download things properly. Please look into it, I would hate to see Zippy turn into one of the many filesharing sites…



    Edit by admin:
    I just tested both servers (55 and 72) and captcha work as it should (Win7 64bit/FF21).

  210. Lynx why pree says:

    Love the work keep it up

  211. Cheng says:

    THe captcha we have tokey in for big files. Its not working. No enter button or whatsover near the captcha D: Fix this please thx :D

  212. Ben says:


    I use firefox with ghostery extension.
    Here is the strange thing : zippyshare is in my whitelist in ghostery but i can’t download a file (nothing happen when i click on download), if i deactivate ghostery and reload the page, download is available, is that normal ?

  213. untitled says:

    After clicking ‘Download’ the link just reloads and no download link appears -.-

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