Monthly Archives: December 2011

Audio player with waveform preview

As You all might have already noticed we were busy working on our audio player lately. We have introduced a new player with waveform preview (that’s those silly little images which show whats going on in your audio file). We wanted them to be far more accurate then on other sites with a clean seperation of left/right channel (right on the top, left on the bottom as it should be).

We were able to introduce this player in the following locations:

1. Public folders: a new audio preview view has been introduced. It can be set by the folder owner (the owner sets the default folder view) and it can be changed by the users viewing the folder via a combobox at the top.

2. Facebook embed

3. Custom embed (this feature is not entirely introduced at the moment) with a fully customizable size, color scheme, behavior etc.

4. Mobile download page

We have also introduced a HD preview option with a higher bitrate (better high frequencies replication) while still preserving a relatively small file size.

Additionally we have fixed an issue due to which mobile clients could not download file from our website. It should work fine now. If You own an Iphone or an Android device please check if everything is working fine on Your device. In case You encounter any problems please let us know via comments or our support pages (please provide Your device name and operating system version).