And the winner is…

First of all we would like to thank everyone who submited their ideas to our little competition. There were 39 entries. Three of them stood out clearly and we had a lively internal discusion over who should win. In the end we decided to award 500$ for the winner and 100$ each for the other 2 layouts.

Without further ado here are the winners.
1. Moderated due to GDPR – 500$
2. Moderated due to GDPR – 100$
3. Moderated due to GDPR – 100$

If you see Your name/nickname on the list please get in touch with us.

Side note: The winning layouts were pretty big makeovers of our site so they won’t be used for now. It might be that some of the ideas will be used in future.

19 responses to "And the winner is…"

  1. iFame

    Do we also get to see the submissions?

    Admin: We don’t plan to but I know for sure that Tooschee’s submission can be found on his personal website.

  2. Michael Ziörjen

    Hmm sorry but I couldn’t find the design on Tooschee’s site… But it would be really nice to see the submissions… I don’t think that it’s that hard to upload them to zippyshare and publish a link here :-)

  3. Waselen

    Well, this maybe not be the place to write it, but
    I wanted to, personally thanks to all the admins for creating the best hosting website for anything ( Specially the electro music, that I fucking love ), I guess it’s the best hosting site far even from megaupload and rapidshit.
    Hope you too love electronic music as I do, and continue serving us with this amazing website.

  4. Tooschee

    does any of the winners got their prizes? I’ve sent them 2 emails but still nothing :)

    Admin: We are waiting for the others to send us the paypal addreses. If we don’t get them till Friday we will sent Your prize money separatly.

  5. Legendofmir

    ZippyShare are a greateast hoster in the Internet world! I love it! Great job mans!! I dont upload for moments but i donwload
    because are great !!! I found this host very usefull!! Thanks a lot for your great effort!

    From Greece/Athens



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