Audio player with waveform preview

As You all might have already noticed we were busy working on our audio player lately. We have introduced a new player with waveform preview (that’s those silly little images which show whats going on in your audio file). We wanted them to be far more accurate then on other sites with a clean seperation of left/right channel (right on the top, left on the bottom as it should be).

We were able to introduce this player in the following locations:

1. Public folders: a new audio preview view has been introduced. It can be set by the folder owner (the owner sets the default folder view) and it can be changed by the users viewing the folder via a combobox at the top.

2. Facebook embed

3. Custom embed (this feature is not entirely introduced at the moment) with a fully customizable size, color scheme, behavior etc.

4. Mobile download page

We have also introduced a HD preview option with a higher bitrate (better high frequencies replication) while still preserving a relatively small file size.

Additionally we have fixed an issue due to which mobile clients could not download file from our website. It should work fine now. If You own an Iphone or an Android device please check if everything is working fine on Your device. In case You encounter any problems please let us know via comments or our support pages (please provide Your device name and operating system version).

108 Responses to “Audio player with waveform preview”

  1. Smitty says:

    Congratulations guys, thank you for all your work. Now you can take a nice rest.

    Admin: Nope… we don’t plan any rest at the moment. We have some new features comming up in the near future.

  2. jesters says:

    Hey guys,

    just tried to sign up for a zippyshare account. Is the registration service currently not working, or do I need to have someone invite me for an account?


    Admin: Registration should work just fine. Just go to:

  3. Broly says:

    Hey guys keep up the great work. If you need anything tested for security feel free to contact me.
    Depending on how well the player works and such I may use Zippyshare instead of Soundcloud for my music!

  4. Xvid_User says:

    Hello zippyshare,
    Is it normal that youre support dont care about support tickets?
    Ticket ID 108496
    No response after 2 weeks now.

    kind regards, Xvid User.

    Sorry for that, check your ticket status. :-)

  5. Le Golden Beet says:

    Hi zippyshare, i was wondering if you guys have on mind, to add a download counter? sorry if i dont write properly

  6. Dino says:

    I Love Your Service :) Keep It Going ! :D

  7. Cuban says:

    when the player will be available on the download pages?

    Admin: actually it is available for mobile clients. We don’t currently have a time frame when the player will be available for desktops.

  8. vrishnak says:

    Great… In addition we got the wave form

  9. Nanu says:

    hello, great work with the waveform view, but i wondering when we will be able to post the artwork (avatar) in the player icon :D i’m asking too much? greetings & keep doing you’re job!

  10. iceking says:

    kul and great website i love dis site

  11. Larissa says:


    I’m downloading my first file here through you guys and it seems to be going great, I hope it doesn’t fail.. lol. I did like the fact that we don’t have to wait 14347384789237498 seconds to start downloading because we don’t pay… awesome job! Keep it up.

  12. WoL4IoNoK says:

    I love your Service)it is the best i saw

  13. Anderson says:

    I liked the new player on my Android phone, it worked perfectly, unlike before, I could not hear the music, Thank you, your storage service is the best on the Internet.. THANK YOU SO MUCH..

  14. Kevin says: does the waveplayer work. I just tried putting a audio file link from a mix i uploaded into Facebook but the “icon” directs you to zippyshare. How do you get the wave player to work in Facebook?

    Admin: Facebooks caching mechanism gets insane from time to time so just try to post the link to your wall one more time. It might work. If it doesn’t send us the file download link we will have a look at it.

  15. NEIL CALLENDER says:

    The waveform direct streaming on facebook worked before but now directs the user to the zippyshare site instead of having a working play button direct on facebook as before here is my link

  16. JaiB! says:

    Congrats on the waveform player guys!

    Just a heads up RE: FB Caching… Use FB’s cache refresh tool:

    It Debugs the inputted URL, whilst also updating FB’s Cached copy to the new version… Very handy whilst Dev’ing :)


  17. Widget says:

    If you guys are trying to get better quality in the stream try transcoding to 56kbit/s (cut by admin). It compares to between 256kbit/s and 320kbit/s MP3 quality. It’s pretty much the only thing I’ll use for my radio shows with a constrained upload speed. Might be a bit hard to find a Flash codec for it though.

    Edit by admin:
    Hey Widget, we already done this, but with 64kbps (HQ previews). :-)

  18. Soundcloud says:

    how would soundcloud feel when they find out you stole their player?

  19. aXeLCro says:

    Soundcloud yeaaah :D

  20. DJ Extinction says:

    nice player
    hope i can see it on near future

  21. Widget says:

    Oh, okay then, hadn’t yet tried it so I wasn’t sure. Winamp won’t let me go past 56kbit/s, but it may simply be pointless by that point in terms of human hearing.

  22. Probity says:

    Outstanding job, will make use of it!
    Thanks ZS team.

  23. Probity says:

    Is it possible to embed it outside of Zippyshare within the new waveform player?

    Should be possible after the next Zippyshare update (probably before the end of the year).
    Merry Xmas

  24. Adebowale says:

    Good one,keep it up.More power to your elbow

  25. Soundcloud says:

    Stolen from soundcloud…

  26. christopher says:

    Reason why people love ZIPPYSHARE:
    1) its simple
    2) the audio player is quick
    3) the site doesnt have many weird design and it load faster than any “share” website…

  27. carastoian george says:

    very good ideea

  28. soundcloud says:

    it looks to familiar with soundcloud!

  29. Zeben says:

    To be slow? Fuc”k ,NO !
    To be FAST!

  30. Thomas says:

    Congrats guys

  31. tester25 says:

    Hey dudes,

    cool new waveform!

    But I have one problem: With my nokia handset Nokia N8, and also other Nokia handsets like 5800 Xpress Music, 5530 and so on, I am having problems to play files in the new preview !
    It doesn’t redirect to any mobile view

  32. wojtas says:

    hi – how can I add a waveform on my website?

  33. nr1retro says:

    I love zippyshare only the html for fanpage is a little small check ►

  34. Voodoo says:

    How to embed it on IP.Board forum?

  35. Alonso Rodriguez says:

    Please add to info window information about bitrate and channels. Thanks!

  36. Hakeem says:

    I don’t think I’ve had any problems at all when I use this site! Great work!! Only I am using an iPhone 4 iOS 5.01 and noticed on the waveform pics it would be highlight whatever/wherever the song played is only its not showing up on my phone I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like that or just a bug. Because I would like to skim through the song but I don’t have that option because I don’t see where its playing or the playhead… And the time show how long its been playin but the end part reads nP/nP I don’t know whats that about but I could careless cause it hasn’t failed me yet thanks!!

  37. Vix says:

    i think this new preview is pretty cool!

  38. Klops says:

    Nice copy of the Soundcloud player. But how to embed it? I only see the old embed player.

  39. Rob says:

    Amaaaaaaazing new waveform

  40. dixata says:

    Congrats on the waveform player guys!
    But I like the previous form of the player!
    The new is too big for my blog! Takes too much space!
    It would be a good opportunity to return the possibility of using the old form;)
    It is cool but “thick” ((

  41. Juan Manuel says:

    i cant use this player!
    This is normal or what?

  42. Slyy says:

    Hi guys,

    the waveform player doesnt work here.
    tried it with firefox, opera and IE :(
    do other ppl have the same problem?


  43. Klops says:

    I see it now. nice. One hint: the font is ugly and on files longer than 60 minutes the duration info resizes the play button section cos it reads e.g. “00:00:01 / 01:02:59″ instead of “00:00 / 00:00″

  44. djmillanium says:

    Your new player doesn’t work for me… Or doesn’t work in Serbia!?
    I like, but this really bothers me.

  45. Klops says:

    I’m not against the 24 and 64 kbps stream (it loads nice & fast) but calling is “SD” and “HD” is laughable.

  46. Juan Manuel says:

    Repair this player please!!!

  47. Cory says:

    is there a way to disable downloads still??? i want to stream without offering a download, and i dont want to use soundcloud. thanks

  48. nikko says:

    when i copy the link and post it my fb wall, the players not there just the small box, any ideas why the player doesnt show?

    Just click on the Like button and player should pop up on your fb wall.

  49. Troppo Fikko says:

    Yeah a have the same question of Nikko…

    Just click on the Like button and player should pop up on your fb wall.

  50. User says:

    That f**** player dont work! Can’t play preview under mac os lion with safari or opera :/

  51. Mika says:

    Cory Says:

    January 28th, 2012 at 8:01 am

    is there a way to disable downloads still??? i want to stream without offering a download, and i dont want to use soundcloud. thanks

    Same here how do we disable download button, thanks in advance

    TBH we don’t anticipated need for a such functionality.
    Task added to our bugtracker.

  52. Camouflage says:

    Can I have back the old Player plz? The new one is so bad. Not really the best Idea to change the old one into this.

  53. Mrtz says:

    new player not working, tested on ff 9 and chrome 16 !!!

  54. Probity says:

    As I asked before,
    When there will be option to embed the player outside of facebook/zippyshare?

    This will be very useful.

  55. Marin Mix says:

    Hi ZippyShare Admin,

    I’m a chillout downtempo dj and just signed up to ZippyShare, but I have real concerns about using your service… be it free or otherwise. I wish I didn’t have to say this… but… the only thing that keeps me going back to those other aforementioned services is that your FB player keeps redirecting a listener to your website instead of playing the track. Not to mention that there is no option for a cover graphic, avatar, icon, etc. …make these two things possible (even at a reasonable price) and I am there!


  56. Klops says:

    On long files the player is not instantly ready for posting cos it takes so long to create the stream files. play the originally uploaded files until the stream fiels are ready?

  57. Moose says:

    Whatever you do, don’t remove the ‘low-quality’ preview! It’s my favourite part of ZippyShare! I’m on a slow 128kbps connection (only twice as fast as dialup) but I always use ZS because it loads SO FAST! It sounds great too, so whatever you’re doing now, don’t change it! (Or at least keep an option for the SD preview).

    By the way, I love the site and the new waveform preview looks great!

  58. back19 says:

    I wanna say, This Company it’s great for all the people and… if i cut i want to help it :)

  59. Dj Shan says:

    please help me,Audio player with waveform preview not play in my computer.

  60. Klops says:

    Offer an HTML5 version of the player.

  61. Dj Shan says:

    Can anybody help me!!!????? After changed Audio player with waveform at zippyshare and its not playing now and i am using MAC Os Safari. i tried others browsers but worse….its not helped me

  62. Klops says:

    “On long files the player is not instantly ready for posting”

    That might be the reason why so many report that it doesn’t play! Either that, or they click the screenshots on top :D

  63. Klops says:

    No player is created for m4a files?

  64. Phil says:

    I am sorry to report that your Player doesn’t work with Opera. It looks really nice, though.

  65. Klops says:

    ^^ Works fine with Opera 11.6. Got Flash installed?

  66. RDeLay says:

    No matter what I do (ie: Updated Flash player, updated IE explorer, tried chrome & firefox) I cannot get the new “Wave” player, that looks just like soundclouds player, to play. When I press play, it looks like the preview loads but never starts to play. PLEASE FIX THIS!

    Thanks and I love ZIPPYSHARE <3

  67. RDeLay says:

    RE: “Klops Says:
    February 9th, 2012 at 7:19 pm
    Just to confirm: Does that play: ?”

    The preview loads but never actually plays… I can download the track just fine but the ability to preview is what I cannot get to work. I am having no issues with any other player(s) and I have updated everything I can think of that would be affecting playback with no luck :(

  68. RDeLay says:

    It’s weird cos after the preview loads, if I go to like 30 seconds in to the track and repeatedly press the play button it plays but stops… idk

  69. djmillanium says:

    Why don’t you reply to those people who experiencing trouble with playback?! Can this be fixed?

  70. ryan says:

    How to prolong your 30 days of your file in zippyshare

  71. RDeLay says:

    It is working fine for me now so, whatever you guys did… thank you!

  72. tobi says:

    is there a way to disable downloads still? that would really be great!!!

  73. Klops says:

    tobi: READ!

  74. raolkalle128 says:


    isnt it possible for the audioplayer to stream the data in 128k or more?…sound quality in the player sucks a lot here!

  75. Paul says:

    Sometimes the Encoder for the HD version doubles the time and destoys the audio: Must be the VBR file and the HD kHz…

  76. Stefan says:


    A good ideea is to integrate that player with a plugin for WordPress, Joomla, etc.

  77. xf86 says:

    I am having problems with the new player on my linux system: It just doesnt play anything. I am using a 64 Bit linux system. You should try to get that working again.

  78. Style says:

    Народ!!! Подскажите почему с появлением нового проигрывателя на Zippyshare , теперь не удается прослушивать музыку???
    Не могу прослушивать через новый проигрыватель, который был установлен где-то месяц назад!
    Flash плеер -обновлен, браузер- Mozilla 10.0 Windows 7
    Подскажите в чем проблема????????

  79. Nad says:

    everything loads fine on the new player but when i push tghe preview button it doesn’t play , always goes back to pause , only play sometimes a fraction of a second why? before it was great with the old player , i have windows 7 all updated & latest adobe flash player
    any solution ?????

  80. DreamFix says:

    I have a web site in dark colors. I changed the style of your player.
    Everything is good and works great, except that before loading the player a white background – which is very spoiled my whole style of the web site(
    Please tell me how can I change this color? Or is it a bug?

  81. LAQ says:

    how to remove the button “download” from the player?

  82. to says:

    LAQ Says:
    February 29th, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    how to remove the button “download” from the player?

    yessss. i’d really like to remove it, too!! but at the moment it isn’t possible and i can’t go on with my blog until then…
    would be great if you changed that!
    thank you very very much!

  83. LAQ says:

    to Says:
    March 1st, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    “yessss. i’d really like to remove it, too!! but at the moment it isn’t possible and i can’t go on with my blog until then…
    would be great if you changed that!
    thank you very very much!”

    I’ve already seen two blogs where the download button is removed. But they do not reveal the secret…(((

  84. OA says:

    Hi! I can use your player with diferent color to put them on my website if i tell that it player is created by Zippy Sahare?

    Yes You Can! :)

  85. Martin says:

    Waveform previews; don’t need them, don’t want them, bring back the old player, at least it WORKED properly. :)

  86. OA says:

    Thanks a lot!

  87. damn these transcodes says:

    Why not original file by default instead of transcoded crap quality preview? :( ((((((

  88. JL Griffin says:

    I love it. it kinda reminds me of the soundcloud player. and its nice! i know people complain about it and crap, but if you dont want to preview, then just download it instead! lol. anyhow i think its awesome!

  89. Jumpoffjunkees says:

    how can put the player on my tumblr cause everytime i paste it on the html on my tumblr, nothing shows up…

  90. zardominion says:

    hey guys this kind of site is amazing, good job and thanks

  91. mikelowery says:

    Have you thought of making the player to feature m4a playback, so that we are able to listen to the m4a songs aswell as downloading them.. as this would be helpful

  92. apolloflex says:

    Quite disappointed to be honest. everything was working fine up until about a few months ago when the new player decided to stop working for me all together. The issue is when ever i go to preview a song in the player the play in no less that 1 second rapidly flashes the pause symbol, as if it would appear when a track is playing, then rapidly changes back to the play button symbol and stay in that position. the WAV form loads up fine but the is no audio playback what so ever. No matter how many times i press the play button it rapidly flashes a pause symbol then changes back to the play button symbol and just refuses to play the audio track. Is this a bug or what? Any light shed on this would be greatly appreciated because its actually really annoying. i can tell if the music is of good quality or if the music is even worth listening too. PLEASE HELP!

  93. J!MMY says:

    this player just stopped working.. the waveform loads but when i press play nothing happens.. im on a Macbook Pro with OS 10.8.1 and safari 6.. anyone with the same issue ?

  94. blue says:

    this wavform thingy is just not working for me at all, sorry. all 3 computers.

  95. kaoyia says:

    It great keep it go on

  96. Dj Jumpstyle says:

    It’s a nice innovation, very like it.

  97. Inswins says:

    Look cool. Well done zippyshare team. By the way, any chance to use this audio player integrate with wordpress? I hope someone from your team can make Zippyshare Audio WordPress Plugin. :)

  98. ereger says:

    HTML5 + Flash please!

  99. momou212 says:

    i love it

  100. The legend of 117 says:

    cool i like it…

  101. deeve says:

    Sorry, I meant to put this on this thread;

    The player does not work on iPad :(
    Do you have an HTML5 workaround or fallback planned for the future?

  102. ... says:

    Admin, could you add lossless preview option in the player?

  103. shubat says:

    may i use this player to play mp3 files on my local disk???

  104. salemnguyen89 says:

    Admin, could you add lossless preview option in the player?

  105. Mashudu says:

    Why??is it hard to download …it keeps on revealing the same page other than to just click download and count down…

  106. chin says:

    Consider HTML5 now . it is annoying even with the mass acceptance of mobile device that these days some of them still cannot play your audio flash design. Things are advancing to html5 standard and I think it would be great to catch the wave

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