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Due to the fact that the company which we send our email through has lately had some serious problems with the email delivery to some email providers (eg. hotmail) we have decided to make the account activation feature optional.

From now on the account activation is not required in order to use a zippyshare account. Nevertheless we strongly encourage You to verify Your accounts. Verified accounts have access to some additional features like password recovery.

We have also deleted all accounts which where not activated. If You have experienced problems with Your account activation feel free to sign up again.

We are really sorry for this inconvenience.

158 responses to "User registration"

  1. Marius Circiu

    Hello i’m waiting for response to my ticket #112113 :) Hope you’ll answer soon (i’m waiting for more than 1 week for response)

  2. BlackGhost

    just started using the website, awesome website so far hope to see some more awesome features for the users.

  3. wxatgp500

    Are you thinking in Premium accounts shortly? I need my files don’t be deleted and I’d liked having them here.

  4. BlAcKGhOsT

    Sounds good, i think files shouldnt be deleted at all anyways because what if the person rly needs it later then 30 days and they dont know that, u know its reasonable. Love the site though awesome havent seen anything like it and loving the chart of previews and all that. I say great job and I think I am going to love seeing what will be next.

  5. Teaganbear

    I’ve been looking all over the website and google for the answer to this.

    WHAT DOES TTD mean!? It’s a column I see in the list of my files when I click “My Account” and for each file it shows a number of days. What does the number of days mean? Time Til Deletion or something?

    Correct. :-)

  6. Fadia

    please I have no access to my mail any more, could you tell me how to delete my current account so I can sign up again??

  7. Martin

    Anyone else experiencing ultra-low download speeds at the moment?
    For a moment I thought I was downloading from Rapidshare-servers… 78MB takes 1 hour or more? :S
    I’ve tried Firefox as well, but same thing; very low speeds, where it should be really fast.
    It’s happened a few times before now, mostly later on in the evening, quite annoying.
    Whereas in the morning and throughout the rest of the day speeds are generally fine.

  8. Donato Mix

    I’m leaving 4shared once for all. There are too many bugs and limitations on last months.
    I’ll storage my important files all here.

  9. Mytallpalmtree

    Best sharing place ever – no selling any type of bullshit to it’s users.
    Big time respect to this team…

  10. JL Griffin

    I have been using zippyshare to send files to others i make collab music with for ages. so glad they added and account thing so i can store all my links in one place. 😀

  11. Rob Lewis

    I just activated my account using hotmail without any trouble. Have yet to use the service but so far so good!

  12. enterpcs


    Is any of the admins still alive here ?
    Hasn’t been updated in quite a while.
    That’s a pity.

    Kind regards,


    Edit: Yes, very alive, but busy

  13. Tosh

    Are you planning on adding Premium Accts? I’d be more than happy to subscribe as long as it means that my files won’t get deleted in 30 days due to inactivity.

  14. nekton

    All my files are deleted! I don’t know why . Is there a duration limit?

    Yep, File Life: 30 days after no activity (download/preview).

  15. pedo

    FUCK HOTMAIL, switch to something that accepts emails that are sent to you and displays it to you.

    Whats the use of an email provider when he censors and blacklists the email and doesn’t receive it ?
    If he thinks its spam , the he should put it in spam. WHAT FUCKING USEFUL THE “spam” FOLDER is when he doesn’t use it ?

  16. althoorn

    Only 0 days until expiring, already after 0 minutes of Uploading!! Something is going very wrong here….if anybody knows an answer..

  17. The General40

    I am not seeing my files after uploading. Also cannot view the number of downloads each file received. Can anyone help?

  18. Cubilas

    This is a wonderful site! I really enjoy the auto-advance in audio file folders, as if it were a playlist~!

    Thanks so much for this service! Better than the rest. And fast, too!

    Big fan here.

  19. An artist

    It is a great Webside, but please have a look to people, that upload music, that isn’t their own music!!!
    It is a big problem for artists, that are working long time with expensive equipment to make music.
    Music shouldn’t be for free, because also artists have to pay rents & have to eat!! Nothing is for free, why music???
    Think about copyrights!!! & if you want to hear music for your heart, you can pay a bit as you pay for food!
    Music is food for the soul!! Artists are working hard for giving soul into this world!!
    Thank you!

  20. albinoman

    nice site

    @an artist
    seriously nobody cares anymore so take that comment and shove it where the sun dont shine

  21. howardtheduck

    I think no deletion of files is required upgrade. 30ty days no download sucks. I would like to store all personal stuff here. Like tax records. family pictures. Private telephone numbers,etc. But what is the point of using your service if all all gone in 30ty days? Consider premium accounts if storage space is serious problem. Or put a donation button. Or due a web site i just see. 0.05 cents per gb per day after 30ty days for no downloaded files. just a thought.

  22. Smitty

    althoorn Says:
    June 22nd, 2012 at 9:22 pm

    “Only 0 days until expiring, already after 0 minutes of Uploading!! Something is going very wrong here if anybody knows an answer..”

    Answer: Don’t worry, Althoorn. This is normal – it happens to me also – and it will correct itself the following day.

  23. Alex Xixin dj

    Quiero felicitarlos ya que son el mejor servidor de cargas y descargas. Me encanta zippyshare, muchisimas gracias, y espero continuen asi , y no como atras que te cancelan tu cuenta por cualquier cosa! gracias otra vez!

  24. GR8M*

    A DJ friend of mine has been persistently using several file hosting sites, each had their own issues, however, I just picked up 2 mixed compilations created by him and like WOW! This has got to be the smoothest and fastest downloads I’ve gotten from him ever! I was super impressed that I registered (as soon as I hit the necessary button to get my enrollment started, I got an email conformation mailing). I don’t use Hotmail for my personal mail (I’m Canadian and use the Bell network system). 4share was my go to application. Please note, I said “was”. I’m sick and tired of 4share’s nagging mails regarding my accounts inactivity. Gee, I wonder why… could it be the hassles my contacts get, when trying to obtain a file from me? Could it be the snails pace of waiting to get the file? Do you feel as if your using a dial up connection, when you’ve subscribed to high speed? I like this site, the lay out and easy of use controls. I think my contacts are going to like coming here and perhaps, jumping on board too! @ Smitty… Thanks for that link. Great editorial. Some of those changes have already, started to take place too. Here is that link, please, if you’re a Hotmail subscriber, check it out:

  25. JohnO

    Nice work, I think this is best as I had a problem before with signing up when I didn’t get the email. Great service you offer here!

  26. Noghri

    Created an account JUST because I read this. If admins of a site I’ve only used a handful of times in the past are this good to their users, I’m down for actively seeking an increase in my usage of their site and promoting it accordingly.

  27. diamarg

    hi , problem ZippyUploader.exe , error > Failed to load application options
    Application will be started in default mode.

    Any help would be appreciated/

    thank you/

  28. Scott Miller

    Lately I simply cannot get ANYTHING to upload with Zippyshare. The progress indicator will go to 100% then the whole thing just disappears, rather than an upload link appearing below as has been the case with many susccssful uploads……any ideas? would it help to delete some of the older files in my account?

  29. Sam

    Ealrier i was getting 400KB+ Speed but now not above 80KB+ Anytime :/ What happened,i loved this ite because it was free and always fast….Please solve the slow Speed issue…..I have plenty of GB to download :)

  30. mehedi

    This is the best site on net.Your service is awesome.Please keep your service always the same like now.Wish you all the best.

  31. matt

    hi, i can no longer download most zippyshare links……. is there a reason ?? have i got to now pay ?? or am i doing something wrong to what ive done for the last 5 years ?? plz email me back

  32. Maham

    It’s nice to see that you emphasize the importance of email verification.
    We cannot proceed without verify the email address.


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