Monthly Archives: March 2010

Script update review and audio quality

Hello folks,

Finally we were able to move all of our servers to the new script. Over 50 servers are now ready to host Your files (during the update we also added a new server – www51). We appreciate every feedback about the new media encoding system (video/images).

W have also tweaked the audio encoding. The sound should be a lot better with better L/R channel separation. If You think that the quality is to less just let us know and we will try to do something about this. Just keep in mind, that the preview quality is always a compromise between quality and download speed.

We plan a few pleasant surprises in the near future so stay tuned.

Servers moved to beta script

You have surrely noticed we started moving our infrastructure to the new script. Last night we have moved www21 – www30. Today we plan to move www11 – www20.

Upload through works now onto 30 servers (www31 – www50).

Tonight a new version of Zippyuploader will be made available. The new version will be uploading files onto beta servers.

What does this mean for You?

The main change is the enhanced quality of media preview (audio/video/photo), better download speeds (we have now more options to ban people offending our services), better stability and in future a lot new features.

Please let us know if You encounter any technical glitches. We put a lot of effort into testing before each change goes online but for sure we can’t catch all the bugs.