Monthly Archives: August 2011

Beta tests in progress… :-)

We have send about 400 invites to our users who wanted to take part in our new functionality beta tests. We get quite a lot of response (sugestions, some questions, some bug reports). We read and try to analyze them all.

The next few days, weeks and maybe months will be quite busy for us as we plan to tune the existing functions and add some new exciting ones. I’m sure You will be pleased with what You will get. We don’t want to get into much detail but stay tuned.

In about 2-4 weeks registration will be open to the general public.

If You want to discuss the ongoing changes then please head to link expired. It’s not an official support side but w will keep an eye on the discusion going on there (Thank You Smitty for the help)

Thats all for today. We are getting back to work… :-)