Monthly Archives: July 2010

New layout? Hell yeah! :-)


For those of You who follow our blog it is no surprise but for the rest of You it might be. We have decided to change the layout of… :)

The website should be significantly more readable both for our old users and people new to our site. Everything important is now placed in the top half of the site with a huge DOWNLOAD NOW button standing out. No more searching for the download link, unnecessary scrolling, finding the way through tons of ads, entering captchas, waiting for strange timers to elapse, waiting for download slots to open, expensive premium accounts or other such crap. We leave it to our competition to use such sh*t. Additionally we have changed the amount of pop up ads. From now on there is a limit of two popups per user per 24h. We will have an eye on our income and try to fine tune the ammount of ads to an absolute minimum. The goal is to limit the popup ads to a degree where it is bearable for our users but still we have enough money to keep up our infrastructure.

The upload site has also been redesigned. We have introduced a new flash uploader (kudos to the hard working people from It is now possible to select multiple files at a time. Fast and easy…

We encourage You all to test our newly redesigned site. In case You find any bugs please let us know in the comments or through or support sites. dev team.

We got information from our users (Chuckie & Depositum – thanks guys) that some audio ads are constantly appearing on the audio preview/download website. We got in touch with our ad providers but they didn’t respond so far so we have decided to disable flash ads alltogether on the audio preview/download website.