Audio Folder: good or bad idea?

Audio Folder

Please let us know what You think.

PS: We have to send a big thank you to Broly who kindly pointed out some bugs on our website.

216 Responses to “Audio Folder: good or bad idea?”

  1. Razvan says:

    I think is very good idea. ;)

  2. CookerVanDeeJay says:

    Też myślę że to bardzo dobry pomysł :)

  3. ziczac says:

    good, very goog XD

  4. Marius Circiu says:

    If there will be a waveform graphic like the one in the image I think is the best idea ever ;)

  5. Cory says:

    do i even have to say? no sh*t, it’s a good idea haha

  6. Andy says:

    Yes, I agree with that ideea!

  7. Lucian says:

    Most definitely good idea!

  8. ck says:

    good idea.

  9. rbn says:

    just player could be smaller, more lightweight

  10. doris says:

    yeah, good idea

  11. Jim says:

    Yes, good idea !

  12. evolution says:

    Agree with rbn. Or make it able to select thru minimalistic style or waveform.
    Also, reporting some bugs (if they weren’t mentioned before): in Stats graph days of week shown in not English language, even when English selected. Also logging in @ not works (404 error shows).
    Btw, you’re going great, guys. Thanks a lot. I <3 zippyshare! :)

  13. Mavamaarten says:

    Great idea. I think a built-in mp3 search engine would be even better though :)

  14. Quent1_35 says:

    Superbe idée !!!!! On veut ça !!!! :D

  15. Houzer says:

    It’ll be just.. awesome!! Keep it up!

  16. metzgergine says:

    yeah, this may be a very good idea!!!

  17. MusicAddict says:

    Yes yes yes!!! Awesome idea! :D

  18. Flo says:

    good idea,but the download link below the player to be direct.

  19. djtibiano says:

    briliant ideeea…

  20. Julien says:

    Soundcloud is dead ! <3 Zippy <3

  21. vrishnak says:

    I really doesn’t like that audio folder cause it simply copy soundcloud. and if i share on zippy it s cause you doesn ‘t have that crapy idea which is unusable when you have long audio file and want to move the audio cursor. For me, and i think i m not alone, your time cursor is simple, useful and it what we expect.

  22. INDIGO says:

    Good idea, But…
    What about of page speed and size?
    What you think about “auto download preview” button ,but don’t start play, when you next time visit zippy pages with audio files?
    It’s will be more comfortable. Example: if you open 28 pages and then you’ll need 28 times press “play” for preview.. OMG… But I listen 200-250 300 files…. You know :)

  23. Cuban says:

    gerat idea,but the download link below the player to be direct.

  24. TEz says:

    Good idea, but you can make it optional for people whoo want lightweight sites. And watch out you don’t look to much the same as soundcloud.

  25. John Bareth says:

    Good idea, but the interface looks a bit like soundcloud?

  26. Ionut says:

    Wood be awesome :D

  27. sKwYz says:


  28. Gwolf2u says:

    yeah good idea
    we can all share folders and users can listen to files in folder before they choose to download anything

  29. Alex says:

    its a very good idea. like soundcloud. nice

  30. c0lin says:

    Good idea !

  31. Benjamin says:

    It looks like soundcloud , but its good ! But the downloadlink bellow the player Must be direct !

  32. Fouskalini says:

    This is amazing !!! I can’t wait !!!

  33. MixMasteR says:

    It’s like soundclound copy.

  34. TDSmix says:

    işte budur. Harika!!

  35. Faraz says:

    go0od idea

  36. Slava Chrome says:

    It’s good idea! ;) ))

  37. Sokół says:

    evolution of zippy ;) !! very nice, but it looks like “soundcloud” ;)

  38. daveyboyz says:

    YES! Good Idea

  39. daveyboyz says:

    why do you host on ovh? is 1000x better then ovh

  40. Freddy1 says:

    Very good idea ;)

    Looks aw3some.

  41. Mendes says:

    definnatly good idea since i can share my productions that way easyer,


    1) it needs to be able to play on facebook or forums (like soundcloud, since many are talking about it)

    2) i dont care if u get redirected to zippy if u press download, with some small publicity box under the audio file or something, since some people seem to forget this is completly free so they should click on ads etc time by time ;)

    3) we should be able to send those audio file links in private, so we basically get a private link so that only those who have it can hear it if u get what i mean (if that ever works)

    4) it should be 128 kbits quality like SC does, (and not like the preview we have atm) imo

    the forth point might cause servers to get more stressed i guess, i m just pointing my thoughts thro, hope it helps

    cheers zippy <3

    Edited by Admin:
    1. Ok. With a possibility of color scheme change.
    2. We can’t do a direct download links.
    3. All the files uploaded on Zippyshare are always private. Files can be accessed only using the unique link which is known only to the uploader.
    4. Ok. We have a few pretty good ideas how to enhance audio quality for previews placed in “audio folder”.

  42. Broly says:

    Looks great guys!

  43. Sl1m3r Project says:

    It´s a very good idea. I like that. :)

  44. Antisgamo says:

    F***k yeah it will be awsome guys!!! :D

  45. Antonio says:

    please do it !!! I’m tired of lost my files here

  46. Tricks4Chicks says:

    Great Idea! Can’t Wait :)

  47. LeslieV84 says:

    Yes It’s a very good idea! :)

  48. Lecktrastere says:

    YEAH ! It’s a very very ver vey GOOD idea ! = DDD

  49. Widget says:

    Looks too much like Soundcloud, and I know you guys can do it a bit differently considering you have an entirely different color scheme, etc. Anyway, as mentioned, Facebook integration would be great with things like this.

  50. Hugo says:

    Launch it NOW :D Great interface love it :)

  51. Good Idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i Wanna!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. adolfik says:

    very good idea, bring it on

  53. DavSoft says:

    I think that it’s a very good idea, and I realy will be happy if we could enjoy it very soon =))))
    Good luck!!!!!!

  54. Rafael Yoshino says:

    I do not think a good idea ..

    I choose the zippy EXACTLY the speed and simplicity of the site and main player …

    It’s the only site I can hear music on computers or Internet rotten bad … … … ..

    it would turn into a 4shared zippyshare, which in comparison, in my opinion to what is good for videos .. but it is too slow and the player is horrible.

    In this century, all I want to leave too good in the end ruin in search of perfection: /

  55. pliki8 says:

    110% Good idea !!! :)

  56. L3ct0R says:

    its very good Idea! make it its better way to find anything you need! ;)

  57. Eric B says:

    This is a great idea, I use zippyshare specifically for music uploads and I would love to have a feature of a player similar to that of soundcloud. I hope you guys do it.

  58. Eric B says:

    I will admit after reading posts that the main player is fine the way it is and I would not get rid of that. This would be a nice OPTION to have, but if it means getting rid of the main player NO WAY! Sorry I misunderstood.

  59. Johnnie says:

    It’s a good idea, pls impove on it to make things easier.

  60. skattemyndigheten says:

    It’s kind of unnecessary ;)

  61. Griff says:

    Sounds a great idea as long its supported for all operating systems, and any plug-ins they may require.

  62. CDhacker says:

    Please introduce this BUT let the user decide what he chose.
    This look or the one now…

  63. Sterrock says:

    That’s a really good idea.. xD

  64. Pogge says:

    Great idea but looks similar to “Soundcloud”‘s website, maybe change the location of the play button, etc. to make it “your own”.

  65. DR-Sounds says:

    Verry nice player ! =) (Zippyshare N°1 Herbergeur ! ♥)

  66. serjO says:

    Nice. Especially if we gonna get to share this player with others… like on facebook, tweeter…
    kind a remind me about soundcloud but who cares, right…
    Keep do your awsome work and thanks for one of the best web hoster.

  67. papuasaz says:

    puiki mintis!!! great idea!!!

  68. withmorten says:

    This is a very very good idea. Please proceed and finish asap :D

  69. BK says:

    Extreme good idea!!!

  70. DGT says:

    Not sure if its good or bad don’t really mind.. but the file manager page loads slowly… too slow.

  71. elittebest says:

    I think that all the new stuff like the login options and the other are a very good idea, Keep doing the good work congrats :)

  72. justin coolpants says:

    Zippy Number 1 !!! Zippy Number 1 !!! Zippy Number 1 !!!

  73. ql says:

    Do it. Do it NOW. ;)

  74. tacin says:

    Nice. Very nice. :)
    IMHO good idea.

  75. Pascal says:

    Doenst look like soundcloud at all… I think you can be more creative with the player, the folder is a nice idea dough :)

  76. Ln Network says:

    Awasome IDEA
    Please Use This!!!!!

  77. Dj Nebur says:

    This is a very good idea!!! :)

  78. André says:


  79. Reggie Still Sr says:

    I did not think this was a serious site from the color scheme. Maybe burgendy/ dark gradient earth tones/ with a sound activated virtulazion window.

  80. Gabriel says:

    as a producer, i personally use your website to host music files a lot, so i think this would be def a great idea, but only if the quality is better than the actual player because it really somehow sucks, it destructs the High freq and you can’t hear shit, plus it add weird noize in background so yeah, upgrade only if you’re upgrading quality aswell :D

    Thanks you guys
    Have a good day

  81. Marco says:

    Soundcloud FTW :D

  82. Max says:

    Please realize :)

  83. TheYulian4k says:

    Good idea , realize !

  84. ZippyHouseMusic says:

    Thumbs UP for the idea! Keep up the good work, guys! Love ya!

  85. Apollwnas says:

    excellent idea, don’t even think of it any more do it :)

  86. Highiq says:

    Yes, this looks pretty good, easier to find songs by the same artist – even it looks a bit like soundcloud ^^

  87. Risk says:

    Looks great! Good idea!

  88. Mafy says:

    yes look great! super ideea

  89. UrbanHeroesDubstep says:

    I like it ! super ideea

  90. Toto says:

    I Think, this is a very good Idea!

  91. sega says:

    идея классная!)

  92. maxstealthy says:

    style of waveform copied from Soundcloud !

  93. gjpmtz says:

    GOOD IDEA!!!!! :D :D :D

  94. DJ Extinction says:

    that good idea :)

  95. kedzios says:

    Yes, I agree with that ideea!

  96. phil says:

    great idea, great design! like it a lot. somebody said something about a 128kbit/s preview, i like that idea aswell. my uploaded productions have some ugly artifacts when played in 96kbit/s or less, so 128kbit/s 44100Hz mp3 (or equivalent ogg, to save bandwidth) would be a real pleasing improvement to me.

    try not making it too soundcloud-ish, maybe by slightly editing the waveform or play button design (e.g. square instead of circle, don’t know. i’m not a designer :-P ).

  97. KingGO says:

    yeahhh i love the audio-waveform… ;-)
    please contact me when i test it, thx

  98. dot says:

    oh yea, because soundclound invanted waveforms…
    its a great idea. and this preview of waveforms is a superb idea

  99. ChybeQ says:

    Good idea.. Design is completely ripped off off the soundcloud :)

  100. K1er says:

    This would be great if some of us who have a blog could embed this player on our pages! the current javascript embed doesn’t work there :(

  101. coolguy says:

    Great idea but it looks like soundcloud :D
    But I’m sure zippyshare will be better ;D

  102. stanley peter says:

    Hahahahahaha it nice

  103. peterw says:

    Absolutely YES!

    Looking forward for it :) )

  104. Dj Hellyel Barbosa says:

    Vai ajudar muito a o pessoal que coloca player no site ou blog. Uma facilidade que deve ser levado adiante.

  105. Dj Apollum says:

    will be awesome :D
    may u find more good features ;)

  106. claes lanng says:

    Good idea!

  107. A13k says:

    Zippyshare is Soundcloud?
    Bad idea…
    Better is oryginal player from zippyshare :)

  108. Pete Kees says:

    Good Idea!! :)

  109. It is a very good says:

    Itz a very gud idea

  110. DJ Roksor says:

    1. Beeing able to group you files into folders and have a data manager? Yes please.
    2. Beeing able to post you files to facebook, forums, etc., ? Yes please.
    3. Have a waveform? No thanks. I love zippyshare for it’s simplicity and fast loading time.. the cut the bullshit approach. I don’t need a waveform, the time line is great as it is, because of the slower loading and because I don’t really see the advantage of a waveform.

  111. steff.b says:


    Yes very good, with the color changeable as is already.
    that’s when ?

  112. pershingov says:

    It’s a very good idea :D

  113. perambulator747 says:

    Yes…please bring it in…will be very useful

  114. Soul'TisticDJ says:

    Now That Is What I’m Talking About. . . Go For It. . .

  115. scatgown says:

    looks very tasty. make sure it doesn’t compromise speed though, if you’re already running multiple up/downloads perhaps? – I get a lot of problems with flash on chrome these days – soundcloud’s waveforms are mostly to blame :P

  116. tshepang says:

    goooooooooooooooooooood ideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea

  117. di_matteo says:

    This is a very very good idea!!

  118. Sebabatso says:

    Love it

  119. Dj Nathi says:

    Super banana I like

  120. DJ MeeLzZ says:

    yes will be really good :D

  121. Levi says:

    I use Zippyshare very often so in my opinion it is a good idea! Zippyshare rules!

  122. micha says:

    it`s a great idea….please make it real…

  123. Koen says:


    It reminds me on Soundcloud!

    Looks really good,

    Keep up the good work!

  124. Ilias says:

    Its a great idea as long as does not make the site heavier and track slower to load. One of the reasons I use zippyshare is that tracks load so fast and I dont spend time on waiting!
    Keep up the good work! Zippyshare rocks! ;)

  125. zyggy says:

    Really good idea !

  126. WhiteMusic says:

    Pues a la vez seria buena idea…pero para los uploaders masivos como en este caso yo!…. estarian muy saturdas las carpetas….pero dejemoslo en manos de experrto saludos (Y)

  127. vrishnak says:

    Well, instead of showing the waveform of a track, which have a limited interest .. (i really can t remember a song name with that waveform) , A good thing will be to be able to attach a picture with a track .. and the top will be to show that pic when the player is running

  128. maier says:

    das ist eine sehr sehr verdammte gute idee,
    wenn direktdownloads möglich sind und die links einmalig sind und alles verschlüsselt ist.

    Bringt diese future auf jedenfall hier rein dann macht ihr ein haufen umsatz.

  129. dude says:

    pretty nice idea !

  130. Max P says:


  131. Lacsita says:

    Very,very nice!!!When comes?? :P

  132. Bigdaddy says:

    It`s a very good ideea, please make it happend as soon as possible because you will beat soundcloud :)

  133. jonäääääs says:

    N1!!!! Very good idea :)

  134. Armanu florin says:

    Y like very,very idea! Succes Zippyshare?

  135. djsoulza says:

    very good ideia!!

  136. carlj says:

    Very good idea

  137. la10n says:

    good idea :)

  138. rxs2k5 says:

    This is excellent, can I have an audio play that can load folder as playlist as well ?

  139. dj slim jan says:

    100% Good idea

  140. sakej says:

    yes just leave a timeline and add small stats like how many times it was preview and downloaded and maybe some comment option for producers so they could have feedback
    waveform is unnecesarry

  141. Marius says:

    Very good idea. :)

  142. .::oxi:.. says:

    This is really very good idea and with wave diagram in all songs…

  143. ivangea says:

    Good idea.

  144. Alex says:

    The smaller player has its own beauty! Don’t eff up with waveforms, comments and other things!

  145. kamil_ess says:

    Super pomysł :D

  146. Peter Griffin says:

    Esto Ya esta en funcionamiento ?

  147. iluvrnb1 says:

    Its look ok but i really think it just adds to the look instead of imporving the site, i would suggest a file search and a thumbs up for a file. I do agree this idea does look better then the small play bar, however we are use to it and this is the best site on the net for uploads and downloads we all know it. Keep it simple and easy to use. Great to see you are asking for our comments and its so easy to comment as well unlike some sites where they almost ask you for your life story, Geez. Keep up your awesome service we love Zippyshare. (IF YOU AGREE WITH MY COMMENT JUST TYPE – AGREE WITH ILUVRNB1)

  148. pericles_dee says:

    good idea..

  149. bongsbongsnmorebongs says:

    ‘can we fix it?’
    ‘noo it’s fucked’

  150. LCi™ says:

    awesome ideea :D

  151. LOLOLOL says:


  152. disconight says:

    Excelente idea

  153. Fernando says:

    Si sera como se ve en la imagen…. entonces LIKE LIKE……

  154. Adam says:

    Yes. Good idea!

  155. Dj Camilo Posada says:


  156. Dj Zsoolti says:

    Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  157. Salt Emo says:

    It’s good idea

  158. mecniera says:

    Perfect !!

  159. mecniera says:

    i think you must add file search and download bar tooo :)

  160. Starlyner says:

    Yes !! must be amazing.
    I think you’re going to compete with SoundCloud.
    Many dj who wants to publish their mix are limited by soundclound.
    They have only two or three hours of space for storage.
    Besides, I am part of his people. So in total we can put one or two “djset” for free.
    So with your system it could come coolest.
    So do it!

  161. Abbdulsalam says:

    Bravo a very Good nd excellent idea

  162. Stinson says:

    Very good idea. Bu it looks a bit like “Soundcloud” doesnt it? ;)

  163. sui Low says:

    Hi guyz !
    Your just amazing, making this audio stuff working on iphones !!!

    Great job !!!

    Thank you !!

  164. MikeRave says:


  165. audioguy says:

    PLS DO IT. IT should kick soundcloud in its little moneymaking ass :D

  166. funk says:

    Yeah!!!! Excellent idea!!! Just do it..

  167. abiliojacc says:

    buena idea y buena presentacion…

  168. alibaba says:

    Excelent..! Great Idea..!

  169. flavio says:

    Very Good Idea!!!!

  170. Lai says:

    Very good, it’s easier to manager and share files

  171. dj_marwen says:

    is very good idea

  172. olsn says:

    and at the moment is works good :)

    big thanks!!!

  173. LaCorredoriaSuena says:

    Hola y un saludo.
    Me gustaria saber si puedo cambiar la foto perfil y como.
    Gracias de ante mano.

  174. Excellent!!! i can’t wait for it!

  175. shprovery says:

    I think it’s so good. Very good idea, very good!

  176. demetria says:

    The player looks like the Sound Cloud’s player?? And noo.. I don’t like it!!

  177. Eclesiarte says:

    Esse novo player esta muito feio. ocupa muito espaço, eu quero que troquem pelo velho ! Obrigado….

  178. Zenan says:

    Oui oui oui!!! vite vite vite!

  179. alan says:

    Omg! very!

  180. teo says:

    player is very cool keep it

  181. DJM says:

    In my opinion it is a very good idea.

  182. Daniel says:

    Don’t wait, do it! :-)

  183. Eugene Tiut says:

    Excellent Idea. ;-) Thumbs up!!!

  184. datoi says:

    Great.Do it its usefull

  185. Nelson says:

    buena idea :)

  186. meify says:

    Pls help me my blackberry dose not play music I need an application for my blackberry7290 & also any operamini. Pls am wailt’n inbox me on my mail box tank U.

  187. Jon says:

    Ótima Idéia, Good Ideia, Buena idea, mui bueno, LOL, soundcloud com um concorrente aheuaehuheau

  188. fei says:

    I really doesn’t like that audio folder cause it simply copy soundcloud. and if i share on zippy it s cause you doesn ‘t have that crapy idea which is unusable when you have long audio file and want to move the audio cursor. For me,

  189. Tim Upton says:

    I like the idea

  190. SenSEI says:

    It’s a good idea – when the different versions (e.g. remixes) of files located in the same folder.

  191. JL Griffin says:

    THATS A GREAT IDEA! i am a producer and i would love to store all my music in the cloud like this! all in one place where i can then provide download links to it at any time! Great Idea! Do It! PLEEEEZZEE!

  192. Fox says:

    It’s a perfect idea ! But first of all, i want to thank u! Cuz you’re one of the best filehosting site! Thanks for who you are~!

  193. aipa says:

    Great idea!! I would love it !! VIVA ZIPPYSHARE!!

  194. aipa says:

    amazing idea! doesnt matter that it looks like soundcloud, cus its better than soundcloud :p

  195. Bill says:

    Hey, I want that Bob the Builder icon. :D

  196. karloS says:

    WooooW nice idea man :D

  197. Oreoluwa Adeseyoju says:

    i think its a ………….:|good idea:)

  198. Patrice says:

    Very good idea :D

  199. Amged says:

    thats exactly what i was looking for!!! perfect!

  200. Tempestade says:

    Yes, I agree with that ideea!

  201. Solko says:

    Dobry pomysł, liczę na wdrążenie tego planu w życie :D I think……. it’s a good idea :D I agree this :D

  202. Jagjit Barla says:

    Oohlala,It’s good idea

  203. Necolas Hamwi says:

    Excellent Idea! love it Already :D

  204. Frans says:

    Put it online! now, it looks good :-)

  205. Amirtha Rajan says:

    OMG! Excellent idea!
    very Good!
    Its a great player and this is what i am looking for.

  206. mitchj says:


  207. It's a good idea i love it. says:

    Put it online now.

  208. Anibal Ayala says:

    La idea es muy buena, el orden es lo promordial, tenéis buenas innovaciones, por cierto good idea.

  209. Tobias says:


    Cant u get BPM and kbits on mp3 files? :)

  210. bondek says:

    Someone know How to know the statistics of a file if I am not register???

  211. Pete D says:

    great stuff

  212. D.M.A. says:


  213. adu alex says:

    keep it up , like i did

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