Possible temporary availability interruptions

[Warning] We need to change the firmware for our aggregation switch and replace all the top of rack switches. It can be bumpy ride today and tomorrow.

*this message will self-destruct within a few days

Edit 4.07.2018 15:00 CEST:
Maintenance work and replacement of equipment completed. Everyone on links faster than 100Mbps should notice much better download speeds, especially during the peak hours.

Edit 4.07.2018 22:00 CEST:
For tomorrow, we plan to increase the available network throughput per every rack to make the download speeds even more bulletproof during the peak hours – this time it will be possible to do so without any downtime. Let speed be with you! :-)

Edit 5.07.2018 13:30 CEST:
Aaaand… it’s done! :-)

33 responses to "Possible temporary availability interruptions"

  1. Jam

    How many people work on this site? I feel like its ran by one guy but that would make no sense to manage all these servers yourself.. unless the websites ran by one guy but you outsource the managing of the server to the datacenter?

    1. admin Post author

      I checked your IP address – it was not banned. You should be able to use the website without any restrictions.

    1. admin Post author

      Malaysia<>Europe is quite far away, so the slowdown may happen, this is not something we have control over.


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