Monthly Archives: December 2013

Maintenance / Technical entry

Hey folks,

This is maintenance/technical entry, we will update it when something goes wrong.

Edit 21.12.2013:
Sorry for a little slowdowns on 41/42 and 43/44, we had to swap a few HDDs and run the raid rebuilding. ETR: 48h

Edit 7.06.2014:
31/32 was down for the last 24h due to problems with raid array. We had to swap a few HDDs (4 to be exact). Sorry for the inconvenience guys.

Edit 16.06.2014:
Another hardware clusterfuck. 55/56 is offline for the last 48h due to problem with file system. We currently migrating all the data onto backup server. No ETR at this point.

Edit 20.06.2014 12:00 CET:
www55/www56 is up and running. No data loss. Sorry for the inconvenience guys.

Edit 15.08.2014 0:00 CET:
55/56 is once again offline. This time we had to replace 2 HDDs – RAID is rebuilding. Server should be up and ready during the weekend.

Planned works:
Migrate 69/70 and 42/43 on backup servers due to poor I/O performance.

Edit 5.12.2014 20:00 CET:
We had some problems with our frontend cluster (you may experienced problems with upload, access to user accounts and public profiles, emails delivery)

Problem started around:
23:00 CET 3.12.2014 to 12:00 CET 4.12.2014
0:00 to 1:00 CET 5.12.2014.

We closely monitor whole situation. Sorry for the inconvenience folks. :-/