Site update underway…

We apologize for the temporary problems with Zippyshare. Everything should return to normal within a few hours. We will keep you posted on the progress.

Edit (21.07.2009 1:16):
www15/www17/www18 UP
ETR to restore rest of the servers: 3h

Edit (21.07.2009 1:45):
www/www19 UP

Edit (21.07.2009 2:15):
www9/www10/www13/www14 UP

Edit (21.07.2009 2:22):
www11/www12/www16/www20 UP

Edit (21.07.2009 3:00):
www4 UP

Edit (21.07.2009 3:22):
www1/www2/www5/www6/www7/www8 UP

Edit (21.07.2009 3:25):
Update complete. If you find any error, please post a comment.

Tomorrow we will continue the update.

Edit (22.07.2009 12:00):
As we previously mentioned, new servers are ready to roll:
www21/www22/www23 – online now

ETR 24h to setup another 5 servers (www24/www25/www26/www27/www28), we will keep you posted on the work progress.

Edit (23.07.2009 12:00):
www24/www25/www26/www27/www28 – online now

Edit (27.07.2009 23:45):
www11, www12 offiline – we moving data to new servers, ETR 12h

Edit (28.07.2009 13:30):
www11, www12 – online now
ETR 12h to setup 2 new servers – www29/www30

Edit (10.08.2009 12:00):
A bit late, but www29/www30 up and running.

Edit (01.09.2009 0:00):
We changed the www0 server.

Edit (03.09.2009 9:00):
We need to apologize our Internet Explorer and Chrome users, by our mistake in configuration of www0 they could experience a lot of troubles in uploading files on Zippyshare.

Ps. Person responsible for this error will be publicly executed or burned alive, you choose. 😉

Edit (08.09.2009 1:30):
Uploader/Upload page updated. In case any problems with upload, please post a comment.

7 responses to "Site update underway…"

  1. admin

    We had to update the software running on servers and put the latest version of the Zippyshare script, which will allow us to introduce new features in the future (such as user accounts, remote upload, embeddable music player and so on).

    Tomorrow we will add new servers which will help us to increase our reliability, download speeds and time of data storage.

  2. Jefferson

    I see you add the new language files to the site. I made the Hungarian, but it’s don’t look so good! I send the file in UTF-8, but in all charset the error is the same

  3. admin

    Jefferson>>Thank you for the information. We are aware of this problem and we try to solve it as soon as possible.


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