We have increased the file size limit to 200MB

We have informed You earlier that we added new servers to our infrastructure. Today You can see effects of this action. From now the file size limit on our servers is 200MB.

Believe us this is only the start of changes to the better so stay tuned :-)

28 responses to "We have increased the file size limit to 200MB"

  1. MJ Master

    would be nice if they put the option to create a free account and we have all our files in that account and also put in order to make remote upload with the best and it would be really

  2. Ken Erik

    This is great news..
    Keep up the good work..
    Have an happy easter holliday..
    Cheers From Norway

  3. ufux220

    luv zippy, best hosting. can hear song, no lag, dont need wait fcking sec…and u can download alot files at once =] luv 4 eva :)

  4. Raigen

    Great update, using this site for so long, awesome hoster!

    Maybe you wanna change the Benefits of Zippyshare on the start-page from 100MB per file to 200MB! 😉

  5. omg

    OMG This -website is the best Filehosting website ever.

    Fullspeed – 200 mb -and no limits & noo stupid Premium accounts !!

    When you remove the abuse Button, this website will count more hits than google.com 😀

  6. Nico

    Hi it’s been 4 years since you have raised the limit, any chance of increasing this further?
    Thanks for response.
    Edit by admin:
    Definitely yes, most probably in Q2 2014 – or Q3 2014 if things won’t go according to our plans. However first of all we must push a few big backend updates.


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