Embed update, now should work on Facebook


Todays update ads a function which enables You to embed files hosted on Zippyshare.com into Your Facebook wall (just click the “Like” button). From now on audio and image files should have a preview on Your facebook site.
We are also working on adding this feature for video files but first we have to improve the quality of our transcoded video/audio. This can tak some time so stay tuned.

In the mean time let us know what You think about the just added feature in the comments.

Best regards,
Zippyshare Team

Help testing bandwidth needed

We kindly ask You to assist us with some tests of our new server. Please let us know in the comments which download speeds You get, from which location and what is Your network connections bandwidth.

Test file: Link Removed

Thank You!

Edit (24.03.2011):
241 comments are more then we needed and a lot more then we have expected. Thanks to all of You who invested time trying to help us out testing our new server.

Conslusions from the test?
Most of the speed are satisfactory but there are times (1-3h during week days and some more during weekends) when the performance of our ISP drops quite significantly. We will be monitoring the sittuation and if the problems won’t be resolved in the near future we will be on the lookout for another provider.

New layout? Hell yeah! :-)


For those of You who follow our blog it is no surprise but for the rest of You it might be. We have decided to change the layout of Zippyshare.com… :)

The website should be significantly more readable both for our old users and people new to our site. Everything important is now placed in the top half of the site with a huge DOWNLOAD NOW button standing out. No more searching for the download link, unnecessary scrolling, finding the way through tons of ads, entering captchas, waiting for strange timers to elapse, waiting for download slots to open, expensive premium accounts or other such crap. We leave it to our competition to use such sh*t. Additionally we have changed the amount of pop up ads. From now on there is a limit of two popups per user per 24h. We will have an eye on our income and try to fine tune the ammount of ads to an absolute minimum. The goal is to limit the popup ads to a degree where it is bearable for our users but still we have enough money to keep up our infrastructure.

The upload site has also been redesigned. We have introduced a new flash uploader (kudos to the hard working people from Uploadify.com). It is now possible to select multiple files at a time. Fast and easy…

We encourage You all to test our newly redesigned site. In case You find any bugs please let us know in the comments or through or support sites.

Zippyshare.com dev team.

We got information from our users (Chuckie & Depositum – thanks guys) that some audio ads are constantly appearing on the audio preview/download website. We got in touch with our ad providers but they didn’t respond so far so we have decided to disable flash ads alltogether on the audio preview/download website.

And the winner is…

First of all we would like to thank everyone who submited their ideas to our little competition. There were 39 entries. Three of them stood out clearly and we had a lively internal discusion over who should win. In the end we decided to award 500$ for the winner and 100$ each for the other 2 layouts.

Without further ado here are the winners.
1. Karolina Loszak – 500$
2. Tooschee – 100$
3. Luciano Lazzarotto – 100$

If you see Your name/nickname on the list please get in touch with us and send us Your paypal contact so we can pay out Your prize.

Side note: The winning layouts were pretty big makeovers of our site so they won’t be used for now. It might be that some of the ideas will be used in future.

New Layout? Tell us what you think | Earn 500$


For sure most of You are quite acquainted with our site and are able to point to the download button with eyes shut. This doesn’t change the fact that people who see our download page for the first time run away screaming with a visible grimace on their face.

We want to change this fact. Therefor we are working on changeing the visual appearance of Zippyshare. Don’t panic… the changes won’t be revolutionary. We want the layout to be readable, clean and functional. Everything that is needed to download a file will be on the top of the page without the need of scrolling, without any captchas and other crap. Additionaly a BIG download button will be added so it will be clearly visible to everyone.

A test version of our new layout is available under the following link. Please rate it and comment on the good and the bad:

Link has been removed (New layout is already online :) )

It’s not a final version. We know that the layout can be a lot better. To keep our users in the process we have came up with the idea of organizing a competition. If Your hobby is graphic design and You have some free time then 500$ are for You to take. Just modify the new layout so it is more visually appealing. It’s a competition so not everyone will be a winner but the winner/winners will be awarded 500$ which will be paid via paypal. Please send Your work to: support [at] zippyshare.com.

Competition runs until 18th May 2010.

Best regards,
Zippyshare team.

New server tests – www38


Yesterday we have put up a new server. It’s not our usual configuration. This time we have aimed at a high-end machine.

The new server has the following configuration:

Processor: 2x Intel Xeon E5530 (4x 2.40Ghz, 8 MB L2 – QPI 5.6 GT/sec)
RAM: 24 GB DDR3 ECC, 1066MHz
RAID Controller: LSI MegaRAID SAS 8888ELP 512MB DDRII Cache (667MHz)
RAID level: 5
Disk drives: 12x WD RE4 (2 TB SATA , 64 MB Cache, 7200 RPM)
NIC: Qlogic QLE3142-CU-CK (Dual Port 10GbE PCIe 2.0 adapter)
Additional info: It is possible to add 2x DAS Shelf (12x WD RE4 (2 TB SATA, 64 MB Cache, 7200 RPM) connected trough SAS 12 Gbps (4x 3Gbps))

The server is connected to an all new network infrastructure.

We kindly ask You to assist us with some tests. Please let us know in the comments which download speeds do You get, from which location and what is Your network connections bandwidth.

Test file:

If the tests succeed every new server added to our infrastructure will be of exactly the same configuration.

Holly Sh*t! Free embed player for everyone.

Hello folks,

We have been discusing this step internaly for quite some time. We were not sure if we could cope with this but the final decision could only be one :-).

A little example:

Where to look for the embed link?

We are not sure where this will lead us. We will react if we encounter to much strain on our servers. In the mean time we offer You the embed option without any limits, ads or other such crap and we are very hopeful that it will stay that way.

If something does not work, needs fixing or You simply want some option to be added just let us know in the comments.

Best regards,
Zippyshare team

Script update review and audio quality

Hello folks,

Finally we were able to move all of our servers to the new script. Over 50 servers are now ready to host Your files (during the update we also added a new server – www51). We appreciate every feedback about the new media encoding system (video/images).

W have also tweaked the audio encoding. The sound should be a lot better with better L/R channel separation. If You think that the quality is to less just let us know and we will try to do something about this. Just keep in mined, that the preview quality is always a compromise between quality and download speed.

We plan a few pleasant surprises in the near future so stay tuned.

Servers moved to beta script

You have surrely noticed we started moving our infrastructure to the new script. Last night we have moved www21 – www30. Today we plan to move www11 – www20.

Upload through beta.zippyshare.com works now onto 30 servers (www31 – www50).

Tonight a new version of Zippyuploader will be made available. The new version will be uploading files onto beta servers.

What does this mean for You?

The main change is the enhanced quality of media preview (audio/video/photo), better download speeds (we have now more options to ban people offending our services), better stability and in future a lot new features.

Please let us know if You encounter any technical glitches. We put a lot of effort into testing before each change goes online but for sure we can’t catch all the bugs.