We’ve been monitoring the situation for the last couple of days and for now everything looks like it’s working properly. All servers are up again so you shouldn’t experiance any problems.

I would also like to inform You that we are currently working on finally enabling user registration with some nice features. We are also thinking about offering premium accounts with some aditional features. The premium accounts are a little more in the planning phase. If you have any things You would like to see offered in the free/premium accounts please let us know in the comments. Any input is appreciated.

16 responses to "Update"

  1. Crunk.

    Free accounts should have parallel downloads..
    Premium should have 0 instead of 9 seconds and perhaps batch uploading instead of file per file.
    And file management for everything you upload?


  2. Crunk.

    Oh yeah, wasn’t there a download counter before? Told you how often a file had been downloaded.. could that be added again? :)

  3. bumbles

    Once a good, secure user reg flow is in place, what about setting up a free Global Keyword and/or Advanced Search functionality to allow for indexed and categorized searches of active artifacts uploaded by users – in addition to user’s currently having to push traffic to ZS via their own unique artifact URL’s? All types of query filters could be used and a Search functionality alone would add more overall cohesion to the site’s community.

    By extension, start to get some of these files at least meta indexed to support Google crawls, etc.. if a user elects to want their files publicy accessible via Public or Private profiles preferences, etc…which could be a premium offering. This could help drive more traffic to ZS and further increase its value proposotion.

  4. zippydownloader

    i think you should enable a search feature, like for example there is alot of really good stuff on zippy share, and you should make like a library or something like that so i can browse through it and download whatever i need, that would be very awesome!

  5. Klabauter

    what about a nice upload tool?
    Would love to see a nice Win32 Tool to make uploading easier!
    Selecting more files at once would be a really cool feature because uploading a lot of files is very “boring” at the moment because of selecting file per file!

    Anyway zippy is still the nicest 1CH! :)

    One more thing: Whole server stability could still be a lil bit better! :)
    Often got uploading problem while upping in broser such as “Bad gateway”!
    getting such an error and knowing the last 2 hours uploading are now gone is really really bad! 😉

  6. Mr. Helper

    a search function wont be good, many ppl want to keep stuff private,

    simultaneos uploads and maybe like a folder for an uploader so he could just give that link forward and ppl could dl everthing he has on it,(that part would be good for free users aswell, myaybe premium would have more space or dunno)

    to restart broken dls would be nice aswell, and support for dl accel.

  7. zippyuser

    – Of course no restrictions in Bandwith/Transfer Limits/Simultaneous downloads
    – maybe a share-account-feature so i can lend my account to friends to test it – or even share my account with my friend at all, so we can share the price – if i can pay the half, this would be a reason to buy premium.
    – flash tool from/to rapidshare and so on.

    But first resolve your Serverstability, i cant download a lot of files.

  8. visen

    Hi I am a Chinese user,
    I would like to ask how to become your website’s advanced user, you can quickly bulk upload documents is songs, every day I will upload some of these documents, but also want some songs better long retention time to allow me the user-friendly website. Look forward to your reply when you thank you

  9. zippyuser

    And of course i want a Downloader support! Actual you are trying to ban the downloaders instead of asking them for a deal. Maybe you got free traffic times like rapidshare or bluehost have so the downloader could only download at this time. Or something.
    Not answering isnt the way to solve it.
    Read your own blog!


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